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That's because you probably are making one of the Top 5 Most Common Mistakes people make when trying to lose weight and build lean muscle...here's an example of just a few (any of these sound familiar?):


1. You might think you have to diet to or cut out your favorite foods to lose weight


2. Perhaps you think you have to increase your cardio or do lots of long cardio sessions to boost your fat loss


3. How about thinking maybe you just have bad genes or your body just "isn't built that way"...

These are just 3 of the 5 most common mistakes and beliefs people have around losing weight and building lean muscle.


To help you avoid these mistakes so you can actually start seeing results, I am doing a Free Workshop where I will share with you not just ALL 5 of the Common Mistakes & Beliefs, but also HOW TO ELIMINATE THEM so you can have the body you want.


I am Ashley Drummonds a Nationally Recognized Fitness Expert, Shark Tank Entrepreneur, and Fitness & Mindset Coach. With over 12 years in the industry helping transform people's lives, the thing that keeps most people from having the body and life they want are 5 common Mindset Blocks. 


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