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Are You Blocking The Exact Things You Say You Want In Life?

mindset Jan 15, 2023



“Perhaps the greatest risk any of us will ever take is to be seen as we really are.”


Are you blocking the exact things you want in life? Sounds crazy, but the truth is we do this quite often. It’s usually because in order to receive something we usually have to let go of something else and sometimes we end up blocking the thing we say we want from coming in because we are too afraid to let go of everything that is not it. The interesting thing about letting go and letting in is that it’s usually what we are most afraid of that is actually the thing we most deeply desire. It’s the old quote/saying that everything you want is on the other side of fear. It’s so true. Letting go is scary for everyone because letting go requires such intense vulnerability. Vulnerability in not knowing what will happen if you let go, not knowing if its safe, not knowing what is on the other side and totally surrendering to that unknown. At the same time, the only way to let in the life that is waiting for you and the life that you want is through the process of letting go and creating space. The beautiful thing is that what you want also wants you, but the only way to experience it is to be brave enough in vulnerability to let go and allow it to come in. 

Surrender requires you to trust and call on something much greater than yourself. It’s being willing to open yourself up to other possibilities in life that may look totally different than you expect. One of the reasons a lot of people stay “stuck” in life and never truly reach their full potential is the unwillingness to let go of what is no longer serving them so to help you in your own letting go and letting in process, In this podcast episode we will discuss:

-How to actually let go

-How to ask for help in your own process of surrendering and letting go

-Then how to shift of all of your focus on what you are gaining, not what you are losing in order to move forward into your new life.



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