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What is your greatest vision for your life?

motivation Jul 25, 2021

I am really excited to talk about today's topic of what is your greatest dream for yourself and how are you showing up to create it? Because I think if more people had an understanding of what their dream or the greatest vision for their life is, then there would be a lot more people walking around in this world living wholeheartedly, passionately inspired and feeling less bored and less lackluster.

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Hello and welcome to the Phoenix Rising podcast! I am Ashley Drummonds and I am so happy that you are here. I am really excited to talk about today's topic of what is your greatest dream for yourself and how are you showing up to create it? Because I think if more people had an understanding of what their dream or the greatest vision for their life is, then there would be a lot more people walking around in this world living wholeheartedly, passionately inspired and feeling less bored and less lackluster.

Um, part of this too, is just from some phone calls I've had with different clients this week that are really seeking to find some direction in their life, but really just discovering what is it that even makes you happy or what is your definition of success?

And we're going to talk a lot about this too. Hopefully to give you some clarity on getting direction in your life, but to really give you some tools and help you come up with real action steps that you can take in your day-to-day life right now to get from where you are, to where you want to be with a clear destination in mind.

So that's what we're going to talk about today. I'm excited. I hope that you are excited and we can get into today's episode.

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Here's a little message for you. And then we'll get into today's episode.

Anne: Working with Ashley was life-changing in so many different ways, especially with fitness, with my overall mindset, with fitness and with eating and with my nutrition, the nutrition plan that she gave me was not restrictive. It was foods that I normally eat, but how to eat them in a healthier way and things that you need to fuel your body.

And she teaches you about these things. Um, as far as fitness, I look and feel the best I've ever felt. I feel strong. I feel confident and I'm more confident in the gym to go and pick up those heavy weights or use those machines because she teaches you how to use them. And lastly, with mindset, Ashley was always a text away.

If I was really down on myself, if I felt I wasn't doing something right. And the way she coaches you through that, and you know, picks you up when you're down with absolutely everything. And is the reason why I can keep, you know, maintaining these habits today. And I would not have wanted to be on this journey with anyone else.

All right. I hope that got you inspired and connected and excited about what we're going to talk about today and now let's get started.

I don't know if you can hear it, but I've got my Brakleen WoodWick candle going right now. I was, this is super cheesy, but I was trying to see, I was like, I wonder if they can actually hear the wood crackling if I put this up to the speaker, but honestly, like I'm not even going to try right now, but good morning.

Or if it's afternoon or evening for you. Hello, I'm happy you're here. I always like to kind of paint the stage if that makes sense. Whatever paint the picture of how we're communicating today as usual. My wonderful furchild bear is passed out asleep on my bed right now because it's about 7 45 in the morning.

I already burnt my Palo Santo, really getting some high vibrations in here. Got the candle going it's well, it's after sunrise, but it's morning and I am still in PJ's with a messy bun because this is what I do. I wake up and have super deep thoughts and want to share them immediately to start the day while it's fresh in my mind.

So there you have it. Good morning. Um, today. Episode is super exciting. Fair warning it might be a lot. So I hope you have a pen and paper because I've got action items for you. And if you don't that's all right, you can do this at another time at your own time. Um, when you have the time and space to yourself.

So what is your greatest dream for yourself and how are you showing up in your life on a daily basis to create it. Most people never even take the time to get clear or to ask themselves what it is they actually want in their life. They typically just take the hand that they've been dealt and live with that.

Not realizing just like in poker, in any other card game, you can always send the hand back. You can ask for a reshuffle, you can ask for every deal, you can ask for a new deck, you can ask for a new dealer, and that's kind of the same approach we're going to take to this and life. What happens is if you don't learn to create your own image and your own vision for your life, the thing that people go through is every time something ends or begins, they feel lost because they've never been taught how to think for theirself, how to create a vision for their life.

