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The Science Behind Your Mindset and Environment

mindset Aug 01, 2021

I'm so happy to talk to you today about today's podcast episode topic, the science behind mindset. I believe knowledge and understanding is what is empowering, because when you have a good understanding of why you do the things you do, how it's all connected, then you end up being more motivated and committed to making the necessary changes in your life to have the kind of life that you want.

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Hello and welcome to the Phoenix Rising podcast. I am Ashley Drummonds your super excited, enthusiastic, and over the top host that is so happy to talk to you today about today's podcast episode topic, the science behind mindset. So the reason I want to talk about this for today's episode is because I believe knowledge and understanding is what is empowering, because when you have a good understanding of why you do the things you do, how it's all connected that you end up being more motivated and committed to making the necessary changes in your life to have the kind of life that you want.

So. That's what we're going to talk about today. We're going to get all into the actual science, behind your mindset, your thoughts, your energy, and your vibrational patterns. Before we get started, you know, the way it works, if you would like to work with me as your mindset and fitness coach, you can head over to AshleyDrummonds.Com and you'll see a little form there that says one-on-one coaching that you can use to sign up for.

And it'll come directly to me. I got a lot of messages, people asking me what all that entails, basically like I've said before, long story short. Working with me as your fitness and mindset coach is like getting a therapist, a personal trainer, a motivational coach, and a nutritionist, all in one and that's the easiest way I can really explain it.

It's a very holistic view and actionable way of changing your life, which actually a lot of this is going to make sense with today's topic of just showing you how everything is connected and how you can't change your life in just one area without also impacting every other area. So again, head on over to AshleyDrummonds.Com.

The link is in the show notes. If you would like to work with me, fill out the form and let's talk about your goals, but let's go ahead and get into today's episode. The science behind your mindset.

Hello, you guys. I am super excited about today's podcast episode. Part of the reason I'm doing this is because I had some really interesting calls this week with clients. And one of the parts I realized is sometimes when I do these calls and I'm giving action items and I'm like, all right, your homework for this week is I want you to define success and happiness for yourself or, okay.

I want you to come up with the top three stories that are limiting you in your life. And like I give every week homework action items. And some of the calls this week, a lot of questions came up in regards to basic understanding of why they even need to do that or how it even works. And it made me realize that I've done a lot of these podcast episodes so far, but I've never given you like an intro one-on-one to the science and the physiological responses that are created through your mind and your mindset.

And I'm talking about like even neurologically with your brain. So that's what we're going to get into. If it's the morning for you, I hope you had plenty of caffeine because this is probably going to be a lot also, you're about to realize I'm even more of a nerd than you thought that I was because I am super fascinated by this stuff.

Not just because I think it's an interesting theory, but because the more aware I have become of this information, the more empowered I have become in my life. And that is my intention with this podcast is giving you knowledge, giving you an understanding of how your own mind, body, energy and soul works to give you more empowerment in your own life as well, because awareness is power. When you're stuck in a program in your own life.

And what I mean by a program is a story, a belief system, a thought process that is not helping you. The second you become aware that you have been stuck in a program. You are no longer the program. And now you are in control and can make choices to change that. And Joe Dispenza, who I've mentioned before, talks about this a lot. Is if you could just learn to be present in everything that is happening in your life, you could learn to change every single thing that was going on a lot of times, because we are so caught up in our stories that we tell ourselves the thoughts in our head, what other people think of us.

We get distracted and forget that sometimes all we have to do is wake up and see the program for what it is. I try to think of an analogy to simplify this, to make it easier to understand, but the best way that I can really describe it is it's kind of like when you have established a belief or a story for yourself, From years ago when I talked about this in another episode that sometimes we make up stories and beliefs that aren't true, but nobody else was there to tell us the true story.

So you've created this in your mind. Your mind now goes on a loop to reestablish and constantly revalue revalidate, man, try and talk revalidate that story. And you walk around dictated by that story, in that belief, in that mindset. So you become the program of those beliefs and that mindset. Okay. Once you have that moment and everybody thinks enlightenment is like this, I don't know this magical place that you get to. Every day can be a day of enlightenment.

Once you get to the place where you like pay attention, just pay attention to your own life and the things that are happening because life is always responding to you and giving you feedback as to what's going on internally. So, if you would just pay attention as the watcher, as the student, as the observer, you no longer are a victim to the program.

Now you have a choice. You take back your power. So an example of this is typically when people walk around on autopilot and from programs that they are unaware of their own energy, their own thoughts and their beliefs usually when people are believing everything they see on the news, they buy into what the mass majority buys into.

They blame everybody else for why things aren't working out, because they believe that there is something outside of themselves that is dictating their life, their happiness and their behavior. For example, people who blame fast food for the obesity problems in America. Okay. Let's think about this. This is a legitimate problem.

However, You blaming a fast food restaurant for your obesity problems means that the fast food restaurant controls you. Why not just wake up and stop eating the fast food. There's nobody to blame. It's that situation. People who blame the economy because their finances are bad. So every time the economy changes your finances change every time a new fast food restaurant pops up.

Does that change your weight? Does everything outside of you dictate the change that happens in your life? If so, you've been walking around on autopilot and on auto program, and it's time for you to take a little more responsibility for your life and practice being aware. So that you can actually find the happiness, the peace, the clarity, and the direction that almost every single person is looking for.

The funny thing is, is this requires you to be an independent thinker. Oh my God. If more people thought independently, I think we would live in a much happier world because nobody would be forcing anything on anybody. The problem is there's a lot of fear behind independent thinking. And the reason there is a lot of fear is because what are you going to do?

If you start thinking for yourself and making choices for yourself and deciding for you and you F up, you mess up, what are you going to do? You can't blame anybody, but yourself and people don't want that responsibility. However, if you are willing to take that risk and take responsibility, you also open yourself up to a life that you want and unlimited possibilities.

