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Believe in Yourself

mindset Jun 27, 2021

Good morning, and welcome to the Phoenix Rising podcast. I am Ashley Drummonds and I hope that you are ready to start your day with some conversations that are going to inspire and empower you to connect deeper to yourself, to really just help you show up in this life as your most confident, authentic, strongest, and best version of you. Lets go ahead and get started with today's topic of believing in yourself!


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Good morning, and welcome to the Phoenix Rising podcast. I am Ashley Drummonds and I hope that you are ready to start your day with some conversations that are going to inspire and empower you to connect deeper to yourself, to really just help you show up in this life as your most confident, authentic, strongest, and best version of you. If you are interested, I have the eight-week Rise Up Boot Camp. That is now available, which is where I work with you directly, as your coach, to put you through eight weeks of not just physical strength training, but also mental strength training to really help you break through mental plateaus, uncover the beliefs that hold you back, and to really tap into who you truly are so that you can unlock your full potential and be the person that I know that you want to be in this life. Head on over to my website, it's also in the show notes, and you will see all the details there about how you can work with me and the Rise Up eight-week Boot Camp. But for now, lets go ahead and get started with today's topic of believing in yourself

Hello, you guys. Good morning, well it's morning for me. Every time I record these is in the morning. I hope your day is starting off fantastic and if not, its about to turn around because were going to do all kinds of fun self talk. Well fun but effective, self-talk, inspiration and empowerment to help start your day. I am using a new set of headphones today to do this so hopefully the audio is coming in super crystal clear. I also have a wood-wick candle burning right now and I just burned a bunch of Palo Santo and did some breathing work. It's so funny because I usually am the person I want to hundred percent believe in like, peoples energies and environments and we all give off certain vibes, and I believe that everybody believes in this, and if you don't believe me, just ask yourself have you ever walked into somebody's house and immediately got the creeps of like "Eugh, it just feels weird in here"?. Or have you ever walked in somewhere and you've been like "I feel, I really like this place. It feels really good and really light". Well you're picking up on energies on the theme of whatever person or place you're in. So, right now, because I always like to come into this podcast with the intention of connecting with you, helping you, bringing some light and love into your day. I always like to set it by burning some Palo Santo and lighting a candle. If you don't know what Palo Santo is, it's actually this wood. So when you burn it, it smells fantastic. But it's considered holy wood and a lot of it is like super ancient history. Just that anytime I'm all into this. So judge me or don't I don't care. But anytime there's like a heaviness in energy or just feels like kind of feeling like if something just feels stuffy. Like a room just feels kind of stuffy and you're trying to air it out. I mean that's kind of what happens when you burn things like Palo Santo and Sage.

So that's the vibe you guys have right now. Just to kind of paint that picture in your mind's eye of how were showing up and it's a perfect segue talking about whether you believe it or not into today's topic of believing in yourself. Man this is, God, this is something I feel like whether you are a confident person or not, you can learn from this and gain some sort of knowledge for this. Because the number one problem that keeps people from really having the things that they want in life is not that they're incapable of having it, it's the lack of belief in themselves that they can have the things that they want. Because the truth is, you can really be anything that you want to be. If you learn to believe in yourself and you have enough concrete conviction in yourself to act in accordance to your belief system. So it's one thing to have the belief and have the mindset but that belief has to be so strong that you actually act intentionally on those beliefs. And I believe Napoleon Hill is the one who first said that. Napoleon Hill's the guy who wrote the book "Think and Grow, Rich" of basically, whatever the mind can conceive and believe is what you can do. And I was talking to an entrepreneur about this recently because I mean everything fitness, business, relationships, it's never actually about that. It's about what you think about that problem

So I have this entrepreneur, we did a little bit of like a consultation to decide whether or not to work together with coaching because he wanted some help on getting motivated, working on his mindset, getting past plateaus. And it's always interesting how people approach me with that because they'll start telling me all the things with their business of like "Yeah, you know, moneys just been tight, the economy's bad. This is going on, that's going on" and the truth of it is it never has anything to do with that. It has to do with whatever belief you buy into you get what you expect out of life. So, life is always reflecting back to you your internal belief systems. And for example, business, fitness, it doesn't matter, but we'll continue to use these examples. If you believe it is going to be hard to lose weight, if you believe it's going to be hard to change your nutrition. If you believe it's hard to start a business that you have to work really hard in order to make any money, you're going to get exactly that. And not just that, because you've already convinced yourself that its going to be hard, more likely than not you're not even going to bother trying, because you have such a deep belief that "God it's going to be so hard to change. It's going to be so hard to do this, or do that". So, why the heck would you even bother trying if you know it's going to be that difficult? 

So in order to make any real change, or in order to really accomplish anything that you want in life, we have to first uncover what it is that your belief systems are and then re-establish and reprogram those belief systems so that your behaviour and actions are a reflection of the life in the things that you actually want. So, this is actually the first week in the Rise Up Boot Camp that I was talking about. When I work with different people in this program that is actually what we do in week 1. I have them print off this worksheet, this mindset journal, this nutrition journal, and this workout journal and part of it is you go through and you write out what are your current beliefs around and then you fill in the blank with whatever it is you're working on. What are your current beliefs around? fitness, around weight loss, around your body. What are your current beliefs around work, money? Because you have to look at them on paper, you have to get them out of your head and on paper so you can see them for what they are. So a lot of times people discover these things and it's like, "I actually have a belief that I have bad genes or I have a slow metabolism or over the age of 30 you cant really lose weight, or, I just don't have a good. What's it called? Oh, that's just not my body type. I'm not a mesomorph. I don't easily put on muscle it's really hard for me to change my body". Whatever it is it doesn't really matter. What's important is that you are at least aware of what these beliefs are to begin with. 