And how to step outside the box and pave their own path. And a perfect example of this is when people retire and they've been doing a job or a career for 30 plus years doing the same thing every single day, somebody else telling them what to do, what time to show up, what time to go home, what the roles and responsibilities are, who they work with, when they eat lunch.

When you've done that for 30 something years, and then retirement happens. This is why a lot of people have midlife crisis because they have no direction for their life. They don't know what to do. They don't know who they are. They don't know how to function without somebody else telling them what to do.

Now that's an extreme case, but another example of that is sometimes we just get stuck in a rut in life and we're trying to kind of shake things up or get some inspiration and excitement or motivation. And it starts with this having a really clear vision. And I talked about this just briefly on the other podcast about how to get motivated and stay motivated even when you're not that one is a lot about this.

But this is a little more in depth of helping you figure out what you want, how to take action towards it and how to actually create it. So that's what we're going to talk about today. And this is always so interesting to me because I find not just with clients, but I mean, family, friends, just casual people that I talk to.

I always look for patterns and themes in my life, but also in clients' lives because once I can figure out what the common thread is, that's running through your life, we can make significant change. And sometimes it's a recurring thought or it's an underlying belief system that you might have about yourself, about your life, about what you deserve.

But the reason that this is important is because people will end up in situations in life where they feel stuck or frustrated and they want to move forward. But in order to move forward, instead of being proactive about it, they sit back waiting for something or someone to come along to put their life into motion and not really realizing that life responds to your thoughts, your energies, your beliefs, and your own vibration.

So when you want to change something, you can't constantly be looking outside of yourself to tell you where to go or what to do. And here's an incredible perspective to give you and to really ponder with your own life is, think about the fact that you are living in the life now created by the thoughts and beliefs of your past.

So what that means is if you take a hard assessment and hard, look at your reality from every level, from your job, your relationships, uh, where you live, your hobbies, how did you get there? Well, because of thoughts, beliefs, actions, and energy that you took from your past that led you here. The problem is when we initially have these thoughts and beliefs, we forget that there's a certain amount of time that passes before we're actually living in the reality of them or the manifestation of them.

So we have this thought and we decided we want to change our lives and we want to be somebody different and totally go on a new path. And then we wake up and here we are today and you take a look at your life and you're like, how the hell did I get here? The reason you feel that way is because you forget about the time gap and the delay that happens between your thoughts and the actual creation.

And I'm not talking about just thoughts. Like you can't go around just saying a bunch of affirmations thinking that's going to change anything I'm talking about. Like the things you believe to your core and what you walk around in energetically every single day. So when you do this and your feelings stuck. One of the fastest ways you can get unstuck in your life is to create new thoughts, new beliefs, and energy patterns.

However, people do this for about a week and then they get pissed off because nothing has changed. And it's like, Okay, wait a minute. You didn't get in this situation or this reality that you're in now, by thinking about something new for a week, it takes time for things to shift and move. The hard thing is, is you have to accept 100% responsibility of the truth that you are, where you are because of your previous choices, thoughts, beliefs and actions.

So that's the biggest thing. And like, when you think about it and it takes time and reflection, sometimes it sucks. But if you take the energy to just really understand your own path and direction in life, it becomes very helpful and very empowering. And when I say that, I look for patterns and common threads in people's lives when I'm working with them to help them move forward.

It's because if I can uncover that, then we can figure out how to get you out of where you are. And so, like, I actually had a call recently with a gentleman who's working on getting motivated in his life. He really is just tired of feeling stuck in rut. And you know, like I've said before, it always starts out with workouts and nutrition and people want to feel stronger and healthier and better about how they look.

But this is kind of the surface of the iceberg. And so I always ask like, all right, well, let's get a little bit deeper. Do you have any mental blocks or mindset patterns that are going on? And he was talking about how he's always had a problem with feeling like he's not good enough, not good enough with his work, not good enough to, I guess, not necessarily compete, but basically just to be in the same arena of other people in the same career field.