The other part of this too, though, is when you learn to do that, You also put the responsibility of self-love self-acceptance validation on you as well. So while a lot of people, and this was a lot of calls that I had this week talking about, like it's always in the beginning, when people start mindset work, the fear comes not necessarily because of their own fear.

The fear comes because of what other people are gonna think about them or how other people are going to react. And so every time this comes up, when somebody is scared to make change, scared to work on themselves, they start to assert themselves. That's, that's a huge thing. And like the phrase that a lot of clients that I work with use is they're like, I feel like I'm finding my voice and I'm like, hell yeah, you're finding your voice.

Like you deserve to have one. And the more you hear it for yourself, the more you're going to want to stand up for yourself in front of other people. But when it first happens and they start doing it, there's a lot of fear around, well, My husband, doesn't like this, my family thinks I'm being insensitive and my friends think this, and I've now lost this friendship or this relationship.

And it starts to kind of not default back to where they were, but in a sense, a little bit, because what's happening is you're losing the love, the validation, the acceptance, and the approval from people outside of yourself. And now you have a choice, okay? You start standing up for yourself, you start taking responsibility for your life and being aware and moving with intention and being in every single present moment.

And now some people don't like it. Now, you aren't getting that acceptance. You aren't getting that love. You aren't getting the recognition and the validation that you wanted, but a couple things. Are you going to give it to yourself? Number one and two. Do you really want people in your life that only give that to you when you behave a certain way?

No. However, you are the one that controls how you allow other people to treat you. You have to decide what you deserve, what your worth is that you deserve to be heard. You deserve to have your own mind, speak, your own opinion, have your own thoughts and choices. And then you have to choose to love and accept yourself in spite of other people's responses.

And this is, this is kind of just a preface to be totally honest. So this is a lot for you. Like I'm just giving you a little bit of the reason why doing the mindset work is important because ultimately what you're going to find is you have awareness, but you also have the love and acceptance that you were looking for prior, outside of yourself.

And I think a lot of times when people get into fitness and weight loss and nutrition and even therapy, You do it because you're trying to fix something that you think is wrong with you because you think if you fix that, it's going to make you more accepted and loved by other people. Then you and I start doing the work and I'm like, Hey, what if you never got love and acceptance, regardless of what you did?

What if you just made the choice today to give it to yourself right now? How does that feel? How does that feel if you don't change anything except the choice that you're no longer going to put the responsibility of loving and accepting yourself on other people? And you're going to give it to yourself right now.

How is that going to dictate your behavior and how you move forward in your life? And that is what is important, because then you learn that can't be taken away from you that can't be taken away by the next fast food restaurant, by the economy, by the government, by whatever social media says, your best friend, your mom, your spouse, then it doesn't matter.

You have found where your power lies. You also have found self love that cannot be taken away. Therefore you have found your source of change in your life. So the science behind mindset with all of that is the very beginning of this is you have to understand that everything holds an energy and a vibration to it.

So we learn this when we're in school, like the basics of science. They start teaching you about cells and atoms and you know, your basic 101 science, what they don't really teach you is that this is also applicable to your thoughts and your body and the environment that you live in. So you have to accept this as truth.

And if that doesn't feel like truth to you, that's fine. Go watch a science documentary, and then you can come back to this podcast and this will make more sense. But so if everything is a cellular molecular vibrational energetic thing, this is also where the idea behind who you surround yourself with will greatly impact who you become.

The problem is a lot of people confuse this. So people confuse this because they think. Oh, I'll just surround myself with nice people or, oh, well, it's not that big of a deal. Like I'm my own person, other people aren't going to impact me. And people hear this more in the like money world of you are the average, sum of the top five people you surround yourself with.

So whatever, if you take your top five people, whatever their income level is that you are in associate association with on a regular basis, their average is probably somewhere around what you make in your life. It's not magic. The re well, I mean, I guess it kind of is magic. It's the same thing with your level of fitness, you probably are the average of the people around you.

The reason this is though is not because you're a victim to it, but because going back to the science behind, this is everything is a vibration and an energetic response system. When you are in an environment that has a certain energetic level and vibration, naturally it is going to affect you and how you vibrate in the same way.

This is also why it's super important that you take the time to really just filter who you allow in your life on a regular basis. And I mean, this goes even into like, people are like, oh, I'm not going to watch the news. It's so negative. It's not about that. I mean, yes, it is about that, but it's much deeper than that.

It's not about just the news. How do you talk? The people you hang out with? What do they talk about all the time? Are they positive? High vibration, light, loving, inspirational motivational people. Or are they people that constantly have something that's frustrating them, they always have something to complain about.

They just kind of bring you down. And if you're listening to this and you're like, ah, I don't know that people that surround me really impact me that much. Have you ever been around somebody who is a negative Nancy or just a depressing person or somebody who needs a ton of attention? Have you ever been around them?

And then when you want, you might've just heard some thunder, by the way, if there's background noise, it's thundering right now, I'm brainy, but it's kinda nice. Anyways. Have you ever been around somebody like that? And then when you walk away, you feel drained and exhausted and tired and you didn't even do anything.

You were just there. You know why that is it's because that person is moving at a slower vibrational rate. But because you are in the same environment as them, it is going to impact the vibrational rate that you are at. This is also true. If you are around somebody that's super high energy, really just powerful and confident and strong.

What happens when you're around them? Do you walk away feeling motivated and inspired yourself and like, you know what? I need to get my life together. Like, let's do this it's because now you have been impacted by their energy. We're constantly all giving energy exchanges. And this is what happens with the whole science behind it.

