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High Performer: Someone who strives to be their best self in all areas of life. High performers are typically entrepreneurs, athletes, CEO's, and fitness enthusiast who are looking to take their health, fitness and life to the next level. If you feel the call that it's time for you to quit playing small in your life and to step into your full potential of who you came here to be then you've come to the right place.

"I thank God for Ashley! I had researched so many gyms and trainers to help me and couldn't find anyone who seemed like a good fit and then I found Ashley! Not only did she help me get started with clean eating and lifting weights, but she really helped show me what I am truly capable of!" -Erin Shaw


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Frank S.

"Ashley knows how to motivate me and push me past my limits. Her training is on point and I will not use any other trainer, but her! Overall I have lost about 80lbs, my endurance is better than ever, my blood pressure is lower and I feel amazing!"

Cassandra W.

"Ashley is the very first trainer I have ever had. When I first started I was oevrweight and embarassed to start, but she immediately made me feel comfortable and made everything so personal instead of making me feel like a number. She is Authentic, Real, and is equally invested in my success. Her nutrition and recipes make it so easy to eat health and her workouts are incredible. I have lost over 100lbs and can't wait for the next 100!"

Holly C.

"I never thought my body would get to the size it is with Ashley's training and workout program. Overall, I have lost about 15lbs and feel slim and strong all over! I feel stronger, more confident and am learning so much about healthy eating and what I am truly capable of ith Ashley's program!"

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