Dear Universe, Did our call get dropped?

mindset Jun 20, 2021


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Hello you guys, you are listening to the Phoenix Rising podcast. I am Ashley Drummonds and we are about to talk about things to help you get deep, connect deeper to yourself and really just figure out what the heck is going on in your life so that you can take back your power and really become everything that you want to become. 

Real quick I wanted to answer some questions that I got about the Phoenix Rising coaching program. So a few people reached down on Instagram and then I got a couple of emails. I am glad everybody that has gone to the website and gotten the free mindset videos and free workout are loving it. I am so happy to hear that it is opening up your mind. That makes me so happy. That is my intention. And to answer some of the questions since these were coming up multiple times of explaining what exactly the Phoenix Rising coaching program is. So to put it shortly, it's really just a monthly workout and mindset coaching program. So what happens is you sign up you'll then be able to download an app on your phone and immediately you'll have access to your dashboard where every single month I will create your workout program to help really boost your fat loss, build strength, conditioning, all with a pair of dumbbells. So it's the exact same workouts that I do. But it'll get uploaded into your dashboard. You'll log in and immediately you will see your workout calendar, the whole plan, your nutrition and meal plan and you have full workout videos, where all you got to do on your app, you can go to the gym, you can do it at home or anywhere, you press play and I will walk you through start all the way to finish. Doing the work out with you, coaching you and guiding you like your personal trainer. So that's what that is, you also get a monthly mindset coaching video which is kind of like the stuff you listen to on this podcast just in much more depth obviously. To help you really work on the mindset component and not just do a work out and then be done with it and start another program, but to actually transform your life so you can make it a lifestyle. So that is the Phoenix Rising coaching program, I'm loving it, I have people who are only 2-3 weeks in that are already losing weight, seeing their body get stronger and getting results already both mentally and physically. You can see that at and now, were going to ask Dear Universe. Did we get disconnected? Do we have bad service? What is going on?

Alright I'm not going to lie, I recorded a whole podcast episode and then I deleted it because I realized, man, I was going off on some rabbit trails and if I would have gave you guys that podcast episode you'd've been totally lost because I was talking about lucid dreaming and the collective energies and our soul's evolution, and I'm still gonna talk about a lot of that but I just got to about 30 minutes in and I was like "Oh man I feel like this is probably way too much for one episode". So, we just start it all over. And here we are again and we're going to talk about exactly what the topic is of "Did your call get disconnected with the universe?". You know, when you're talking on the phone and you're like pouring your heart or you're telling a really good story and you're really making a good point and then it's just silent and you are like "Hello? Can you still hear me? Is it my side? I can hear you but can you hear me? I don't know what's happening". Has this ever happened to you with the universe? Or with God? Whatever you would like to use for the name. If so, you are not alone because this is the theme that has been going on, not just for me, but I have heard this in everybody's life, of what has happened over the last 3-4 years that it feels like no matter what I do I keep staying exactly where I am. 

Now, just to preface, this is not the same thing as the conversation we had last week of how to get from where you are to where you want to be using stillness. That's a little bit different. This is more about if you have an understanding of manifestation, law of attraction, visualization type things. This is going to make a lot more sense if you're wondering why in the world did I used to be able to set a goal and then BOOM, I hit it and now I set a goal and it feels like it's not making any sense why it's not just happening or it feels like somebody just totally like wiped your brain out and you cant think straight or come up with any reasonable way to execute some sort of strategy. So it's kind of the same thing. So, first off, lets talk a little bit again about law of attraction. And the reason were going to talk about it is because I do want to just kind of share with what I think is happening and why it does sometimes feel like you're call gets disconnected. And you are just sitting around talking with nobody on the other end of the receiver. 

So what used to happen? At least in my experience and the experience of others I have talked to who are nerds about personal development, subconscious mind and all these things like I am. You used to be able to cut a picture out, put it on a vision board. Look at it a few times a day, visualize meditation, set the intention. It seemed as if you could it instantaneously within a very short period of time manifest that, and here's an example for you, if you've no idea what I'm talk about. Lets say you are looking to get a job doing something you really love in a certain city. You're not really putting a whole lot of effort to look for this, you start talking to a few people about it. Maybe you did like one or two job searches, but you're not stressing about this or consumed by it. And then boom a few days later, wouldn't you know it, somebody who you don't even know crosses your path, you're at a coffee shop. You're talking, they ask what you do for work, and then all the sudden "Oh my God, actually, I'm looking to hire somebody, just like you". BOOM. How synchronistic. I've been wanting a job, just like the one you're offering, okay? And you're like, wow, it was just like magic, how did this even happen? It was so serendipitous. That's kind of law of attraction. And that's how it used to be that easy. Now, people who know this and have used the Law of Attraction for a very long time. And by the way you've been using it without even knowing you're using it or not. It's not like something you have to sign up for or a subscription, you're doing it whether you understand how you're doing it or not.