And they do test around this. So if you're as big of a nerd as I am, you can look stuff like this up on Google and YouTube and watch videos around it. Because when you talk about this, this like our society, man, you can tell people this from things like plants and animals and science and cancer research.

But when you try and tell people this about their souls and their minds and how it's affecting you personally, people think it's a joke. People don't take it seriously. So they started doing all these science experience experiments while I guess it is an experience. They started doing all these things to prove what they're talking about.

And there's so many super awesome ones. There's this one that they're proving that any living thing will drastically impact another living thing. So they set up a wire and I can't remember like the actual, the actual electromagnetic process of this, but so yogurt, it has live cultures in it, which is also why it's really good for you.

It's got live probiotic cultures. So it's a living organism. So they put one end of this electromagnetic strand in the yogurt. Okay. So I know it sounds nuts. It's yogurt, but it is living organism. They attach the other end of it to the cells that were underneath the microscope. And what they did was on one end, they had somebody, so they tested it to where they had somebody talking negative, depressing.

The conversation was just really low vibration that was sitting on the end of the yogurt. This person's just like talking about like, God, man, the weather sucks. I hate my job, my relationships going down the drain. I feel like crap. My health is going under, just out of testing this theory. And what happened is under the microscope that the cells were at human cells.

The cells begin to grow at an abnormal rate, the same rate that happens when people start getting cancer because of the environment that this was in. So then they repeated this whole experiment. Did the exact same thing. Have somebody on the other end with the yogurt, that's talking about things they love.

They're talking about things they're grateful for. They're talking about like how much they appreciate their family, their health, friends, nature, all of this. And what happened is this cell actually started to heal itself, which is incredibly fascinating, but also so much proof. So then they did another experience around this, where they ended up taking those cells.

Well, actually these are different sets of cells and they started testing it with other things. So music is one of the highest vibrational sources we have. Also, there are multiple types of music. So depending on what kind of music you like or listen to, you will emotionally feel how it affects you when people think like.

The song makes me sad. It's because there's an emotional vibration to that. So they took these cells, put it under a microscope, they played classical music. And literally this one you can definitely look up on YouTube and Google and Google it. The cells literally started rapidly vibrating. The vibration of the human cells sped up because of the classical music and the environment that it was in.

And then they did the reverse. They then changed the music. The speed of the cells slowed down. They did this with fruit. They put a piece of fruit in a home and had conversation around that fruit that was super heavy and negative and just not a good, positive environment that fruit rotted faster than when they put fruit in another home.

That was very positive, uplifting conversation, high vibration, full of a lot of light and a lot of love. They continue to do these experiments because. Our society does not take this stuff seriously. We think that, oh, we'll just fix everything outside of ourselves and it'll be totally fine, but we're not going to put any priority over the environment that we create internally with our minds.

And this is why it's so important because whether you recognize it or not, it does impact you. And like the biggest thing personally, for me, because of not just learning the stuff over the last, I don't know, 10 plus years, but also feeling it and experiencing the difference. I have become so protective of the people that I allow in my inner social circle, but also the place that I live.

What is the vibration of the people that I'm around? What do they talk about? Do people seem happy? Do they seem depressed? Do people see them seem ambitious or do they seem lazy? Even to the point of the gym that I go to? Am I in a gym? That I feel like these people are really motivated and they have stuff they want to do in life.

Because if not, I will shop around for as long as I need to and drive as far as I need to, until I find that environment, because I know that environment is going to have a direct effect on me, whether I like it or not. And I'm also going to have a direct effect on them. Perfect example of this, you know, a koi fish, koi fish are used a lot in these kinds of examples because a koi fish will grow to its maximum size based on the size of the pond or water that you put it in.

If you take the koi fish out and you put it in a bigger pond, a bigger water environment the koi fish will grow bigger because its environment is bigger. So, I mean, nature is constantly responding this way all the time, the people in your life, the place that you live, the books that you read and conversations you have all day, every day are affecting you on a mental, emotional, and cellular level that are either going to raise your vibration or they're going to lower it.

So the crazy thing about this is when you start doing this work and mindset work is the hardest work you'll ever do. I know it, and this is also why a lot of people avoid it. They avoid it until they can't avoid it anymore. They do everything else they think is going to fix their problems. Get a new job, find a new workout program, try a new diet, try a new relationship.

All these things. But until you actually start making your own changes and start to become aware of your own thoughts and programmings and your internal environment, none of that's going to matter because all you're doing is you're changing the environment, but then you're going into a new environment without any gauge of what it should or should not feel like.

And what I mean by that when you spend time alone and you kind of reset your own energy, you know, where your baseline is, your baseline is where you feel most at peace, where you feel the most love, where you feel the most grounded and clear headed. That's your baseline. The only way you get a baseline is by first spending time alone, taking out a pen and paper, becoming aware of what your thoughts even are.

Not everybody else's. And most people, the thoughts you have in your head, the stories that are repeating themselves, the voices that are going over and over. Most of them already in yours, it's everybody else's. So you got to figure out what are my thoughts? What do I even think can believe? And when you do this over and over, eventually over a period of time, one, you're going to start to crave that alone time because now you know what your energy feels like, but also it's going to make you more sensitive to the different environments that you're in, in a very good way.

It's a good way, because before you were probably like a chameleon where you just blended in with any environment that you were in, if you were around happy people, then you were happy. If you were around sad people, then you were sad. If people were fit, then you were fit. If they weren't the neither were you.

And you're a much stronger person than that. It's just, you didn't have these tools in this awareness to be able to navigate through that. So you spend your time alone, really check in with your own vibration and your own energy and what that feels like. Then when you go out and you're with other people and you're in different parts of the world, and now you have your own energetic response, you're going to know immediately you walk into a room.