And it's this whole theme. And so we're kind of digging through that and getting clear on where that stems from. Why do you feel that way? Is that really the truth or did you just make this story up because of something that happened, but because with that common thread, if you always feel like you're not good enough, then you're never going to actually try for the things that you want in life, because you automatically assume.

I'm not good enough. And I know we talked about this before, but this is more in you understanding why you are, where you are right now, ask yourself, do I have a common thread or theme that is running throughout my life? That this is a representation of? That the reason that I can't move forward and have the things that I want in life is because I actually believe that.

That's not the whole topic of what we're getting on today. That's just to kind of help you get started, but really what I want to focus on and what I want you to do is getting clear on what the greatest vision and dream of your life even is. And I would ask you right now, if we were in person, if you're talking to me about your life and I don't know, maybe some areas you're not super happy with, or some things that you want to change and I'm totally listening and then ask like, all right, well, So what's your dream life, then?

What's your ideal situation or what is your greatest vision? If you could write your own story, which you can, what does that look like? Most people, when I asked that they don't have a clear response, they're like, uh, I want to be happy. I want a lot of money. I want success. It's a very broad thing. And that's, I mean, that's a great starting point, but you doing that is no different than you deciding.

I want to take a road trip and a vacation, and then you load up your whole car. Everything's ready to go. And you're sitting with a gas stop car loaded, full of everything. Ready to go, except for you. Don't actually put any destination in the GPS. You made it clear. You want to take a trip, you made it clear.

You want to vacation. But where, where are we going? And you never get clear, but then you're sitting there in park getting pissed off at your GPS for not telling you where to go. Well, dear, all you have to do is get clear on the destination, punch it in and then put the car in drive. Well, you can't get mad at your car and your GPS.

If you're the one that doesn't have a clear destination. So that then poses the question that comes up with a lot of people is, well, what if I don't know what I want? Here's the thing. I have a really hard time believing anybody who says this, because most of the time, people know exactly what they want to a T.

The problem is you either have some sort of mental block that you don't believe it's possible. So you change what you want, which is what confuses you, or here's a huge thing people do is you try and make what you want fit your current reality. And remember you got your current reality from your thoughts, beliefs, energy, and vibrations from the past.

So if you're trying to move forward in the future, by making it fit in the box of the reality that you're in, you're going to get stuck. You're going to get stuck because it's not the way that life works. So then that creates the other fear. Okay, Ashley. So I know what I really want, but I'm scared to admit what I really want because of the changes that'll take place.

And this is a totally legitimate fear. Yeah, I've had, I have had clients who are in marriages, who are in relationships, that when I asked them to do this, it with our coaching. And I'm like, all right, here's your homework for this week. I want you to define for yourself what would be your ideal relationship.

And I mean, this applies to everything. What would be your ideal career? What would be your ideal house, your ideal pet, whatever. What would that look like? And every single time, the same thing comes back. They're like, oh, that scares me though. Why does this, I already know the answer, but like, I need you to answer this for yourself.

Why does it scare you will, because I'm scared that what I'm going to write out and what I really want. Is not my current relationship or it's not my current job or it's not my current friends or family, and that's a legitimate fear. We all have those fears, but here's the thing you have to keep in mind is everything that's in your life right now.

Was a match for who you were and the identity that you had. And so if change does occur, which it probably will, you are also going to have people, opportunities, places, and things that match the new person and the new thoughts and the new beliefs. But I get that. It is scary because people are scared. Am I going to end up alone?

No, you're not going to end up alone. New people will come find you just like you will find new people that are changing their thought patterns too. And Neville even talks about this. So Neville Godard, he's one of my favorite spiritual teachers. He's super old school, but he talks about that of just like when you decide to change how you're thinking, what you believe in again, thinking is like the bare minimum. You have to actually believe the things that you're thinking when you change all these things and you decide differently for your life.

So he uses the example. And I may have mentioned this before, but he uses the example of saying you're in a job that you're unhappy with. You're constantly taken for granted you're underpaid and overworked. You then start to, instead of seeking the solution outside of yourself. So instead of looking for like, I need a new boss, somebody needs to start valuing me. All of this needs to change outside of me instead of doing that, you go internally.