So now, the rules have changed or at least this is my perspective of it, take it or leave it if you think I'm totally wrong. But here's what I'm going to say. Do you feel like you've been dealing with some of the same problems, personally, for a while? Meaning, I don't know, a year, 2 years, 3 years, like its kind of like that feeling of "Is this just something I'm going to have to deal with?. Like, what is my problem? What is going on?". You find yourself asking that? This might kind of be where all this is coming from because I don't think that it is as easy as it used to be any more because I think the rules have changed and here's how I think the rules have changed. Now, this is the part where you going to have to keep an open mind and I am going to do my best to not go off on a tangent like I did the first time I recorded this podcast episode. So I think the rules have changed because we used to be able to manifest crap that doesn't really matter or that we don't actually want. You want a job. Boom, here's a job. You want to make 30 grand? Boom. Here's 30 Grand. You want a boyfriend or girlfriend? Here you go. Here's some money for you to live life with. You want a new house. Here is a new house. OK. So this is what happened because this is what we do. We manifest what we think we want when in reality, That's not it at all. We want the emotional fulfilment that we get from that thing that we think is going to bring it. So we've been doing this for a very long time, just manifesting left and right. I got my new car, got my boyfriend or girlfriend. Got this new house, got this job and then Covid happened. What happened with Covid? Everybody was forced to remove all of the distractions from their life to isolate and take a real good hard look at their life. And you know what happened? A lot of people realize everything that they have in life isn't actually what matters to them at all. And they're saying things like "Man, I'm just tired. I'm tired. I'm burned out. I feel like its time for me to do work that actually matters. I feel like its time for me to be in a relationship with somebody that I actually have a deep soul connection with. I feel like its time for me to reprioritize the things that make me happy instead of just filling my time". Because we are all seeing these things. So, the whole way we used to manifest doesn't work any more, because now were actually putting thought into what were doing now. Now we're not just blindly applying for things, we're not just blindly on dating apps searching for just anybody, we're not just blindly looking for a house. Now, we have this context of "Alright, I actually know what my soul wants and I know how I want to feel. So now, I'm putting serious intention and direction behind that because no longer can I continue to live my life the way I've been living it because now I can't unsee what I now see". 

So the disconnect you might feel from the universe, is not actually a disconnect. It's a disconnect from your prior self and now you're trying to figure out, how do I move forward in my life without really manifesting crap that doesn't matter? And only focusing on the things that do matter. So, here's the good news. Like I said you're call did not get disconnected or your prayers are not going unheard you are not in a dark void of life and just like all alone in this crazy world to try and figure it out. And I know this because now you get to be more open-minded and stick with me through this. I know this because any time that I feel off or anytime I'm, I guess you could say, out of flow with myself, out of sync, and I'm just totally like, not living from my heart and not living from my soul and intuition. When I'm not trusting and living life based on my own internal guidance, I stopped seeing synchronicities or I'm like a lucid dreamer. So I lucid dream about people all the time. 90% of the time I don't tell people about it because it freaks people out. But if I stop having lucid dreams then I know I'm really disconnected from myself because the lucid dream comes from soul connection. On top of that, I stopped seeing signs and like weird number patterns where you're like thinking about a song and then you walk in the store and you hear that song playing. So all of these things are just signals and signs. Letting you know, you are connected to your soul. You are connected to your internal GPS. So if these things are happening to you the good news is don't worry. You're on the right path. It's totally fine. If they're not happening to you still don't worry. It just means that you need to get reconnected to yourself. 