How do I feel in this room? Do you feel an energy shift? Do you like the people that you're with or do something feel off? The funny thing about it is a lot of times when I've worked with people, most people hate spending time alone. They hate it. They hate it. It's awkward, it's uncomfortable. They can't stand the feeling.

And I get it. Most people don't want to spend time alone. This is not consciously. And this is more of an unconscious process because by spending time alone, you're forced to take a hard look at your own thoughts and feelings. There's nobody or anything around you to distract you. So people fill their time to avoid feelings, seem hearing what's going on internally.

But if you want to make changes, you got to go internal in order to change the external. And I know we've talked about this before. The crazy thing about this is more and more as you get more fine tuned into your own energy. So it's literally like you turned the volume way up on your vibration, your energy what's going on for you and turn that in or not energy.

Well, yeah, turn the volume down on the energy of everybody else. It almost makes you hyper-sensitive. Um, and it's even gotten to the point where now that I feel so 100%, like I know what it feels like to be in my own energy. There's been plenty of times. I have gone to restaurants with friends, we'll plan to meet up somewhere and we get there and I'll walk in and I'm like, Nope, I can't eat here.

And four, fortunately I have great friends that understand and are similar. And like-minded people that are also very self-aware. And they're like, oh really? What's going on? I'm like, I don't know. Something's off. I can't eat here. I don't. And sometimes you find out, sometimes you don't, maybe, I don't know.

Maybe there's something that is just like a negative energy, a vibrational mismatch, maybe something bad's going to happen. And intuitively I'm picking up on it. Maybe, maybe the fish is bad. And if I would have ate there, would it made me sick or maybe a fight would have broken out. I don't know. It doesn't matter.

But the point is like, things like that happen. And like the older I get, the more particular I get and I'm totally fine with it though. But this even happened one time, actually last year, February 2020, right before COVID hit, I have flew up to New York. My brother, Michael's living in the city up there in Manhattan.

And pretty much anywhere he goes, I'll go visit. And anywhere I go, he comes and visits. So I flew up there to see him spend some time just him and I. And that felt really good. Cities are a little bit overwhelming for me, just because there is so much noise and chaos and people, and it's like, it's like an energetic roller coaster of like some places feel high and then you'll hit like a pocket that's a low, especially if you're sensitive.

So we had been hanging out all day and we had like a really great day. And then he took me to this, like one of the nicest Greek restaurants I've ever been to like five star, just super high-end. We had a really great meal and him and I are having a great conversation. So we finished at the restaurant and he's like, Hey, why don't we walk and go and grab like a couple of drinks at one of these places.

I'm like, okay, cool. So we get there up to this point. I had felt really good and we get there and we sit there. And this guy sits next to me. He's, I mean, maybe a few years older than me and Michael sitting on my right. And as soon as he sits down, like, I feel something really heavy. And I know this sounds nuts, but he sits down and like, I get like foggy brains.

Like I feel super weird that energy just feels heavy, but so I brushed it off and Michael and I are still having a great time and we're talking and we're hanging out and now all of a sudden I start feeling depressed and I'm like, Michael man, I like, I feel totally off. And he catches it and he's like, are you okay?

I'm like, something's off. And he's like, I can tell he's like ever since we sat down, like your energy shifted, I was like, I know, but it's not, it's not me. Like, I, I feel it I'm feeling it in me, but I also know it's not me. It's ever, since this guy next to me, sat down something about him. Is like a huge energy shift.

So we hang out, we keep talking the longer we're there, the worse that I feel. And again, I'm very grateful because my brother is similar, so he totally gets it. And the friends that I have are similar people, so they get it, but it gets to a point that like, this guy's energy is so heavy sitting so close to me that Michael and I got to get up and leave because I like I'll get like anxiety, I'll get like a wave of depression.

I can't think clearly, like my brain will get really foggy and I can't focus and continue the conversation. Like I've gotten hyper sensitive to this. And so I'm sitting there and I tell Michael, I'm like, I can't stay here. Like I will pay for your drinks. I don't really care. We got to go somewhere else though.

And he's like, no, I can tell, like, you definitely are feeling something. And so we pay for our drinks. Walk outside that bar within minutes, my energy instantly changes. It goes back to exactly what it was. So sometimes, and I say all this, because like when you learn to calibrate and you learn to understand what your own vibration is, you feel drastic energy shifts, which sounds like a lot.

However, imagine if you were not hyper-aware and you're in that situation and you don't know what your energy does or does not feel like, and you start to have that experience and then you start to identify with that experience and that program and that vibration, hopefully all that makes sense. And why it's so important for you to do this because otherwise what would have happened.

As I would have sat there, I would have started to feel all these shifts and changes. And then I would have started to become part of that program and that vibration, I would have stayed there the night. I probably would've finished the night feeling depressed and anxious and discouraged and confused because I wouldn't have known where it came from.

And now I think something's wrong with me, but when you have an awareness of who you are and what you feel like, and you're in environments that affects you and we're all affected by it, then you have the ability to change that vibration, to not identify with it, to walk away and be like, all right, well, that's definitely not me.

That is that guy is heavy energy. I don't want to be a part of it. So I'm going somewhere else. Have a nice night, but you can't get there without spending the time alone and checking in with yourself and doing the mindset work. So, how do you do this? How do you recalibrate, how do you do the mindset work? What if you're in an environment that you cannot immediately change?

Right. Well, so a couple things you first got to get clear on what's going on in your head. And there's so many ways I've shared with you guys on this podcast of how you can do this. What's the story you're telling yourself, what's the recurring theme of your life? Are you leading it with the best story you can possibly think of?

Or are you selling yourself short? Because you have something from 20 years ago that tells you that you're a total failure or that you just aren't perfect enough, or I don't know, you're unlovable or unworthy or whatever it might be. You got to figure that stuff out. You gotta write out your stories, look at them on paper and then ask yourself, is it true or is it not true?

