8 Week Fitness & Mindset Boot Camp to Help You Boost Fat Loss, Build Lean Muscle,  and Reprogram Your Mindset to Change Your Life.

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 The 8 Week Fitness & Mindset Coaching Program that will help you boost fat loss, build strength & lean muscle, reprogram your mindset, and get motivated to Your Transform Your Life & Unlock Your Full Potential


  • 40 Workouts that can be done with just a pair of dumbbells to build total body strength
  • Nutrition Meal Plan to help you boost fat loss and build a strong, fit & lean body
  • 8 Weeks of Mindset Coaching & Guided Meditation to Reprogram Your Mindset and Breakthrough Plateaus

In life, the greatest thing you'll ever have to overcome in order to succeed in becoming everything you want to be isn't your job, your relationship, financial plan or friends...

The greatest thing you'll ever have to overcome on your journey is YOU.

Your own fears, insecurities, limitations, doubts, and belief systems that hold you back, keep you playing it safe & small, make you constantly want to quit and give up before you even get started and from wildly succeeding in the business and life of your dreams.

Press Play...

I like to get deep and live my life like an open book so let's just get right to it...

Sometimes no matter how hard you try to change your situation you just constantly keep hitting walls, getting de-railed off course every time life happens, you get frustrated feeling alone, and you eventually get to the point where you feel like nothing is ever going to work... 

So instead of digging deep and stepping up...we give up...

It's ok to admit. I've done it too and still do sometimes if I'm at a real rough spot...but the truth is you know that deep down you are capable of so much more than the life you've been living. You have a dream and vision of who you want to be, but sometimes you get "stuck", lose that fire and motivation and You don't know how to get from where you are (or where you've been) to where you actually want to be.

That's ok. I've been there and I can help you, but first let me tell you a little story to show you that I know exactly how you feel and also exactly how to help...

I am Ashley Drummonds and in order to tell you why you can trust me here's a little about my story...which will help you understand how I can help you. My 20's were mostly a deep dive into the school of life and the process of self-discovery. When I was 21, I went through a horrible divorce, lost pretty much all my money, my friends, my home, and had hit rock bottom thinking my life was totally over. I mean I had pretty much nailed it with just knocking out the to-do list of "let's just totally f*** up every area of my life right into my 20's and get it over with" because I already feel like I'm not enough so now these events kind of validate that.

I struggled A LOT with low self esteem, self-doubt, no confidence, body image issues, and eventually anxiety & panic attacks just feeling like I was never good enough or capable enough to be anything more than what I already was. Around 22, because I was having a hard time getting out of this dark "hole" I was in, I left everything (my family, my home, my friends) and I literally moved to an area where I knew no one, rented a bedroom from two girls I met on craigslist, just to disappear and start over for a while thinking that was the "right" answer.

Well, that plan failed really quickly because I ended up feeling more lonely, depressed, and lost wondering how I could go from being a rockstar athlete in school and getting a business degree to now not having friends, a job, or any hope. I was slowly running out of money and couldn't even get hired at the local Olive Garden. I truly felt like my chance at love, success, a career and happiness was over before it had even started and I was just another one of those stories of "could've beens"...

I was bored out of my mind, uninspired and unmotivated tired of feeling so low and realized I was at a crossroads and had to make a choice...I could either give up and stay in the struggle and just be "another story"...or...I could dig deep, Rise Up and find a way to make this my greatest come back and discovery of my true inner strength.

With so much time on my hands the only thing I knew to stay busy and start moving forward was to research youtube videos of workouts and then go to the gym every day and do them. Because I had nothing else to do, I started making it my daily routine to go to the gym every day and lift weights for at least 45 minutes because it got me out of the house, got me around other people, and gave me a hobby instead of sitting aroudnm feeling sorry for myself.

Then something started to happen...

The more I showed up and lifted weights, the more I noticed I didn't just feel physically stronger, but I started to feel mentally stronger one day at a time. 

This got me curious as to what was going on to cause this and I became obsessed learning anything and everything about the mind, our thoughts, our deep subconscious beliefs, what limits us and holds us back, what physical exercise does for the brain, and even was able to help relieve some of my anxiety because I now understand the science and the emotions behind what caused anxiety and panic attacks.