And you're like, you know what? I'm a valuable person. I deserve to be respected. I deserve to be paid this much. I deserve to do work that I love and that I'm naturally talented and skilled at. And that I really enjoy. And you're doing this over and over with your mindset, your thoughts and your beliefs.

And you're really embodying that. And then he says, if you do this, and then a week later, you get fired from your job, don't get mad about it. Of course you would get fired for your job. Of course, everything outside of you has to change because you have changed the level of thinking and vibration that you're at.

So therefore your whole world has to change. And even so another client this week, her and I were talking about this and she's probably going to screenshot this and be like, oh my God, it's me again. We were talking about this in regards to her friendships and some frustrations she had with some friends of just not showing up for her, of feeling like she's always showing up for other people, but other people are not showing up for her.

And she's not sure what to do. And I was pointing out to her. I said, you know, what probably is happening for you is these friendships were fine your life eight to 10 weeks ago before we started working together. And when you were in a different mindset, now here we are two and a half months later.

You now value yourself. You're confident in who you are, you know, that you're a good person, a deserving person. You deserve people to treat you with respect, to love you, to show you kindness, and to really appreciate who you are because you are doing that for yourself. But because you are now doing that for yourself and seeing that internally.

Nothing has changed with your friends. It's just, those friends may have been there previously because you didn't think you deserved better. And because you wanted to fill the void of not being alone. So you just took anything you could get. But now that you have raised your level of self worth and what you deserve, naturally, those things outside of yourself might not sit anymore.

And this happens all the time. We forget that we are the catalyst of change, and we forget that when we start changing how we see ourselves, the world around us has to change too. So when you're creating your dream life for the greatest vision for your life, expect that things are going to change, but try not to let it scare you or to limit you to what you decide you believe or deserve in life.

Because. More than likely your current reality might not fit your future reality. Parts of it will. The parts of it that will are the people who decide to match the vibration and match what you are putting out there. And they do start to evolve and grow with you. And sometimes that does happen. Sometimes you do have people in your life who are also growth minded.

Who want to grow too? And they're like, you know what? You're right. Like maybe I haven't been showing up for you. I want to show up for you now. And then they show up and then it's fine. You don't have to lose people. It doesn't mean your entire life is going to just get thrown away, but just expect that there's going to be change.

But the beautiful thing that you can rest in that really can give you peace of mind and reassurance is the change isn't bad. The change is moving you into the direction that you want. Sometimes change is just scary and hard though. So, how do we get clear on this vision and what our ideal life looks like and really think of this, like a movie script.

If you got to write the script to your own movie, how would you write it? Or are you just somebody that's in the background? That's a, what is it called? It that you're just an extra in your own life. And actually one of my favorite movies, The Holiday. I think, yeah, The Holiday with Kate Winslet, and God what is her name. Cameron Diaz. I love that movie, especially during like Christmas time in the holidays, but one of my favorite lines is when she's having dinner with the, I think he's a playwright or a screenwriter. I don't remember, but she's having dinner with the older gentlemen and she's venting to him about like this relationship and this part of her life and all these things.

And he just shakes his head at her and looks at her. And she's like what he's like, I don't understand, like you're an incredible, beautiful woman, but for some reason you should be playing the lead character in your own life. And instead you're playing the best friend. And it's like, how many times do we do that?

We forget that like we are the lead and our own life story. So take the lead and quit taking the role of an extra in the back seat. So how do you get clear on this when you're not really sure what you want? Well, number one, you have to agree. To remove any kind of limits or boundaries that you place on what is possible and what you can actually have that includes letting go of the boundary of making the new reality fit in your present reality.

The easiest way to start though. Um, and we'll just start with career and then relationships. So for your career, take out a pen and paper, ask yourself, what is it that makes you happy? What lights you up? What is it that you do and get totally lost in time and just could care less if it's been an hour or 12 hours, what would you do if you never got paid for it?