So this is one thing you can do to start to identify it. But then I actually, when people go through the eight week program with them, with them, with me, I have them do this exercise. And if I'm repeating myself, I'm sorry, but basically on one side of the sheet you write out here are w here's what I believe about my body.

Here's what I believe about relationships. Here's what I believe about money. Here's what I believe about all these things. And you write it all out and then I have them look at that and say, is that what you believe? Or is that what somebody else in your life believes? Because now you're becoming more aware of like, actually, I don't believe that my mom does.

I don't believe that my dad does my best friend does. Okay. Now we recognize that. So now on the next worksheet, I want you to go down and ask yourself, what do you actually believe about all these same areas? And now we're going to. Reestablish these belief systems so that they're in alignment with yourself.

So you do that. You do. And I mean, this is your thoughts, your stories in your beliefs. The other thing too, though, naturally the fastest way you can raise your vibration. And I mean, again, back to the science on an energetic level is in nature. And the crazy thing is like, it frustrates me when people just take for granted nature and everything that we have, because it's our source, not just for oxygen.

It's how we get our fresh oxygen to keep living and breathing healthy air. But also because nature is naturally high vibration and it creates balance. It's very cleansing, which is why normally if you're having a bad day, if you just get outside or people talk about how they have to go, like take a drive.

If you just get outside, normally it'll help lift your energy. Because you're in a different vibration, like there's so many things that you can do naturally just change your environment. So here's the other thing too, with the science behind it and to quote Joe Dispenza again, he has the saying of, I don't remember the exact words of it, but I think it's neurons that fire together wire together.

And basically what it is is that your brain is a bunch of wiring that has been created over repetition. So you have these neurons that fire off in your brain. They start to become hardwired in your brain when they're repeated over and over and over again. So to put this into real life terms, if you have a thought and belief.

I'm I'm just going to use, I am not enough because this is something in multiple forms everybody has, whether it's not pretty enough wealthy enough, skinny enough fit enough, healthy, whatever. Everybody has some form of this. So if you have this thought, the initial spark of the thought, I am not enough, creates a fire in your brain.

So it fires off a neuron of our thought, I am not enough. You do it once. It's not a big deal. The way our brain works, because it's smart is when you do stuff like this repeatedly over time, it takes that as a sign of, wow, this neuron continues to be fired over and over and over again. Therefore it must be important.

Therefore, we need to hard wire this into the system so that it stays concrete. And so that this brain remembers this. So every experience that you have had. That really validates that you are not enough every time you tell yourself the same story, every time you're in an environment, every time a memory pops up that recreates that thought of I am not enough.

It further hard wires, the signaling in your brain for that belief system. Now, to getting more into the science of that, when you have that belief system, your brain creates a physiological response in your body to match that. So let's think about this. Let's say you have a thought pattern of, I am fat. I am fat.

I am ugly. I am not pretty. I am whatever. And you've repeated this for years. Again, none of this is conscious. You're not doing this, like realizing you're doing it. Most of it is going on, on autopilot in the back of you. So you've repeated this over and over or what I hear, especially in the fitness industry of like, I just have bad genes.

I know my body type sucks. Yeah. It's really hard for me to lose weight. It's really hard for me to put on muscle after 30, your metabolism slows down, like all these things, I hear them over and over and over again. And I always ask, is that what you want to believe? Is that what you want to happen? And people will know, but that's just the way it is.

No, it's not. It is the way it is for you because you have hardwired that into your brain, that now your brain has created the physiological response that your genes probably have slowed down that your body said, okay, he or she says, it's really hard to put on muscle. Therefore let's slow down the rate of protein absorption in the body and let's slow down the muscle building process so that it reflects the hard wiring in our brain to further reinforce this, that it is really hard to put in, put on muscle.

I know this sounds insane, especially if this is new to you, but this is literally what happens. And I mean, this is, this is with everything like, oh, I get sick really easily. Your brain goes, okay, they've said this for 20 years, the second the flu comes out or it's cold season, guess what? Your body's probably going to get sick because your immune system's like, well, this is our hard wiring.

So therefore this is what we're going to do and how we're going to respond. So think of all these things in your life that you've been stuck in, or that you've been repeating over and over and over that now are creating a physiological response in your body and take into consideration all the stuff I shared with you about your environment.

And you're probably going to see a lot of clues to why your life is the way that it is. So the way that you change this. Is obviously the way we explained if all of this starts, you've hard wiring your environment in your thoughts, reverse psychology, do the opposite. And it's really awkward. And it's really hard for people in the beginning, especially when they're doing a lot of rewiring and they're practicing, being aware because it feels like a lie.

It doesn't feel right. It feels like they're telling themselves some weird story. That's never going to happen, except for what you don't understand is you've been telling yourself a story already. It's just, now you're learning how to tell yourself the story that you want and then create the environment that you want.

That is going to foster that story. So you have to practice being super present. So how you do this in real life, let's say, let's say you are recently heartbroken. So you've established the belief of, I don't deserve love. Nobody loves me because of heartbreak. You walk around, you're carrying around low vibration energy of heartbreak.

Now you have a thought of like, God, I'm just I'm alone. Nobody loves me. I'm alone. Nobody loves me. I'm alone. And nobody loves me. Nobody wants to be near me. Now, my body's responding that way. Now. I'm not even going to bother putting myself together. I'm not even gonna put myself out there. I don't get it.

Why is nobody asking me out on a date? And like, that sounds humorous because it's because I'm trying to make a point, but it's like, what do you mean? Why is nobody asking you out on a date? Because you walk around acting like you don't deserve a date. And because you're carrying around the vibration of somebody who's depressed and heartbroken.

