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Hydration for Sleep, Mental Health, Recovery, and Performance - How Much Water Do You Actually Need

nutrition Aug 21, 2023


How much water should you drink daily? This is a loaded question. The average athletic female needs approximately 4 liters of water per day and the average athletic male needs about 5.7 liters. A gallon of water is 3.78. Our muscles are made up of about 76% water and our brains are made up of about 75% water. When we are even slightly under hydrated it affects everything from our energy and mood to our sleep and ability to perform our workouts. In this video, I will share with you the top tips for how to stay hydrated, key signs that you might be dehydrated, how hydration can help increase your energy, workouts and improve sleep, my favorite electrolytes and hydration tools, and so much more!


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