So these things are happening. They're still happening to me, actually, here's a story. So this is really weird. I had a lucid dream last night about this girl that I went to high school with and we weren't even close. We were in the same class but we weren't close friends or anything like that. I haven't thought of her or seen her in like 20 years. So I have this dream about this girl last night that's very vivid and I'm super conscious and aware of it and I'm asking in the dream, why am I dreaming about you? So, I let it go and this morning I wake up and I go on Facebook. Facebook sends me a notification of "Hey, Ashley, you have memories with so-and-so today", The exact person that I had a lucid dream about weird stuff like that. Or, I have lucid dreams about people with very detailed information that I have no way of knowing from them because I don't know them that way. So, when these things are happening, I know like, all right. I know I'm connected to myself. I know I'm connected and on the right path. It's just the external world's a little bit different. So for you, the way you get this kind of connection is one listening to your intuition, which there's multiple podcast I have done on that on how to connect your intuition. Two, really spending time with yourself to even know what that sounds like. And three, running everything through your own filter. So when something comes up an opportunity, a person a place, a thing, an experience. Run it through, literally check in with your mind "Let me check in with myself. Let me see, is this the right decision for me? How does this literally feel in my body". Does my body tense or does it feel like peace and happiness and like a good feeling and then trust that. So you do that.

So, as long as you have these things happening in your life, you can trust that you're on the right path. Now, I do think that a lot of people feel a little disconnected or lost, or frustrated and impatient with not making progress or forward movement in their life because I say this with so much compassion and in the nicest way possible. But I don't really know how else to say other than this. We are all in a line up. Walking to class in the same school and we've got some people at the end in the back of the line that are taking their sweet ass time holding the whole class up. That's the truth. Because we all are from the same place. So we're all on the same mission, we come from the same source. We don't all get to go to recess until the five people in the back that are taking their sweet ass time to get in line, get in line to go to recess, right? So as a collective, human species, soul beings, whatever you want to call us. We do not all get to move forward and progress and evolve as humans until slackers in the back of the line get their shit together. And by the slackers I'm talking about like the millions of people who are still discovering their own awareness. Until they get in line, does the entire class get to move forward. That doesn't mean you're going to be stuck here forever by any means but if you feel a little bit like instead of being on a full sprint or in a race car driving directly to your path. It feels more like you're driving through a hail storm or you're running through mud where you're moving, but you're not really moving much. It is okay, it is not your fault. Its all a matter of time. You will move forward with your life. You will get to the directions and the place that you want to be. You're not totally lost unless you are really lost, then resort back to podcast episode about intuition and guidance and all that. But eventually we all have to move forward. 

So I had somebody, this was interesting. I had a call this week with one of the clients that I'm coaching. I was talking about how. So two things, one, she was saying that she doesn't understand why people talk don't about things, meaning, we all feel weird and we all feel like there's something wrong with us or some part of ourselves that we cant show that would make us unlovable or unacceptable, or I don't know, whatever it is, undeserving of something, or like if everybody knew this part of me, then nobody would love me. I think stupid stuff like this all time. I'm like man, if people saw my weird quirks when I sleep, like I have a whole regiment when I sleep, I got an eye mask, I got ear plug, I got two fans on, I got the air on 68, I got like a whole process that I got to do. And now I laugh about it, but its like, eventually what I do move in with somebody and I'm back in a relationship and they see this part of me, they're going to think this girl is nuts. Like her sleep regimen is ridiculous. But I digress because on this call, one of my clients, we were just working through some mindset stuff and really practising self-love and connecting with yourself. Then she's talking about how she had different things that she was working through that makes her feel weird or embarrassed. And I immediately dissolve that and I was like "Hey, I have that to that happens to me too. She said she felt better just talking about it, but was feeling frustrated. She's like, why do people not talk about what is going on?". Normally the people who don't talk about what's really going on in their life or what they're struggling with or working through are the slackers in the back of the line that the rest of us are waiting for so we can all move forward together. So if you have somebody your life, maybe its just like struggling with some self-awareness or self responsibility, you have some options. You can either, one, help them by practising your own awareness so we can all move forward together or two, you can check out, disconnect and open up that space and allow that responsibility to fall on somebody else who isn't quite as burned out. And all I mean by that is you have to realize that we are kind of like players in a game. And when one person exits one situation, another person will come and fill that role for them. 