Just because you enjoy it and it makes you that happy. Warren Buffett was giving advice to somebody looking for a job one time and said, if you don't know what job to take, take the job that you would take if you didn't need a job, meaning even if you didn't get paid for it, you didn't need. Do that, do that thing.

So just write out all these things and it can be ridiculous. I don't care. Maybe you like taking pictures, you like photographing life. You like documenting life with videos. Maybe you like painting. Maybe you like animals. It doesn't matter. Just get clear and writing that out. Like these are the things that make me so happy and I could do without ever needing to stop because it fills me and it lights me up.

This is how you would do this in your career for relationships and your friends ask yourself what kind of qualities do I want in my relationships? How do I want these people to show up for me? How do they spend their time? Where do they spend their time? Get clear on the characteristics, the quality, the energy that these people embody so that you have a clear image.

Of what you expect in your relationships, because it's very hard to recognize something when it shows up in your life. If you don't have a clear image of that. So if you get super clear on this career and you're like, I get to take photographs, I make my own schedule. I make six figures. I'm my own boss. I have a huge client list, whatever you're super clear on this, it becomes very easy to recognize it.

When it shows up same thing with your friends. I want friends who are loyal, honest, call me out on my crap. They helped me grow. They show up for me, they're supportive. They're reliable. So then when people show up, if they're not those things, you're just like, eh, no, thank you. You've been there done that. Like, you're not exactly what I'm looking for, but I appreciate you showing up, moving on.

So get clear on these things, write it out. No limits whatsoever. As cliche is it's going to sound, the only limits that exist are the ones that exist in yourself. So let all of those go. Once you get super clear on that without any judgment or any in the box thinking. The way that you start to move forward with that is now get creative on how can you make money with that in your career?

So, say again, you've got all these ideas of things that make you happy, but you probably have some underlying belief of nobody actually gets to do what they love and make a lot of money. You're either an artist who's starving or you work in corporation who makes a ton of money, but you hate your life. Just get rid of that belief because it's not true.

So think of the things that you love, tell yourself, like a lot of people actually get to do what they love and make a very well living at doing it. So get creative now that you understand what makes you happy and have fun with it. I'm like, what can I do to make money at this? Well, using the photography, I'm not a photographer.

I don't know where that idea came from, but using the photographer thing as an example, all right. I like taking pictures. I like documenting life. Let's get creative. How could you make money doing that? God, there are a million ways you can make money as a photographer. You could be a photographer for businesses.

You need a photographer for weddings. You can document babies births, having that be such a huge, super fulfilling experience while also something people carry for their life. You can photograph, I don't know, family gatherings, you can document different experiences in life. You can do black and white photos and short stories.

You can do food photography, like come up with anything. Oh, you love animals. You could be a vet. You don't wanna be a vet. All right. You want to be self-employed why don't you become a pet sitter? Why don't you start an animal training program? Why don't you work with animals in therapy? Why don't you do dog grooming?

What? Like, there's just so many ideas, no matter what it is that you love, that there's an abundance of ways that you can make money at it. No matter how stupid or ridiculous it sounds too. And that's the thing, like, do not try and make your idea fit what you have already seen, because more than likely, the way that you do it is not going to be like the way other people do it.

So give yourself the freedom to think of that. And I mean, there's so many stories of people who have started businesses that make no sense, really. If you were to compare it to what everybody else has done or the normal quote unquote path, but they're making a killing at it. Like, there's a, there was a story of this person who loves classical music and they went through this process of like, all right, maybe I'll be a pianist and like an orchestra or something.

And then I did that and they were like, no, I don't really like that. Maybe I'll be an artist, I'll make it big as an artist. And they try that and it's like, nah, I don't really like that either. And they try all these different things and then they end up, I think I'm pretty sure this is what it was. They ended up creating their own music in the form of therapy to help people with relaxation, with meditations, but still they got to be a pianist and do these things.

