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  • Monthly Workout Program to help you lose weight, build lean muscle and get in shape (With a 3 Phase Progressive Strength process so you continually get stronger and more fit each month) Value $500
  • New Workout Program with Full Coaching Videos Automatically added to your dashboard every month
  • Full Workout Videos for every workout with step by step instructions so you can do the entire workout with me as your coach, to keep you motivated and with full demonstrations of each exercise of you can do them on your own Value $500
  • Full Nutrition Plan to help you lose weight easily and never need a diet ever again Value $250
  • Monthly Printable Workout Calendars to Stay On Track Value $25
  • Monthly Group Coaching Call Value $150
  • Workout anywhere, on your time, with just a pair of dumbbells-no gym needed
  • Cancel Any Time

Total Value ($1,425)

Only $197/month

(Less than $7/Day)

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"Working with Ashley is truly life changing. There is no one else I would go on this journey with..."


"Ashley is the main reason I turned my health around. Her training is on point! She knows how to motivate me and push me past my limits and I will not use any other coach, but her!"

"I really needed a little more structure and guidance in my workouts which is why I decided to work with Ashley. Ashley really taught me a lot about proper nutrition and exercise both physically and mentally. The workouts were super effective, I felt myself getting stronger and my endurance increasing and  spending less time in the gym. Ashley's weekly coaching calls really helped me with my mindset and really through this she felt like a friend and not just an online coach that helped me!"