Growing up I was an athlete. I played every sport I could from gymnastic and softball to competitive cheerleading and basketball. I was competitive and strong, but the problem was even though I was extremely active and athletic I didn't look like an athlete. I struggled for years with anxiety, low self esteem, body image issues, finding balance with my nutrition and exercise so that my body actually looked like the athlete that I was.

I spent years trying low carb diets, counting macros, extreme calorie counting, and every other weight loss trick out there just trying to lose body fat while still maintaining lean muscle. Problem was I wasn't taught a lot about nutrition with female athletes (I had mostly male coaches) and I had no idea that the female athletes needed to time their nutrition and their workouts with their female cycle since we have totally different structures than men. 

For years, I struggled to get my body to look the way I wanted to. On top of that, I was still dealing with extreme anxiety and body image issues. 



I struggled A LOT with low self esteem, self-doubt, no confidence, body image issues, and eventually anxiety & panic attacks just feeling like I was never good enough or capable enough to be anything more than what I already was. Around 21, I hit a total rock bottom losing my house, going through a divorce, losing all of my money, a job, and all my friends. I was totally lost, an emotional wreck, uninspired and unmotivated tired of feeling so low and realized I was at a crossroads and had to make a choice...I could either give up and stay in the struggle and just be "another story" of someone who "used to be a great athlete"...or...I could dig deep, Rise Up and find a way to make this my greatest come back and discovery of my true inner strength.

With so much time on my hands the only thing I knew to stay busy and start moving forward was I started researching workouts and watching educational fitness videos and then go to the gym every day and do them. Because I had nothing else to do, I started making it my daily routine to go to the gym every day and lift weights for at least 45 minutes because it got me out of the house, got me around other people, and gave me a hobby instead of sitting around feeling sorry for myself.

Then something started to happen...

The more I showed up and lifted weights, the more I noticed I didn't just feel physically stronger, but I started to feel mentally stronger one day at a time. 

This got me curious as to what was going on to cause this and I became obsessed learning anything and everything about the mind, our thoughts, our deep subconscious beliefs, what limits us and holds us back, what physical exercise does for the brain, and even was able to help relieve some of my anxiety because I now understand the science and the emotions behind what caused anxiety and panic attacks.

I was hooked! Every day I would go to the gym and lift, then come home and just immerse myself into books about building a strong mind! I was going through my own personal life transformation starting to feel inspired, motivated, and regaining my confidence that all started with me going to the gym, changing my thoughts and mindset and simply lifting weights.

After a couple months, my whole mindset and overall self esteem was changing dramatically and I started to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Because I was having such an incredible transformation, I decided then that I wanted to share everything I was learning with others and I became a NASM Certified Personal Trainer.

Becoming a Health & Fitness Expert 

 I immediately knew my passion was in helping people feel strong inside and out. I loved seeing how strong and empowered my clients felt after a good strength training session. I then wanted to understand the body even more so started learning about holistic nutrition and integrative/functional approaches to workouts and fueling our body. 

So I took a few certification courses through Pacific Rim College and learned everything I could about Integrative Health and Nutrition and how our food affects our performance, workouts, our metabolism, sleep, moods, and pretty much everything. I also became a Certified Nutritionist through ISSA to further help my clients. I started working with men and women building out functional nutrition programs and  strength training programs to help them lose weight, improve their overall health, get their energy and "mojo" back. Next, I started working with athletes of all ages to help them optimize their workouts and nutrition to match their athletic performance, and soon I became a Health & Fitness Expert and I ended up starting my own nutrition brand called ABS with a line of natural food products that became a Shark Tank brand.


Shark Tank gave me a platform and national exposure that led to me speaking at events on Health & Fitness, Empowerment,  Business & Motivation. I have spent the last 12 years working with entrepreneurs, high level executives, athletes, and military and service individuals, business owners and people of all ages, shapes and sizes, build lean muscle, boost fat loss, balance their nutrition, and more importantly finally feel confident and strong inside and out. The key comes down to the fact that each person is unique...there is no one size fits all program out there because your mind and your body is not like anyone else's. I always say "I wish when I was playing sports or first starting my business that I knew then, what I know now! That's because not only would I have been actually looked strong and felt strong inside and out but I would have had the tools and confidence to really go 'big" and 'play big' in my life". 

Now, my mission and passion is helping other driven men & women and with personalized nutrition, fitness & life coaching that helps them not just get strong, fit and lean, but also helps them feel strong and confident inside and out.

I would absolutely love the honor to be your personal coach to help you become you strongest, healthiest and most empowered self!

Ashley Drummonds


What Clients Are Saying...

"I was at the heaviest I had ever been when I first started working with Ashley. I had researched gyms and trainers, but they were all out of what I could afford and didn't seem quite right for what I was looking for then I found Ashley! 

I had never lifted weights before and it was years before I had even ran a mile. I have lost 35lbs and  went from a size 12 to a size 6! Ashley not only got me started working out, but has helped me stick with it! I have never felt better and more confident! I truly thank God for Ashley. She keeps me motivated, is very encouraging, her positive energy is contagious and she has really shown me what I am capable of!

It is so helpful knowing she is going to be there to meet you, encourage you, but also push you to do what you don't think you can...and then show you that you can do more than you thought!"

-Erin S.


Working with Ashley is invaluable...and has truly changed my life!

"When we started, I was at a point where my self-confidence was at an all time low, I was dealing with a lot of anxiety, but also anxiety just being alone and trusting myself. Ashley gave me the tools and confidence to be comfortable in my own skin, accept myself, and really giving me the ability to see my own self-worth. Ashley changed my whole perspective on life. I am able to enjoy myself and am in general a happier person. If you are thinking about working with Ashley, I can't even put a value on what it's like because working with her has been invaluable and truly changed my life..."

-Olivia A.


I feel stronger and more confident!

“I never thought my body would get to the size it did with Ashley's coaching and workouts. I dropped about 15lbs and feel firm and slim all over. Not just that, but I feel stronger and more confident. I am learning so much about what healthy nutrition really is, my body and really discovering what I am truly capable of with Ashley's coaching."

-Holly C. 


Ways to Work With Me As Your Coach

Personalized Workout Programming

I specialize in helping women build lean muscle and boost fat loss with strength training and functional fitness. I believe that every woman should participate in regular strength training not just for what it does for our body structure, bone health and physique, but what it does with our mindset and confidence as well. 

Personal Nutrition Coaching

There is no one-size fits all meal plan out there. Because your body changes and fluctuates with your female physiology every month, your nutrition also needs to be specific not just to your body's natural cycle as a female, but also with timing your workouts and with your personal goals of either weight loss, fat loss, or muscle building. 

Personal Mindset & Life Coaching

One of the keys in making real progress and seeing true transformation is for me to help you not just build a strong body, but also help you build a strong mind. Working with hundreds of women, we are taught that our "emotional" selves are a weakness or something to hide when in reality our minds and emotions are our strengths once we learn how to listen to them, work with them, and use them to empower us to be our best selves. With Mindset & life Coaching I will teach you exactly how to use your emotions and your mind as a tool to inspire you, empower you and motivate you so that you can show up strong, confident and driven in life.


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