So what do you want to do about that? So the way you change that is you change your own energy. You start to change your thoughts, be like. I think I'm pretty awesome. I think I do deserve love. I think I have a lot to offer somebody. I'm actually a really solid human being. Actually I contribute a lot to people's lives and anybody would be lucky to have me in their life.

I am so excited to get in a relationship. I'm so excited to meet the right person. Then now you're telling yourself these thoughts. You now raise your vibrational energy. You keep doing this over and over and over again. Eventually that's going to get hardwired. Now you're showing up as a totally different person in your everyday life.

What do you think's gonna happen? People are gonna want to be around you. Who match that vibration. If you are vibrating at the level of heartbreak, you cannot attract somebody who is vibrating at the level of love. And this isn't about law of attraction. This is just think of it like insect. If you want love, but you sprayed heartbreak on you.

What's going to happen when somebody is like high vibration and full of love. They're going to get around you and be like, Ooh, God, their energy is kind of heavy. I don't really want to be around that. It doesn't mean there's anything wrong with heartbreak. It doesn't mean there's anything wrong with it.

It's just recognizing your own energy shifts. So what I had told one of my clients on the calls this week, cause we're really working on a lot of just mindset shifts with this person. I said, you literally have to be so present in your life and pay attention to the thoughts that are happening. That when a thought comes up, now that you're becoming aware of your thought that you've had repeatedly over the years, that you want to change.

See it, the second you see it just kind of, I mean, it's all right. If you feel weird doing this, but to yourself, just kind of be like, oh Nope, I see that. But actually I'm telling myself a new story. Here's the new story. And it's really hard in the beginning because it's so hard wired in you. But over time, when you repeat the new thoughts and the new beliefs, it recreates hard wiring that now aligned with these thoughts and beliefs, which is then going to create the physiological response inside of you.

And now your job is to find the environment that aligns with that. How do you find the environment that aligns with that? You know, this is the stuff that's really simple, but people don't want to do, if you have a lot of negative friends, if you have friends that aren't high vibration, they don't support your growth, they don't motivate you.

They don't raise you up, make some new friends. I mean, it's that simple. Otherwise then, I mean, you're just going to have to figure it out because I can't help you. If you don't want to make the change, I can't help you. If you want to get in better shape. Go join a gym or find a coach. That's going to push you and help you get in better shape.

Do not go to somewhere like planet fitness, where nobody cares about working out. And it's more just a social club go somewhere where people are going to actually inspire you and challenge you and go get in shape. You want to make more money hanging out with people that are a little wealthier than you start talking to them about how do I make more money?

What did you do to make more money? I would like to raise my income level. Can you give me some tips and advice? Because now you're talking about a higher vibration money. Now you're surrounding yourself with higher vibration money. Now you're creating new thoughts and beliefs around higher vibration, but you got to do that, go out and be in nature.

Meditate, get a coach. I'll be your coach. You need to change your environment though. Nobody else can do that for you, but it all starts with your internal environment, even on a physical health level. All right. So here's something I want you to think about. In the creation of your human body. I'm talking to everything, blood cells, organs, lungs, breath, heartbeat, digestion, every single thing in your body.

How much did you participate in creating that and making sure that it was manufactured properly? None. How much effort do you put into making sure on a daily basis, every inhale and exhale is happening correctly. Every pump of your heart is releasing and taking in the right amount of blood. Every organ is up to speed.

It's working like a well oiled machine. The food is getting to digested and absorbed how much are you doing that? You're not because it's not your job. And, um, my point in this is I'll get to it in a second, but you unknowingly surrender every day to the incredible energy that already exists inside of your body and the environment in it to do its job at its best to keep you alive, because you are an energetic being right when it comes to health, though.

And I know we started this on the science of mindset, but all this goes together, guys, your job for your life, doesn't just mean creating an environment outside of you and in your mind for optimal things. But it's also to create an environment for your body to thrive at its absolute best. Get plenty of water.

Get plenty of fresh, natural food. Get plenty of sleep. You can thrive and have optimal health and be in the best shape if you give your body the environment to do so when you don't do this again, we've talked about how the science works with the energy in the cells and the environment that you place it in.

What happens when you give your body a toxic environment and a toxic environment means smoking, drugs, uh, overindulgence of alcohol, tons of processed, greasy food. You are destroying the environment that your body needs. So what happens when you do this? Well, you get sick. You're ran down now, your organs aren't functioning the way that they should.

Now, you probably feel lethargic. Your body's now holding on to all that extra energy, because it doesn't have the fuel that it actually needs to help you thrive. Maybe you start to get colds more often. Maybe you start to develop other ailments. It starts to respond this way because it's not getting what it needs mentally, physically, and emotionally.

And there's a whole other podcast and I'm not going to get into on this one about how I explained to you the way your body stores and processes, emotions, and that when you don't process emotions again, another energetic source that it creates blocks in your body. In order to unblock the body, you have to give it a healthy environment by healing, your emotions, feeling them, giving them an energetic outlet.

However you need to do that. And then giving it the food and the exercise that it needs. So our job is to take care and protect this environment. So natural medicine believes that when the body is out of alignment, there is a cause that creates the misalignment in traditional medicine. When there's something out of alignment, what happens?

They treat the symptom. Every single traditional doctor out there will treat symptoms and not a cause. And even before I knew anything about mindset and energies and vibrations and all that, this never made sense to me. I remember going to the doctor as a kid and I don't know what the problem was, but whatever it was, they gave me some medicine for it.

And I was like, okay. So is this going to fix the problem? And they're like, well, it's going to help you feel better. Well, I don't want to just feel better. Like I want to know why this even happened to begin with, how do I fix this traditional doctors don't know instead, they'll give you a drug or a prescription to fix the symptom, but to not actually fix the cause.

