Personal Nutrition & Fitness Coaching

Become Your Strongest, Healthiest & Most Empowered Self. 

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Personalized Nutrition & Fitness Coaching 


Get Strong, Fit & Lean with customized workout and nutrition programming made specific for YOUR body and your health & fitness goals.  

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Build Lean Muscle

Balance Your Nutrition

Become Your Strongest, Best & Most Empowered Self

 "Working with Ashley is truly life changing. Not only did she help me really get into building lean muscle with the workout programming, but she helped me understand healthy eating habits and more importantly my mindset around my health and fitness. There is no one else I would want to go on this journey with to help me feel strong and confident."

Anne Gibson


Being an athlete most my life and spending the last 12+ years in the fitness industry as a women's health & fitness expert the thing I know more than anything is: The female body requires a very specific approach to nutrition, workouts (with a combination of strength training and conditioning so you stay strong and lean and not bulky), and specific mindset tools to develop and maintain a positive body image, boost confidence and tap into that inner empowered self. My passion is helping women not just build strong bodies, but to also feel mentally and emotionally strong inside and out by educating them on how to work with their body to be their strongest, best and most empowered self. 

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1:1 Coaching

Get Strong, Fit & Empowered Faster with one-on-one coaching. Together, we'll dive deep and take a look at your detailed nutrition, your hormone menstrual cycle, your mindset and emotional health, and workouts to design a plan for your body and your specific goals so you can not only feel strong, but you'll also look strong, fit and confident.


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DIY Workout & Nutrition Programs

Feel like you don't need personal coaching, all you need is a clear structured workout and meal plan to follow? Get started asap with the same workouts, nutrition & mindset coaching I give one-on-one clients, but at your own pace and on your own time while still getting me as your coach with my 8 Week Virtual Strong, Fit & Lean Boot Camp Program.


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Not totally sure what you need just yet or want to get to know me first? Check out my Free Phoenix Rising weekly podcast where every week I deliver deep and personal conversations all about nutrition, fitness, and mindset to help you become your strongest and best self. 

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What Does Personal Fitness & Nutrition Coaching Involve?

A Lot of YOU...


Your body is incredibly unique and incredibly powerful. For starters, men and women have to eat differently and train slightly differently. You also have a lifestyle, goals, and body shape that are specific to you that determine a lot of how you look so one-size fits all programs probably won't work for you. Because of that, your workouts and your nutrition have to be specific to you as well.

With Personal Fitness & Nutrition Coaching, we focus on working with your body and not against it. That means we pair up your workouts and food based on your genetic makeup, your shape, your lifestyle, your needs, and goals so that you feel strong, fit, and most importantly empowered and in control with your body.

We have to fuel your body and your workout programming to be in sync with you so that you not only will be able to boost fat loss, build lean muscle, while feeling mentally & emotionally strong, but you'll get educated on what's going on with your body so you never have to feel helpless or out of control again with figuring out a plan for your workouts and food. 

You'll have a crystal clear customized plan specific to just YOU that you'll be able to use for the rest of your life. Not a one-size fits all program.

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How does 1:1 Coaching Work?

The first step is for us to hop on a short 30 minute call to discuss your goals, your current areas you would like to improve with your nutrition, weight, body, and overall health, to come up with a plan that is customized specific to you and what we discuss. Plus, the call gives us an opportunity to get to know each other and make sure we are a good fit. It's no obligation and it's totally free. It's to give you and I an overview of what is going on and to discuss how I can help you.

Once we come up with a plan and set crystal clear goals, I will then get to work right away creating a specific workout strength training program for you to follow to help you boost fat loss, build lean muscle so you can feel strong and confident. I'll also start creating a customized holistic functional nutrition program for you based on your nutritional needs which includes syncing your nutrition with your training so that you are meeting your macronutrient needs, and your goals with your health and fitness. If necessary, we can do full food sensitivity and hormone testing to get a crystal clear map of your body and your health to come up with the right plan for you.

Once we have your plan outlined, we then hop on weekly 1 hour coaching calls 1:1 just me and you to do your weekly progress check-in, make program adjustments, help keep you motivated and accountable, and for mindset life coaching to continually help you become the strongest and best version of yourself.

Because coaching is personal to you, every program is customizable based on your needs. The best place to start is to schedule the 30 minute free consultation with me so we can chat about your goals.


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"I researched so many gyms and trainers trying to find the right fit to help me with my weight loss and fitness goals...then I found Ashley! I started eating cleaner and working out regularly. I didn't know anything about lifting weights, but Ashley not only helped me get started with a routine she also helped me stick with it! I have gone from a size 12 to a size 6 and she has taught me so much about not just exercise, but what healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle really is about. She has shown me that I am capable of more than I ever thought. I truly thank God for Ashley!"

-Erin Shaw

"Ashley is the real deal! She knows her stuff! Even as a fellow fitness coach and personal trainer, I was struggling with getting my body where I wanted it to be, but also was just feeling stuck in my life overall. Ashley not only helped educate me so much on the female body, the nutrition we need in how it's different from men, how to structure my workouts in sync with my cycle, but she also helped me so much with my mindset! I feel so much more confident, empowered, strong and like I can do anything. Before, I looked to everyone else for encouragement and validation, but after working with Ashley I have really learned to love, trust and validate myself and am now able to share so much of what I have learned from her with my own clients! Thank you, Ashley!"

-Stacy P.