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Total Body Strength Workout to Build Lean Muscle

workouts Jun 18, 2021

When it comes to building total body strength you want to focus on increasing your weight while decreasing your repetitions. The way we build strength is with heavier weight and lighter reps, where when we are trying to burn fat we switch to higher reps and lower weight. This workout is a Total Body Strength Focused workout routine using just a pair of dumbbells that will strengthen your legs, shoulders, back, and core. 


When choosing a weight, you will want to choose a weight that is slightly heavier than what you would normally use as the reps are lower in this workout intentionally to focus on strength building.


EMOM #1 Every 90 seconds for 5 rounds total perform: 




To clarify, you will start a timer and from :00-1:30 you will perform 5 Push Jerks+5 Front Squats. Whatever time is remaining in that 90 seconds after you have completed those reps is your rest time. When the timer hits the 90 second mark you will start again for round 2 from 1:30-3:00 and complete another set of 5 Push Jerks + 5 Front Squats and you have until the timer hits 3:00 to rest, will continue this for 5 total sets.


After 5 rounds you will rest 90 seconds and then perform this second EMOM


EMOM #2 For 5 rounds (10 minutes): 


EVEN MINUTE :00-1:00: 5 DB SNATCHES EACH SIDE (10 reps total)

ODD MINUTE 1:00-2:00: 5 BENT OVER ROWS EACH SIDE (10 Reps total)


Continue this sequence for 10 minutes total or 5 rounds of each.


After completing all 5 rounds (10:00) you will rest 1 minute and then perform EMOM 3


EMOM #3 Every minute on the minute for 5 rounds total: 




From :00-:60 you will do 10 deficit pushups +10 Mountain Climber Twists. The time remaining in that 60 seconds is your rest time. Once the clock hits the minute mark you will then start this sequence again...continue repeating this for 5 rounds or 5:00 Total.


Ashley Drummonds

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