Do You Need a Life Coach?

Oct 27, 2021

Is what you need really another workout program, another diet, a new book, a new job, new friends, new relationship, a new business/career coach, or a new therapist?


Maybe what you really need is a Life Coach to help you create a new mindset?

I am Ashley Drummonds and in order to tell you why you can trust me here's a little about my story...which will help you understand how I can help you. My 20's were mostly a deep dive into the school of life and the process of self-discovery. When I was 21, I went through a horrible divorce, lost pretty much all my money, my friends, my home, and had hit rock bottom thinking my life was totally over. I mean I had pretty much nailed it with just knocking out the to-do list of "let's just totally f*** up every area of my life right into my 20's and get it over with" because I already feel like I'm not enough so now these events kind of validate that.

I struggled A LOT with low self esteem, no confidence, body image issues, and eventually anxiety & panic attacks just feeling like I was never good enough. Around 22, because I was having a hard time getting out of this dark "hole" I was in, I left everything (my family, my home, my friends) and I literally moved to an area where I knew no one, rented a bedroom from two girls I met on craiglist, just to disappear and start over for a while thinking that was the "right" answer.

Well, that plan failed really quickly because I felt lonely, depressed, and even more lost. I was slowly running out of money and couldn't even get hired at the local Olive Garden. I truly felt like my chance at love, success and happiness was over before it had even started.

I was bored out of my mind, uninspired and unmotivated with so much time on my hands that the only thing I knew to stay busy was to research youtube videos of workouts and then go to the gym every day and do them. Because I had nothing else to do, I started making it my daily routine to go to the gym every day and lift weights for at least 45 minutes because it got me out of the house, got me around other people, and gave me a hobby. Then something started to happen...

The more I showed up and lifted weights, the more I noticed I didn't just feel physically stronger, but I started to feel mentally stronger one day at a time. 

This got me curious as to what was going on to cause this and I became obsessed learning anything and everything about the mind, our thoughts, what physical exercise does for the brain, and even was able to help relieve some of my anxiety because I now understand the science and the emotions behind what caused anxiety and panic attacks.

I was hooked! Every day I would go to the gym and lift, then come home and just immerse myself into books like the Power of the Subconscious Mind, Thoughts Become Things, Law of Attraction, Millionaire Mindset, and more! I was going through my own personal life transformation that all started with me going to the gym and simply lifting weights.

After a couple months of learning everything I could get my hands on and seeing my own life change to where all of a sudden I had more peace of mind and less anxiety, I felt more confident and less self conscious, I started feeling more physically strong and more balanced with my body, I started getting more clarity and direction in my career…. my whole mindset and overall self esteem was changing dramatically and I started to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Because I was having such an incredible transformation, I had my “AHA” moment and decided then that I wanted to share everything I was learning with others and I became a NASM Certified Personal Trainer.


After doing this for about 3 years and helped hundreds of men and women create the body they want, I started getting that itch to challenge myself and see what else I was capable of, but also wanting to help people on a larger scale...

One day, I was writing in my journal and had the thought "I wonder if I can take the same mindset tools I used to transform my fitness and personal life and apply it to others areas and take my business and life to the next level..."

Every morning I woke up and wrote out my goals, I visualized my dream of starting a product line in the health and wellness space that would help people all over the world, I used techniques like positive thinking, cognitive reprogramming and intentional goal setting that I had used to overcome anxiety, abuse, and that feeling “lost”, convinced that I had an idea somewhere inside of me that could really change people's lives on a global scale.

After doing this every day for about two weeks, one day it happened...I had a light bulb moment. I was getting ready to train my first morning personal training client and was making my daily breakfast of a stack of high protein, low carb pancakes with coffee that I had eaten for years to hit my nutrition while eating my favorite breakfast foods and immediately stopped and thought "Wait a minute...I wonder if I could take this protein pancake recipe and turn it into an actual product that helped people like me who loved things like pancakes & waffles easily stick to their nutrition without having to diet"...

I knew I was on to something and I got to work researching and doing everything I could figuring out how to start my own nutrition food product line. I found that the focus, discipline, and mindset tools I had practice to get me through all those life changes in my early 20’s and had been using in my workouts at the gym were helping me stay focused and disciplined with this new idea!

Well, long story short I worked my butt off for a solid year and hit my goal...that protein pancake recipe I was eating every day to hit my nutrition goals was helping people all over the world hit theirs and had turned into a globally recognized brand with a big debut that I landed on the hit show Shark Tank and is the brand now known as ABS Protein Pancakes.

Since then, I figured out the "secret" to literally creating anything I wanted in life by just applying the same focus, discipline, visualization and mindset that I used in my personal life, my workouts and own experience with anything I applied my mind to.

A couple years later, I applied myself with the same techniques with my workouts and mindset and again to see what else I was capable of and became a regular on TV as a Fitness & Health Expert, a contributor to multiple national magazines, a Podcast Host, and a Motivational Speaker to help share all these tools to help others learn how they too can use the exact same mindset tools to help transform their life.

With everything that I have learned (and continue to learn), I now truly have a passion for sharing the power of your mindset, your workouts and nutrition, fitness that has helped me not just transform my body, but truly change my life giving me the confidence and belief in myself to accomplish everything I have done (and will continue to do) and I want to share all of this with YOU.

There are a lot of ups and downs on this journey when you sign up to grow and live the life you came here to live and I will be honest and tell you it's not always easy, but it is worth it because the alternative is to settle for less than what you want and less than what you know you deserve...and that's soul crushing.

The truth is that anything is possible. You can do anything you want to do and can become everything you want to be....sometimes though we get in our own way with limiting beliefs, thoughts, patterns, self doubt, and self sabotage and we end up "stuck". 

I'm glad you're here because it means you are looking for ways to really grow and unlock your full potential and I believe I can help. I share my story on here and on my podcast with full transparency because I have been exactly where you are and I want to share the tools I have learned to help me get to where I am so you too can be everything you want to be...strong, confident, motivated, inspired and unstoppable.


The truth is this…


If you have tried every diet and workout program out there…


Tried books,  tried trainers, tried therapists…


Tried changing jobs, changing relationships, tried changing everything….


And you still find yourself feeling the same, stuck in the same cycle, still searching….


It’s because you won’t find what you’re looking for by doing any of that. I know that and can say that with confidence because I did it too and it left me repeating the same frustrating patterns…

Because what’s really causing the frustrating patterns, plateaus and cycles you continue to experience starts in your mind with your own thoughts, your own beliefs, your own mindset programming, and your own limitations.

Once you discover the mindset that is holding you back and keeping you from hitting your goals and having the life you want, you will become inspired, unstoppable, and unlock your full potential. I am living proof, and so are all of my clients, of the power behind the right mindset and I want to help you.

The main areas I LOVE helping people as a Fitness & Life Coach to help you breakthrough mental patterns, limits and plateaus are the following:

  • Weight Loss
  • Career Transitions
  • Business & Entrepreneurship
  • Relationships
  • Nutrition
  • Anxiety

If you are ready to break through your plateaus, patterns, and limiting cycles to become everything you know you can and want to become then I would love to work with you as your Life Coach to help share with you the exact tools I have used and continue to use so that you too can have the body and life you have always wanted.

Schedule a consultation with me here to learn more about working with me as your Life Coach!

I can’t wait for you to see everything you are capable of!

Ashley Drummonds

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