We get so caught up. I cant tell you how many times I've heard people be like "I know I need to do this but I don't want to hurt them and if I leave them, then who's going to help them?". Dear person. Trust me. If it's a narcissist, a narcissist will find somebody else to be a narcissist to. If it's an abusive person, an abuser will find somebody else to abuse. If it's a lazy person, they will find somebody else because once you exit one situation, you now become the player in a game in a new situation, and a new player arrives for your old situation. Like, that's really all were doing. Is we hold a vibration. We hold a certain theme, were constantly swapping out one level for another level and, you know what I'm going on this tangent because I actually had this whole conversation with somebody else. I think if we all learned how to play this game of life, and we realize we do these things when we push through like "Man I'm just going through a tough time if I can just get through this tough time", well the same analogy I used on this phone call with a friend. If you played Mario Kart, what happened when you made it past level 1? You made it to level 2. What happens in level 2? You got some other prize to win and you've got some other thing to conquer. You got some other bad guy that's going to try and knock you off your course. And you got to figure out how to save the princess from the castle and then you graduate number two. And then you get the number three, and the levels keep getting harder and harder, that does not mean that life keeps getting harder and harder. But if you can find some humor in realizing it's a game, we all end up in the same place. And that do matter what, there's really nothing that you're going to win at the end of it. Its not like you get some prize at the end of life for your adversity and, I don't know, like being a martyr, always putting others before yourself. You're not going to win a prize for that. Working the hardest and getting the least. You don't get a prize for that either. All you get is the opportunity to discover yourself. What makes you happy? What is your contribution to society? How are you making a positive impact? How are you expressing yourself in this world in a way that only you can do. And then at the end of it, great, good job. How was that game? Do you want to play again? Do you want to play that game of life again as a different character, as a different player and then express yourself in that way? What are you thinking? Was it fun? Or was it not fun? If it wasn't fun, do you want to try again and have more fun? 

I realize that this sounds crazy but this is really the mindset that whether its right or wrong. I could be totally wrong, and that's fine, but at least it gives you some perspective of like, why am I doing this to myself? Why do I stay in situations and relationships and jobs and things that literally crushed my soul? For what? What do you get out of it, nothing. So when you feel faced with a decision and again, going back to the moving forward, people struggling with moving forward, I've been on so many calls this week with people who are scared to be vulnerable. They're scared to say things that they really think and feel. They're scared to take a risk and try something new. They're scared that if they were truly themselves, they would lose friends, or they would lose their relationship or they would lose their job. And its like, I get it because I've been there. And I still it's a practice that I have to deal with all the time, where I always have to come back to my mindset in correcting it, but in reality, so what? Your option is to either live a life that fully inspires you and lights you up that if at the end of all of this, you look back and you do realize "Wow there really was nothing for me to gain or accomplishment. It really was just about me on a path of self-discovery. Expressing love, passion, intention, fulfilment, the gifts that I got in this life that other people didn't get, which is part of your passion and purpose. That's all it was about this whole time. You ever though about that? Everything that you're so deeply afraid of like, wouldn't you be more afraid if you realize that none of that was real and the only thing that was real in this whole life and that keeps you from moving forward. But that would actually move you forward was, if you got out of your head and started living from your heart and soul. Instead of overanalysing everything, instead of worrying about all the what-ifs. Instead of the fear of pain, fear of rejection, fear of loss, fear of running out of money, fear of not knowing what to do. Instead of all of that, I mean, how much fun do you want to have? 

So I have this conversation one time with this guy. I'm having a weird Deja Vu moment right now. If I've already told you guys this story, I'm sorry because I feel like I already told it, maybe that's just a past life coming back in. Anyways. So I had this conversation with a guy who we were business acquaintances and we run this video call. Were talking about business stuff and the nuances of running an online business and everything. When we get super deep, which is what I love to do with people. And I see a guitar in the background and I'm like "Oh, hey, you play guitar, I love music, tell me all about it", and we end up going for like a 30-minute conversation, to a 2-hour conversation because then we get into, life and spirituality and were talking about like things that matter and the things that don't matter. And he tells me he had a near-death experience. Of course, my emotional radar is going off like, "Oh my God, tell me all about it. Like what did you discover? I want to know the truth", and he had, I think he had a heart attack or stroke or something and so he flat-lined on the table for a little bit. And then he came back to and I've heard stories with other people that have had a near-death experience and the conclusion that I've come to is that I think everybody's near-death experience is different. I think we have different things that are created in our subconscious that happen when our analytical brain shuts down. But so he tells me that at first it was just like dark void there was nothing there. It was just as big empty darkness. And that was it for him. So we dug into that. I was like "Do you think it's because you didn't die for that long. Like it was just like a minute or a couple minutes" and he's like "yeah possibly", because if you read stories about near-death experiences, people talked about how you do go to just this empty space before you actually are in this incredibly loving light energy. But he talked about how it impacted his life when he did come back and his response was like, I realized that the only thing I had to answer for myself in this life was, it had nothing to do with what kind of job do you want, what is your purpose? How much money do you want to make? Who should you marry? Where should you live? He like it wasn't about any of that. The question I started asking myself is "So how do you want to kill time?". I was like Oh My God, that is mind-blowing. Think about that. Here's how much time you get, which you don't get to know the exact time and then its the end. So while you're waiting, which is what a lot of people are doing to find out, is this my time, is my time up? So while you're waiting, ask yourself the question, how do you want to kill time? If you had to wait in a waiting room somewhere to get to see the doctor. So lets say that. You've got an infinite number of hours and minutes until you get to see God or you get to see the universe or experience the universe. How do you wanna kill time? Do you wanna kill time by wasting it doing things that leave you feeling empty and lifeless? Or do you want to kill time doing things that make you feel the most alive, the most like yourself and really feels like what you came here to do and what you want to do. 