And I want to just clarify, there is nothing wrong with temporarily needing to use certain prescription drugs or traditional doctors on the journey to a more holistic approach to solving a problem. But what happens. And I try to tell people this all the time, your body is self healing. My point describing everything of how much you participated in the beginning of your body being created is because as adults, you have a problem, your job is to give your body the environment it needs to heal itself.

And I already explained how you do that. Natural foods, exercise, water, sleep, all these things, being in a healthy environment, get out in nature, get sunshine, take your vitamins, whatever. What happens though, as adults, we don't want to make those big changes mentally, physically, and emotionally. So we take a drug and here's what happens to your body.

When you do this, the drug replaces what your body's natural job is. So let's talk about hormones. A lot of people take hormone replacement therapy, even birth control. I was on birth control in my early twenties. And I got off of it really quick because I did not like the idea of putting something synthetic in my body that was replacing what my body should be doing naturally, because what happens is when you do this, your body will stop doing what it's supposed to do, basically, because it's like, oh, you got that.

Why do you need me? So I'm just going to stop hormonal production altogether because you've got whatever this synthetic thing is that you're giving me right here. So I guess my job done, I guess I got fired. So it stops producing this over time. The more you're on whatever drug or prescription, the more you're going to need to get.

So let's say you start off and I don't know, this is all hypothetical. I don't know. Anybody's medicine. I don't know dosages or anything like that, but it's, let's say it starts off at a one. Oh, here. Just all you need is 1%. This is fine. This'll help you. All right. So now the drugs doing 1%, the body let's say cuts it down to like 90%.

Well now, because the body is choosing, like I'm not going to work. If you've got something else that's taking my spot as time goes on, you're going to have to up your medicine because your body's now not producing any of it. So the longer you're on it, the more you're going to have to take, because you have inhibited your body's ability to correct the imbalance.

This is not something that's easy to do, but if you do go to somebody who does like a holistic holistic approach to your health, your wellness, your fitness, and everything, things as simple as hormonal imbalances are usually resulting from issues with the liver, not detoxing properly. Issues with the gut, not having a good environment to be able to flush out those things.

And I'm sure it has a lot to do with your nutrition and exercise and all these things as well, but it is a very complex approach. So your body is the same thing as everything else that I have described. And here's the thing, like I realize this is a lot and this is very like, oh my God. Like my whole life is a rack.

Like I got to change all of this, but take it from the position in the mindset of how empowering this is, because you realize like, all right, so I want to heal my body. I don't want to just fix a symptom. So let's think about this. If every result has a cause then the only reason my body is responding this way is because something is causing it.

So instead of fixing the symptom. Let me shift my energy to fix the cause. So let's work backwards. All right. So your hormones are out of balance. Let's check your liver. Is your liver detoxing. What about your adrenal glands? Are they flushing things out properly and balancing your cortisol levels? How often are you exercising?

What are you eating for? Nutrition? Are you eating too much sugar that causes insulin spikes and then throws your hormones off? What about your gut health? Everything starts in your gut, your immune system, how much you can absorb the nutrition that you are eating. If your gut health is off, then your internal environment needs to be cleaned out to create the right environment so that everything that goes through your gut cleans out your entire system properly.

Every organ is functioning properly and your hormones will naturally balance itself. And another example of this is I had so. For years, I had bad allergies and nobody could figure out why, especially as a kid, like I would break out in hives and they couldn't figure out what was causing it. And then I would get cold sores and then I would get runny noses.

And over the years it just got worse and worse. And so I guess it's been a few months ago after going to multiple traditional doctors and talking to them about, they're still like, oh, you have a food allergy to this. You have an allergy to dust. Do you have an allergy to pollen, and you live in Florida, maybe it's pets.

Maybe you're just have sensitive skin. So the solution, all these doctors give me is to go get five years with the allergy shots or to take a Claritin every single day or Zyrtec every single day. That doesn't really seem like a solution to me. I'm not taking medicine every single day for the rest of my life.

Like that doesn't make any sense. So instead I started working with a naturopath and I went into her and I told her, I said, Hey, I want to know. I'll do whatever it takes for the most optimal result for my long-term health. I don't care if I gotta like stop eating certain things or whatever, and there's nothing severe that was going on, but I understand the way the body works.

I want to give my body the best environment internally and externally. So let me know what I need to do. Well, long story short, what ended up happening was the reason my allergies were so bad was because at some point when I was a kid, I got a really bad viral infection. I don't remember if she told me what it was and I don't really remember.

It's irrelevant, but basically the way my body responded to protect the rest of me from this viral infection at a very young age as a kid, was it created a very thick lining throughout my gut in my intestines. And the reason it did this was so the virus did not leak into the rest of my body. So my body's trying to keep me healthy.

So it did a great job. But the problem is when I was a kid doctors put me on antibiotics, which destroys basically all of your gut health. So in a natural environment, what would have happened? Had I not gone on antibiotics because my body would have put that lining up to protect itself. And then eventually it would have just flushed it out.

Once the virus was out of my system and it would have gone back to normal, but it didn't. So over the last 20 something years, my gut and my intestines, and I mean, we're just getting personal y'all, but I hope this helps you. My God, my intestines has built up more and more of a lining because it never got the chance to properly heal.

But because of that, because that lining got so thick out of protection, It started holding on to a lot of things that it should have been able to just flush out naturally. So yeah, every food I was eating was causing me an allergic reaction. Every environment I was in was making me sneeze and giving me hives and I was itching and throwing all kinds of stuff out of balance because the normal process is when you have some sort of allergy response or a histamine response in the body, the body takes it in, runs it through your stomach and your gut.