Just have fun with that and get clear on that. And the same thing in regards to your friends and relationships. Like once you have a clear understanding of the kind of qualities, these people embody, then get creative and ask yourself, where do these kinds of people hang out? What do they do? How do they spend their time?

Where do they go on the weekends? What do they do for fun? All these things, because now what you're doing is you're giving yourself actual action items. That was a tongue twister. Action items and an idea of how you can start being proactive in your life to show up and create the life that you want. So here's the hard part for people is once you do this and you've gotten clear, now you have to take responsibility and it falls on you.

You know what you want, you know, ideas on how you can make it happen, for the people part, you know, where you can potentially find these kinds of people, kinds of people in your life. Now you have to take responsibility. If you don't do anything about it, you no longer can blame anybody else. The light's been turned on.

You're seeing life for what it is. You now know exactly how you got where you are, but also now you have tools to get to where you want to be. And if you don't do it, you're not judged. It's not like you're a failure in any way, but you do have to accept that if you don't do it, you are making that choice.

You're not a victim. Nobody's keeping you from having the things that you want. If you don't have the career, the friends, the relationship, the life that you want, you're seeing it on paper for what it is like accept the responsibility. And if you choose to stay where you are, That's totally fine. You're accepted and loved exactly for that.

But that also means you have to stop complaining that there's something outside of yourself, preventing you from having those things. So when you have this and you have accepted 100% responsibility, I'm letting out a big sigh because this is where people get stuck. Take that, take everything that you just did for yourself.

And do either a mental side-by-side assessment in comparison, or you can write out your current reality and situations and put it on paper side by side and take, when you see it on paper, you can not deny it. That's why I always believe in writing things out because it's like, look, now these are the hard facts.

What do you want to do about this? So you take that and you write it with a side-by-side assessment of your current life. And now you have to be honest with yourself and make the commitment of all right, now that I can see the clear destination and GPS of what I want to get to and where I currently am, what changes do I need to make in order to make that happen?

And everything. And I mean, it's a hard process to do, but in the long run, you're doing yourself a favor and creating what you actually want. And sometimes like I've had to let go of friendships. I've had to let go of how I'm spending my time or who I'm spending my time with, had to let go of relationships.

I've had to go, I've quit jobs because I'm like, what, what am I doing with my life? Like, clearly this is not what I want. I can't do this anymore. I know what I want. So let me just cut. What is it called? Cut the fat from the top or whatever. Like, let me just cut all that out and focus on moving forward and what I want, like, why am I wasting my time and this, nobody can do this for you.

I'm not going to sit there and be like, okay, Sally Jo, if there's a Sally Jo listening to this, I'm not singling. You singling you out. I was just really pulling a name out of air. All right, Sally Joe, it looks like you say you want super aware friends who help you grow are supportive, loyal. They have a healthy lifestyle.

They're also doing things in their life. They're action takers. I mean, that sounds awesome. You totally deserve that, Sally. All right. Let's take a look at the life you have now. Well, your friends go out every weekend. They're kind of lazy and don't have any real drive or motivation. They don't ever show up for you.

Um, okay, Sally. Well, what would you like to do about this? Do you want to continue to have these people take up the space of what could be occupied, but the people that you do want, or are you willing to make the changes and go through temporary discomfort in the pursuit with the intention of getting what you want.

And it's the same thing with your career too. So you have this clear picture, you know exactly what you want. You're doing the hard, honest work with yourself of what changes need to be made. And now. You have to take action. So here's the thing. Is there one of my favorite quotes when it comes to thoughts and creating your reality and your vision for your life is be not impatient in delay, but be as one who understands, and there's a little bit more to that, but that's the bulk of what you need to remember because there's going to be a slight delay.

When you start to make the mental changes, slight being the key word. It's not going to take forever, but there's going to be a slight delay and a shift change. Of everything in your life in order to move you in that direction, but don't get mad and don't get frustrated thinking that none of this is really working instead, continue you to do your inner work, continue to do your beliefs and really working on yourself.

