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...So That You Can Show Up As Your Strongest, Most Confident and Authentic Self. 


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"Working with Ashley absolutely changed the way I look at fitness and my life. No longer is my physical health something out of reach, but instead something tangible that I can feel and see improving with every single workout. The mindset coaching calls are life changing!"

Change can be hard. Especially when it comes to losing weight, building lean muscle and stepping up in your life. There's so much information out there that it can be confusing to know which way is the right way. 

Plus, I'm going to bring up the elephant in the room...aren't you tired of trying to do it alone?

Most people never see real results with their health & fitness or in their life because they don't have a clear blue print plan and because they don't have the right mindset to truly make serious changes and get motivated in their life.

I created a plan that is the exact same fitness & mindset plan I used to build a strong & fit body, overcome anxiety, low self esteem, and insecurities, and become a nationally recognized Fitness Expert and Shark Tank Entrepreneur to find my inner strength and reach my full potential.

My goal and my passion is to help you overcome your mental blocks, build a strong, fit & lean body that you feel good about, boost your confidence, help you discover your inner strength, and become the powerful and unstoppable person you came here to be.

I did it and have continued to help hundreds of others do it...and I believe that you can too!

-Ashley Drummonds

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Looking for a clear plan of what to do with your workouts, your nutrition and your mindset to help you get in the best shape, build strength and boost your confidence?


Check out my Phoenix Rising Monthly Coaching Program Where Every Month You'll Get:

1. Clear Workout Plan & Full Workout Videos Every Month

Every single month, I design a workout program designed to help you get strong, fit, and lean to put it simply. Every workout plan includes FULL workout videos so you can do them with me as your coach the entire way through or you can do them on your own. 

You'll also have a clear workout calendar with the schedule of each workout along with your rest days to keep you on track and easy to follow.

These workouts can be done anywhere and on your time. All you need is a pair of dumbbells and less than 30 minutes.

2. Easy to Follow Nutrition Plan

Knowing what to eat can be confusing so I created an easy to follow nutrition and meal plan that not only shows you exactly what to eat for each meal to lose weight and build lean muscle, but I'll also show you how to eat and put together a nutritious meal so you never have to diet or guess with your nutrition again.

3. Mindset & Motivational Coaching

Its one thing to go to the gym and eat the right food, but the key to lasting results and truly transforming your life not just with your fitness, but discovering what you are truly capable of starts with the right mindset. On our coaching calls, I will guide you through exactly how to break through plateaus, establish new beliefs, program your thoughts for success, and truly become unstoppable in your fitness and in your life.

"Ashley not only helped me get started with working out, but she helped me stick with it. I went from a size 12 to a size 6! She helped me discover what I am really capable of. I truly thank God for her!"

I have lost about 15lbs and my whole body feels tighter and more firm all over. I had no idea my body could get to the size and shape it has in such a short amount of time. Ashley has really opened my eyes to what I am capable of"

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