If it's foreign and shouldn't be in there, then you pee it out. Or you have bowel movements that go out. However, if not, it tries to come out. So you have other things, you have your sinuses. This is why people get congested too. When you get congestion in your sinuses, it's because your detox pathways are blocked.

So your detox pathways, again, urine bowel movements, all of that. So long story short. I now no longer have problems with allergies because we gave it a better environment. We gave it the best healthy environment, and now my body is healing and it's totally fine, but this is how you have to approach not just your health.

This is how you have to approach your mindset, everything in your life. If you have something that has a result or an outcome that you are not satisfied with, work your way backwards and ask yourself what could possibly be the cause. Is it my thoughts that are hardwired in my brain, creating the physical physiological response that now is dictating my behavior and now is how I choose to show up in the world.

And now is dictating the environment that I choose to be in. If so, reverse all of that and do the opposite. A great book, if you are brand new to this type of stuff. And one of the first books I ever read back in, I don't know. I think I was like 19 or 20 is it's the power of your subconscious mind. And it talks about this, not so much on, I mean yes, on the science level, but more so on.

Just understanding what I'm talking about with your thoughts and belief systems. It's by a guy named Joseph Murphy has written back, I think in 1960. So super old school. It's also, I mean, it's pretty biblically based, which I don't follow any kind of organized religion. So if you just keep an open mind and look at the principles behind it, it's going to be really beneficial, but it's really like one of the first initial books that came out about teaching people about how our subconscious mind is the pilot in our lives, our conscious minds.

So we're in, we're awake in our day to day activities. That's the part of us that just takes care of us. It does like the things that you can just go through the motions. It's not a big deal. Run your errands, start your car, take a shower, all of that. But that the subconscious mind, which is what we're talking about here is what creates your entire world and your entire environment in order to change all that, you have to do this work and really take the time to access that.

Everything now, the most important thing I want you to take away from this is understanding that awareness is going to be your most powerful thing in this life, awareness of yourself, awareness of how you feel around different people in different environments. And then with that awareness, making the choices to move in the direction that you actually want.

And I would challenge you to play around with this, play around with it, by checking in with yourself. First of like, all right, how do I feel? Right. Do I feel pretty good. Do you feel fantastic because you're listening to this podcast and I'm talking to you cause that's great, but no, seriously. How do I feel right now?

Okay. I feel awesome. That's a really good, you're going to start your day. You get a little pep in your step. Throughout the day, pay attention to when your energy changes and ask yourself what just happened. Was it somebody I talked to? Was it a conversation I had? Was it something I watched on social media or on TV?

Was it a book that I read? Was it somebody that I was around? Was it me? Was it a conversation that I was having with myself internally? Because you will be very surprised at how many energy shifts you go through throughout your day. Also, I would encourage you to do this with your food, your food and your workouts.

And I make, when people work with me, I have them keep a food and workout journal. At least for the beginning, because I want them to start to realize this, like, all right. Where was your mind at? How did you feel before you did your workout? Bear just sneezed. If you guys heard that it was really cute, but how did you feel before you started your workout, the environment that you were in with your workout and then when you finished, because all of that is so important and what's happening is people are starting to realize one group fitness is great.

Group fitness classes, I think are fantastic and are perfect for a lot of people, but it's funny. People start spending more time alone. They start to become more aware of their own energy. And all of a sudden they kind of like working out by themselves a little bit more. It feels better. Why? Because you're in your own energy.

You're not having to worry about anybody else, but also nobody else is really rubbing off on you. It doesn't mean you have to be a loner. It's just really paying attention, but so pay attention to that. How do I feel in this gym as opposed to another gym, the foods you eat? How do I feel when I eat some fruit and vegetables?

How do I actually feel when I consume the double cheeseburger with bacon and fries and everything I can possibly think of, one is probably gonna make you feel light and energized, and one's probably gonna make you feel heavy and lethargic, everything, everything. I can't say it enough, everything is an energy.

And the most important thing is that you trust your own energy. And when something feels off you trust that when something feels on and something feels good and something feels right and light and high vibration, and like your own cells feel really good and are responding. Then you listen to that and follow that.

But again, shout out to my brother, Michael, I think the greatest thing that I am truly grateful for with him and our friendship and our relationship. Is when I was younger. One of the things I struggled with the most is I've always been highly intuitive and highly sensitive, just always, except I doubted it all the time.

I would second. Guess what I got? I second, guess how I fell? I would get confused and I always doubted it and I'm very grateful to him because he has helped me foster the trust in my own energetic fields that have really allowed me to become more aware, more confident, and to do exactly what I'm doing right now.

But it's the same thing for you. Like 99% of the time, your own energy is going to be your gauge. And when you go in different environments, you just have to trust the shifts, move in the direction of the shifts that you want to feel and move away from them. You are not obligated to stay in an environment, a conversation or around people or anything that makes you feel like crap.

You are not obligated to tough that out. You do not have to, you can, you know, text your friend and be like, Hey, I need you to do that emergency call. Like you need me right now because I need to leave. All right. This is a long freaking podcast episode, but I really wanted to just kind of dive into that to give you a better understanding.

So that way you realize you truly do have the power to change anything in your life right now that you are not happy with physically, financially, relationally. Anything. If you will do this work, spend the time with yourself to get more aware and really pay attention to your thoughts and beliefs and creating the environment that you want for yourself.

All right. Thank you so much for spending this hour with me. I love it. I love being a nerd with you guys. If you're listening, you must be a nerd too. Otherwise you would have stopped listening a long time ago. If you would like to work with me as your mindset coach, like I said, head on over to AshleyDrummonds.Com and you will see exactly how you can do that, but otherwise have a fantastic day.

Be sure to subscribe, like share comment, review all that good stuff. And I will see you in next week's episode.

Here's to Creating a Body & Life You Love,

Ashley Drummonds

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