As the quote goes, don't be impatient in the delay that it takes, but wait patiently because you understand the way that life works and how you create the life that you want. So we move on to. Taking action. Taking action. Oh my God. The amount of people who talk about the things that they want and dream about the things they want, but those who actually act on it are few and far between.

But because you're listening to this podcast, I am going to assume you are somebody who takes action and moves in the direction that what you want, because there are so many people out there. And how many times this is like, so freaking annoying. How many times have you heard somebody finds out about this invention?

We'll call it the can opener. There you go. Somebody invents the can opener. And now that person is making billions. How many times have you been around somebody else? That was like, oh my God. I had the idea for that like five years ago. All right. Well, nobody really cares because everybody has ideas, but you did nothing to bring it into reality.

So instead, because this person actually took action, they get to reap the rewards of it. So, I mean, that's nice, nobody cares. It's kind of the same thing. And I'm not saying that like in sensitively and wait that that's not a word. I'm not saying that from an insensitive place, I'm saying that from a realistic place, that if you get super clear on this vision and you know, what lights you up and makes you happy, you now have a hard side-by-side assessment of the changes you need to make in your life.

If you then just talk about it, but don't actually do anything about it. You might as well just sit in your car with it in park and give up on ever taking a road trip because what's the point. Like you put it in the GPS. All right. Here's our clear destination. Thank you very much. Google maps tells you, please head straight, go north five miles.

Go, whatever it's doing that, except for you don't put the car in drive. Now you can't blame the car or the GPS. You're the one that has to actually put the car in drive. And when it comes to taking action, any movement, any action in the direction is going to help you. People get stuck and they never start because they're trying to go from, start to destination, without realizing there's a lot of curves and turns in order to get you there. So you just start like, all right, I don't, I don't really know how to even make this happen, but I mean, here's an idea. I'm going to try that. And then you try that idea and it might totally fail, or it's going to lead you to the next step or the next direction on your GPS.

And here's the thing that I do want to point out. Trying something. And it not working does not mean that you don't get what you want. It just means that's not how you're going to get what you want. So using the same example earlier with the pianists, let's say for example, their big destination was I make six figures getting to play the piano, doing what I love.

People love my music. I spend all my time writing music that inspires people say that's their clear destiny. That person tries doing concert hall music. It's not feeling like the right thing. That doesn't mean that they don't get to live their dream. It's just kind of taking the mindset of like, oh, well, I guess that's not how it's going to happen.

Let's try something else. Maybe I'll go be a recording artist. They do that. And it's like, no. This isn't really, it it's does not mean stop trying. It just means like, Nope, that's not the, how it's going to happen. So going to relationships too, you have this super clear idea of who you want to be with, or the kinds of friends that you want to have.

You have to try on a couple of people and when they don't fit, that does not mean that you don't get that person that you want. It just means like, oh, well, I guess that's not them. Moving on. Like, let's try again. So keep that in mind when you take action. And the reason I preface that is because most people never put the car in drive, simply because they are trying to control taking only one, right action that leads directly to the destination.

And that never happens. Nobody ever takes one step and then all of a sudden they're exactly where they want to be. You have to go into it almost like a fun scavenger hunt of figuring out the clues of like, Hmm, that person was close, but there was some stuff that I kind of wish they had in regards to their character, in their quality that they didn't.

So, all right. So I have a clearer understanding of what I want. Let's go back to the drawing board and let's try somebody else, or, oh, actually I liked a lot of the things about this career, but there was also some stuff that was missing for me. All right. So that's not, it, that's not the clue. Let's try something else.

You have to think of it like a game like that. But if you were always talking and here, what is it? Paralysis analysis. God man, when I've worked with entrepreneurs on starting their business, you know what entrepreneurs are really good at? They're really good at ideas. And they're really good at research and assessment.

