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You Are The Common Denominator In Your Life

mindset Apr 24, 2023


When you find yourself changing relationships, jobs, friendships, and situations, but you keep having the same experience no matter how much you change…the one thing that is constant is you. 

Thing of yourself like a magnet. You will draw to you the people, places, and experiences that reflect back to you your deepest subconscious beliefs. You will also be attracted to the people, places and experiences that reflect those deep beliefs to you as well. 

In order to have a different experience, you have to change your internal emotional set point so that the things you are attracting in your life and you find yourself attracted to are in alignment with you. 

You attract what you are and what you believe….not what you want. 

In today’s episode, we will talk about how your own emotional set point is acting like a magnet in your life and how you can change that so that instead of constantly changing your external experiences you can change your inner set point to start having new and different experiences. 

When you keep changing things outside yourself, but keep finding yourself in the same experiences…you have to stop and observe that you are the constant factor in all of your experiences and that any real change starts with you. 


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