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Total Body Strength Workout with Just 3 Exercises

workout Jun 01, 2021

When creating different workouts, I focus on how I can maximize my efforts in the shortest amount of time with tricks like cutting down on the rest time in between sets, performing lifts as supersets, or doing compound movements (like the ones in this video) instead of isolated movements.

Compound movements are exercises that recruit multiple muscle groups in one exercise at once. For example, a deadlift works your hamstrings, glutes, back, core, forearm/grip, and your traps. As opposed to a bicep curl, that isolates the movement to focus on just your biceps. Both are great-just different variations of a workout. These are the style of workouts I always recommend people do for the most effective way to boost fat loss and build lean muscle without a lot of time.

With this specific workout, I chose 3 compound exercises to really get total body strength training while also maximizing the amount of effort and muscle groups involved without adding a long list of exercises.

You will need one pair of dumbbells for this workout between 10-25lbs depending on your fitness level.

Perform this as a circuit so that you do all the repetitions of one exercise then move on to the next exercise with no rest in between. When you have done all 3 exercises and all the reps that is 1x through the circuit.

Do this circuit 4-5x for a great total body strength workout.

1 Round is:

10 Dumbbell Thrusters

8 Lunge to Bicep Curl (Each Side)

10 Pushup to Row

Repeat 5x.

Ashley Drummonds

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