Going back to the beginning of this, anytime you're kind of sitting there and it feels like, one, you're alone, two, maybe God doesn't hear your prayers or questions or, three, the universe just totally dropped your call. Maybe it didn't? Maybe it's waiting on slackers in order for us to all move forward. But also in the meantime whether you're waiting on slackers or you're just waiting until your time is up. How do you want to spend it? That makes the decision pretty easy. I think this is what happens is finally and I mean I don't wish this on anybody, but it's like people get their life changing medical information, they find out they've got 6 months for cancer. They find out that, I don't know, something's happening and they only have so much time. What happens? immediately, they change everything. They're like I'm not doing this any more. I quit my job. I'm going here. I've always wanted to live here, I'm leaving that relationship and this is everything that I know to be true. So instead of having some crazy wake-up call like that happen to you, why not just do it now and realize you don't need that to direct you. You just need the awareness and the intention and then to make a decision to live life as if you never know how much time you have. So stop waiting, whether we all move forward or not, we can be waiting forever. So in the meantime, just ask yourself how you want to play this waiting game. How do you want to play in this game of life? I mean Mario's pretty awesome. Luigi's okay, the princess is really the one that got like the free card because she doesn't do anything but she gets saved. You can be her though. There's no wrong player in this game. Maybe is it Bowser? is that the dinosaur looking guy? or maybe you just one of the happy little mushrooms that when people eat you it ends up giving you like, I don't know $0.30 or 30 pennies or something. But really, now I'm just giving you too many analogies.

That's all I really wanted to share because I've been hearing a lot of things with a lot of people feeling stuck, feeling impatient, and frustrated, and angry, and resentful, and burned out and tired. And like, I want to do this any more. Okay, if you don't want to do this any more quit doing it. Well, I wasn't really like, that's not what I wanted you to say. What did you, what did you want me to say? Okay, you don't want to do it any more but yet you choose to keep doing it. Like I don't know, I don't know how to help you. So, there's your tough love / love. 

Anyways, thank you for listening to this podcast. Its a little bit shorter because I felt like it was really direct. Maybe it wasn't. Maybe I was all over the place. Its just, really? what are we doing guys? What are we doing with our lives? Like what are we waiting for? Why do we wait to start living and to start being ourselves? Because if I'm figuring this out in my thirties, that actually makes me really excited. Assuming I do have a long life ahead. But thank God, I'm figuring this out now so I can live life the way I want. I don't care how old you are, you have the perspective now, make the changes. If there's something you're tired of then quit doing it and instead ask yourself "What would I rather be doing?" and put all your energy into that. Be part of the collective energy moving forward by shifting your awareness and putting your focus and intention on what you actually do want to happen and that in general is going to change the energy and the vibration around you and everything around you. Alright, thank you guys so much as always for listening to this podcast episode. Please leave me review. And If you don't, I can see every single person who listens to this podcast, I will personally send you a message and ask you why you didn't leave me a review. Okay, that's not totally true. I actually have no idea who listens to this, unless you tell me. So scratch, all of that. Thank you for those who have left a review, thank you for showing up with me every single week for listening to this. And for giving me the opportunity to be a part of your day. And until next week, I will see you the other episodes.

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