You know what a lot of entrepreneurs struggle with? Actually putting any of that into action. And I mean, this, this frustrates me because not okay. I take that back cause I don't want to discourage anybody. It doesn't frustrate me. It just, I want to help you move forward. And this is procrastinating your forward movement because you're spending too much time researching, analyzing and assessing instead of just do anything.

I don't care. If you want to play with animals and make a living doing that, throw out a Craigslist ad, throw out a Facebook ad, go start talking to people about it. If nobody responds and you get no bites, reel that rod back in. Put something else out there and then throw something else out in the water and see if you get any bites, but you got to keep trying and like most entrepreneurs, again, God, the ideas are just never ending, which is fantastic.

But the people who act on those ideas are so rare. And a lot of this comes down to, again, going back to the theme and the pattern in your life. Whether people want to admit it or not. A lot of people are scared of success, scared of success and failure. So you have a clear idea of what you want to do. And I'm like, all right, well, what's stopping you or that's fantastic.

I think that's a great idea. What are you doing to make that happen? Oh, well, I'm getting some advice from this person and that person, and I'm researching this and I'm researching that. And to a certain point. This is good. This is necessary, but not for long-term. After a certain point, you've gathered all the research you need. Stop, just go do it.

You're going to figure it out. And when I read stories, so I love memoirs. I love memoirs because memoirs are more applicable, I think, to life than any how to book, because what it does is it shows you that every person who has ever done or become anything, they had no idea what they were doing. The people who make it and are living their dream life is not because they took some strategy course or got some blueprint on it.

It's because they kept trying, because they never gave up on what they believed was possible. It doesn't mean that there weren't roadblocks and detours and a lot of sticking points, but they just kept trying something different until it stuck. So if you're an entrepreneur and you've been researching for a long time and nothing has happened, stop researching, and start doing.

I don't care if what you do sounds so minimal, it's better than keeping your car in drive. If you were looking for a new career, you're unhappy with your career, stop researching all the careers. If you've been doing it for a long time and just drive for anything. Anything that will put your car in drive because you're going to get to where you want to be a lot faster when your car is moving than if you are still sitting in the same place and it's not, there's no right or wrong.

And that's what paralyzes a lot of people is the fear of taking the wrong action. Well, honestly, wrong action is better than no action. You learn a lot faster and at least it's got you out of where you are right now. So. Whatever direction you're looking for in your life, your career, your business, your relationships, your friendships, anything do this hard work.

And it's hard emotionally and mentally. It's not hard physically of asking yourself if I walked up to you and I was like, Hey, so what do you want for your life? Like, what's your dream? What's your ideal life. If I asked you that, do you have an answer? And if you don't have an answer, that's where you need to start to get clear direction in your life.

Once you do have a clear, detailed answer. That doesn't try to fit any kind of limitations or judgment, or you're not trying to box into your current reality, then do the work of the heart assessment and ask yourself, am I going to take a hundred percent responsibility? If so, let me look at my life.

Where do I need to start making the changes? Or where do I need to allow changes to start happening then last but not least. Take action. Be somebody who takes action. And doesn't just talk about things, but actually does things.

All right. I hope that that kind of gave you some clear direction on how to get from where you are to where you want to be, but also really to just inspire you, that you can have anything that you want in life truly.

I mean, there's nobody out there and I've said this so many times, there are people who are less qualified, living the life that you want. And the only reason they are living it and not you is simply because they did the work of taking action and getting clear on what they want. Instead of sitting around in fear of making the wrong decision or sitting around acting as if they have no control over the direction of their life.

You've got this. You can have anything you want. You can create the life that you want, but it all starts with you. All right. Like I said, at the beginning of this, if you would like to work with me, had to There's a little form you can fill out. Tell me all about what's going on and we'll chat and see if it's a good fit.

Otherwise, if you have not subscribed, please subscribe to this podcast. As you will have these come out every single Monday to help keep you inspired and empowered. And until next week, I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day. And I will see you in the next episode.


Here's to Creating a Body & Life You Love,

Ashley Drummonds

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