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A weekly show dedicated to educate, inspire and empower you to create the body and life you truly want. Each week you can expect to hear topics on holistic nutrition, functional fitness, mindset and spirituality to help you become your strongest, fittest and most empowered self. 

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Becoming your strongest and best self happens from the inside out. Each week you'll hear all about holistic nutrition, functional fitness, mindset tools, and more ways to empower YOU:

  • Real Life Mindset & Spiritual Life Tools that'll feel a little like therapy and a dose of healing with a little bit of health & fitness sprinkled in.
  • Science Based Nutrition Advice for Weight Loss, Holistic Health, Natural Ways to Fuel & Heal Your Body
  • Fitness Advice to help you build lean muscle, lose body fat, and improve your overall strength.
  • Mindset & Motivation through my own personal stories as 15+ years as a Health & Fitness Expert, a Shark Tank Entrepreneur, Athlete and Coach along with stories from clients who have transformed their lives.

Listen every Monday on Itunes, Spotify, Youtube, and anywhere that podcast are played.

Praise for the Phoenix Rising Podcast...


Thank you !

"I wrote a previous review on your first few episodes. I had to stop and really think about things - like your words really stop me in my tracks. I don’t know how to explain it but it is physical and emotional for me. You are opening up ways of thinking and seeing things for me. I actually had to stop for a bit because I had to unload all the things I was going through before I could accept more lol. Am I the only one ? I just listened to 31 and I just am in awe at how you just GET IT. You are so real. You are so honest and caring but also brutal - how? You are a Fitness Buddha lol. But more than fitness - you are so much more than that. Thank you for continuing to put out these episodes. Thank you for caring for humans that much to take your time to do this. You are helping so many…it trickles down. When I feel empowered it trickles down to my home life, work life, friends…it just keeps going. I love it! Thank you."  -lpcgatorfam

Super good!

"One episode in and I find myself already implementing Ashley’s practice into my daily life!"  -eshirer

Love, Love, Love!

"I have already recommended this podcast to so many of my clients because it is just packed full of so much good advice on mindset, nutrition and tools to really empower you to live your best life!" -Shana I.

Amazing Host, Stellar Content

"This is the type of podcast by an entrepreneur for entrepreneurs and other highly driven people! I’m a huge fan of Ashley and her insights into helping others develop not just professionally but also personally so that they grow on a strong foundation. Highly recommend the show!" -jamesphotoaz

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