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Trust The Process & Timing Of Your Life

mindset motivation Feb 05, 2023




Ever been in a place in life where you just feel stuck? Nothing seems to be going right and no matter how hard you try you just can’t seem to get things to move forward?

Life is constantly working in our favor. A lot of times the Universe is giving us exactly what we need, but it may not be exactly what we want. Most of our suffering comes from us thinking of how things should be instead of opening up to how they actually are in the present moment. 


There’s a great part in some of the Law of Attraction books that states that when we ask the Universe for something it also will deliver to us the lessons and experiences we need to help us grow into becoming the person we need to become in order to receive the things it is that we asked for. So a lot of times we place our request to this higher power and then the response we get is obstacles, painful experiences, confusion and all this crap that comes up thinking that maybe our order got misunderstood because this is wasn’t what we asked for. 

When the reality is you are and will get what you asked for, but you also will receive all the things that need to come into your life to help you grow to be in alignment with that specific thing. When you are forcing, chasing, or searching, you are resisting where you currently are at because where you are at is uncomfortable and you haven’t learned the lessons that your present reality is trying to give you. 


In today’s podcast episode, we are going to talk about how to trust the process and timing of your life especially when you are looking for direction or feel like you are stuck!



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