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Feeling Unfulfilled? How to Find Your Purpose and Live in Your Zone of Genius

mindset motivation Oct 09, 2023


Ever had that underlying feeling that you were meant for more? Have you gotten to the place in your career, your relationship, or just life in general where things are “good”, but maybe not great, and you have this feeling like you have untapped potential inside of you. 


Most of us get stuck in something called the Zone of Excellence. This idea is from the book the Big Leap by Gay Hedricks. The Zone of Excellence is the area where we have developed or become so good at a specific skill with plenty of knowledge and experience that we excel at and probably are known for, but still leaves us feeling like “is this it?”. Our Zone of Genius is the area where we have natural, innate talents and abilities that are specific to us that when we do them things just flow, they’re effortless, and we just feel totally in our element. The question though is how do you get into your Zone of Genius or even figuring out what that “something more” is? 


In today’s episode, we are going to answer questions like:


How do find your purpose?

How to find your passion?

What is the best use of your talents, skills, and natural abilities?

How to identify if you are living in your Zone of Excellence instead of your Zone of Genius?

What are some ways that you self sabotage the good in your life, and how can you navigate them so that you continue to grow without blocking them? 


Each one of us has a specific area where we feel fulfilled, tapped in, and expansive and when we are in “that” we feel purpose, passion, and fulfillment. Let’s help you discover your own Zone of Genius, so you can find more fulfillment and take your life to the next level.



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You can check out Gay’s book if you want to learn more about the Big Leap and Zone of Genius at the description below. Also feel free to leave me a comment and let me know what areas you are working on stepping outside your comfort zone to live more in your zone of genius. 


The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks:


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