I was hooked! Every day I would go to the gym and lift, then come home and just immerse myself into books like the Power of the Subconscious Mind, Thoughts Become Things, Law of Attraction, Millionaire Mindset, and more! I was going through my own personal life transformation starting to feel inspired, motivated, and regaining my confidence that all started with me going to the gym, changing my thoughts and mindset and simply lifting weights.

After a couple months, my whole mindset and overall self esteem was changing dramatically and I started to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Because I was having such an incredible transformation, I decided then that I wanted to share everything I was learning with others and I became a NASM Certified Personal Trainer.

After doing this for about 3 years and helped hundreds of men and women create the body they want, I started getting that itch to challenge myself and see what else I was capable of...

One day, I was writing in my journal and had the thought "I wonder if I can take the same focus, discipline, and mindset tools I used to transform my fitness and apply it to others areas and take my business to the next level..."

Every morning I woke up and wrote out my goals, I visualized my dream of starting a product line in the health and wellness space that would help people all over the world, I used techniques like positive thinking and goal setting, convinced that I had an idea somewhere inside of me that could really change people's lives on a global scale.

After doing this every day for about two weeks, one day it happened...I had a light bulb moment. I was getting ready to train my first morning personal training client and was making my daily breakfast of a stack of high protein, low carb pancakes with coffee that I had eaten for years to hit my nutrition while eating my favorite breakfast foods and immediately stopped and thought "I wonder if I could take this protein pancake recipe and turn it into an actual product that helped people like me who loved things like pancakes & waffles easily stick to their nutrition without having to diet"...

I knew I was on to something and I got to work researching and doing everything I could figuring out how to start my own nutrition food line. I found that the focus, discipline, and mindset tools I was using in my workouts at the gym were helping me stay focused and disciplined with this new idea!

Well, long story short I worked my butt off for a solid year and hit my goal...that protein pancake recipe I was eating every day to hit my nutrition goals was helping people all over the world hit theirs and had turned into a globally recognized brand with a big debut that I landed on the hit show Shark Tank and is the brand now known as ABS Protein Pancakes.

Since then, I figured out the "secret" to literally creating anything I wanted in life by just applying the same focus, discipline, visualization and mindset that I used in my workouts with anything I applied my mind to.

A couple years later, I applied myself with the same techniques with my workouts and mindset and again to see what else I was capable of and became a WSET Level 3 Wine Expert, a regular on TV as a Fitness & Health Expert, a Podcast Host, and a Motivational Speaker to Entrepreneurs, Leaders & CEO's to help share all these tools to help them transform their life.


In order to show you exactly how to get you to the healthiest, strongest, best version of YOU that deep down you are trying to become where you feel...


Confident, Strong, Fit & Healthy, waking up every day motivated, inspired and empowered...


We have to first do a few things like:

Eliminate the mindset blocks that are holding you back and keep you playing small expanding you beliefs of what you thought was possible

Uncover the subconscious belief systems that create doubt, fear and insecurities so you can show up motivated, confident, and determined.

Help you use your strength training workouts to develop a new mindset of perseverance, resiliency, self belief, focus and discipline that becomes your new daily habit and lifestyle so you BECOME fit and motivated...instead of trying to get fit and motivated.

Re-program your mindset from thinking you have to spend hours in the gym, working hard all the time, depriving yourself, and constantly feeling overwhelmed...to alignment, peace, authenticity, and empowerment so you are working less in the gym and getting better/faster results.

Joel Chatham

"Not only were the coaching sessions enjoyable, but Ashley opened my eyes to a mindset and strategies that had never occurred to me. The strategies she suggested have saved me both time and money. Just as importantly, the action items Ashley suggested helped reduce risks that I did not even realize were present. Her knowledge of various aspects of business helped me in a number of areas, everything from operations to marketing. Our sessions have turned out to be one of the best investments I have made in my business. Ashley's ability to ask penetrating questions have helped me to think differently about business. Applying her business principles gives me an edge on my competition. It is reassuring to work with her. The fact that she has a business that is successful demonstrates her strategies are not just theory...they are practical, proven and they work. Thank you, Ashley for contributing to my success!"

Bobby Hewitt

"Ashley is super smart and incredibly motivating. Great strategies, mindset and steps to take my company to the next level! I highly recommend working with Ashley!"

Here's How This Rise Up 8 Week Fitness & Mindset Bootcamp Works as soon as you join:

1. Over the course of 8 Weeks I Will Train Your Body to Become Fit & Lean with Metabolic Fat Loss Workouts

8 Weeks of Dumbbell Strength Workouts that will push you to your limits while breaking down your mental barriers so we can discover what's been holding you back. Every workout can be done with just dumbbells, on YOUR time, and YOUR location and takes less than 30 minutes to get in a killer workout that will strengthen your total body so there's no excuses as to why you aren't showing up for your daily fitness. For 8 weeks, you will train like an athlete to develop the daily focus, discipline, and resiliency you will need in your business. 

  • 40 Workouts (Never the same workout twice)
  • With Demo Tutorial Videos for Every Workout
  • A Full 8 Week Calendar
  • The Full Rise Up Printable 8 Week Boot Camp Ebook (76 pages)
  • Modification List so You Can Modify Every Workout To Fit YOUR Level.

2. 8 Weeks of Mindset Coaching to Breakthrough Mental Barriers and Reprogram Your Mindset for Success with Weekly Mindset Coaching & Guided Meditation Videos


Every week for 8 Weeks you will get Weekly Mindset Coaching videos along with guided meditations each designed to help you breakthrough your mental limitations and blocks, discover your subconscious beliefs, overcome your fears and doubts and reprogram your mindset to keep going, stay motivated, connect to your "why" and achieve more than you thought was possible.

You will get a Daily Mindset, Workout & Nutrition Journal Work Sheet to help you get in the habit of identifying your mental blocks that hold you back, breaking through plateaus, and reprogramming your mindset to help you become inspired, unstoppable and to reach your full potential.

Every single week as part of your "Mindset" workout you will have a weekly mindset coaching video to help you reprogram your mindset that also includes regular guided meditations to help you connect to your intuition, get clear on your vision for yourself, reduce stress and anxiety, and to stay focused, motivated and disciplined.

3. Nutrition & Meal Plan Coaching. We Will Reprogram Your Nutrition to Show You How to Make it A Lifestyle so You Never Have to Diet Again.

Success and the daily life takes energy. You have to fuel your body like a well oiled machine to be able to keep up with the day to day demand, but also to stay in shape. Part of the Rise Up program includes Life Changing Nutrition & Meal Planning. You'll never need a diet ever again because I'll show you not only know exactly what to eat, but you will learn how to eat for the rest of your life to stay strong, fit & in the best health so you can be the best you.

As part of your 8 Week Boot Camp You will get a full Nutrition & Meal Plan Program (28 Page Ebook) that shows you exactly what to eat at every meal, educates you on what macronutrients are so you know how to eat for your body type, a substitution list so you can easily swap out something you don't like for something you do like, along with 5-6 options of pre-created meals to choose from at every meal making it EASY for you to follow your nutrition and make it a lifestyle while enjoying the foods you love.

"When I started with Ashley I was in the 280's and would breathe heavy just bending over to tie my shoes. I could barely walk a mile without having to stop and take breaks. I have a young daughter and I knew if I wanted to be around to see her grow up I needed to make some changes.

Ashleys coaching is on point! I am now in the 180's and can not only walk a mile, but can run a mile in 8:22. My blood pressure is lower, my body is slimmer and my endurance is better than ever. 

Ashley knows how to motivate me and push me past my limits. Her training is incredible and I will not use any other trainer, but her!"

"Ashley's program and workouts are super fast and efficient. I realized I was spending less time in the gym, but getting better results. Ashley really helped simplify nutrition for me. She also taught me a lot about my mindset around fitness and nutrition making it more of a lifestyle. By the end of all of this she felt more like a friend and not just an online coach. Overall I feel more fit, more clear and like I am in better shape! Thank you, Ashley!"


"Ashley's positive energy is contagious!..."


Now, It's time for you to make a decision...Are you going to GIVE Up or RISE UP to your full potential and transform your life?


8 Weeks Have Transformed Hundreds of Others' Life and I Know It Will Transform Yours Too.


This time instead of giving up it's time for you to step up, breakthrough your plateaus, reprogram your mindset, and unlock your full potential.


 Click the button below and Join my 8 Week Rise Up Fitness & Mindset Boot Camp and let's get you from where you are to where you want to be!


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