So you go through these and I have you write them all out. Now, I want you to identify where did that come from? Because it's important for you to start creating the awareness in your life of what is actually you and what is something that you have picked up along the way. So think of it kind of like, you move to a new country or new location. You pick up an accent and then you go home and it's like, so weird. This accents only here when I'm around other people who talk this way, that's kind of what happens with your mindset and your belief to. So you go through this, you uncover all of your beliefs, you identify where it comes from like well do you actually believe that or is that something your dad used to say all the time or your mom used to say, or a teacher, or a sibling or friends, and you just kind of picked up that belief system without actually really questioning if you believe it to be true. So, as you go through this and you're identifying what these beliefs are. You have to also do this for yourself. So an overview of what do I actually believe about me? Because a lot of times I've worked with people and they have all these things of "Well I'm not good enough and I have like I always have to dig a little bit deeper". I'm not good enough for what? Well actually I don't know. Good enough for love? Good enough for a certain job? good enough for attention? for your dreams? like you're not good enough for what and what scale are you using to determine that? And a lot of times it's just simply asking the right questions that helps wake your mind up a little bit to make you respond with like actually I don't know. I don't know why I think that. Okay, well we have to kind of figure that out because until we do figure out why you think that were not going to be able to move forward. So, you uncover what you believe about yourself. You believe yourself to be strong, happy, successful, capable, inspired, empowered, confident, good enough, qualified, valuable, loved, worthy, all these things. You want to get to the point where you believe that because you decided that to be the truth for yourself and that's your concrete answer every single time, not because your mom told you, your dad told you, because somebody hired you for something, you got a spouse or a relationship. But because you decided that. And I actually am a firm believer that a lot of times the things we desperately seek in life that we don't get it's because life is trying really hard to help us and help teach us to give that to ourselves. This can go for anything but I'm going to continually come back to this idea of believing in yourself. 

If you have a hard time believing in yourself more than likely you are probably trying to get that from somebody else, or from somewhere else. Where I would believe in myself if this happened, or if this person did this. And probably what's going to happen is you never get it. Why? Because it is going to take until you learn everything and everyone to try to convince you not to believe in yourself for you to finally get tired of it and decide "You know what? Actually, I don't need anybody else to believe in me. I believe in myself. And this whole time I've been wanting other people to do it for me", except for, if other people are always doing it for you, then you give away your power. So you disempower yourself and you become an emotional roller-coaster, because your beliefs and behaviours are dictated by things outside of you, and other peoples ideas of you. And my goal with this podcast and as a coach, is to help you have such a concrete understanding of who you are and what you believe about yourself, that it doesn't matter what happens outside of you because you've already figured out the game of life. Of you are the center of everything. I mean that not in a selfish, arrogant, narcissistic way. But ironically what'll happen is when you start to believe in yourself, other people will start to believe in you. Think of this like sales. You don't have to have the most amazing invention, or product, or anything like that. What you have to have is the belief in whatever it is that you are selling so much that you can sell that belief to other people. And I mean, I'm going to bring this up with shark tank and the whole pitching process. People don't invest, I mean, they do invest in businesses that are good ideas and whatever, they're making money and they're proven successful. People invest in people though. If you believe in yourself, if you believe you can do this, if you think you're capable, if you think you have something that is really going to make a difference and make an impact, then I believe in you, that you will do whatever it takes to make this work. And that you believe that you have the skills and the persistence and focus and discipline to be able to make it happen. People don't invest necessarily in the product, products are easy to make, they're investing in the person that is going to be able to hold on to that belief when things get really hard. 

I mean, even going going back to the beginning of this, I know I've already shared the story of when I first... Actually I have a funny story about this too. But anyways, when I first have the idea about the pancakes and I'm going around and I'm telling people about it and I had gotten to the point where I was so committed to this idea that I didn't care what anybody else thought. You could tell me it was going to totally just plummet. It was the worst idea ever. It didn't matter. It didn't matter because I had already decided for myself that this was going to be something. I convinced my subconscious mind and I spent every day all day taking action towards that. So, the funny story I have about this and this is really irrelevant, but its just kind of funny people. I got a text last night. Somebody was telling me this person who I have gone on a few dates with, in the beginning, so this is back in 2014 when I had first, like, I'm in the conception stage of the idea with ABS Protein Pancakes and had gone on a few dates with somebody. Nothing serious. It was just like a couple fun times, but part of the dating process without telling this person all about my idea of like "Oh my God, I'm going to take this recipe that I made. I'm gonna turn it into a new product that is going to help people all over the world, lose weight and hit their nutrition goals, while enjoying pancakes and waffles everyday", and that person was very supportive and I appreciate it. But anyways, nothing came of it. So, last night here we are, what is this now? seven, seven years later? last night, small world, a friend sent me a text because she had a mutual friend that was like, "Hey, funny story, my cousin knows this guy and this guy says that he gave you the idea for ABS Protein Pancakes, to go on Shark Tank". And it's just like it's so funny the things that people say years later and I just like shook my head and I don't like, I don't even have the energy to, if that's what he believes, whatever, because it's like actually it's not really what happened. But its funny that now that there's been some exposure and some success, all of a sudden people start coming out of the wood works claiming that they were part of it.

Anywho, so going back to this belief system and having to have that belief in yourself, you have to kind of consider when you are doing work like this and uncovering old beliefs and establishing new ones, you have to treat your subconscious mind in these new beliefs, almost like a new born baby that hasn't quite built up the immunity to be out there in the world. And what I mean by that is when you have a new born baby, you're not going to go to every single public place out there, exposing it, with the chance of getting a cold or the flu or picking up something because it hasn't built up an immune system that has resistance to those things. Instead what do you do? You're very selective. You tell people "Please wash your hands, put on some hand sanitizer, like the babies 2 days old like be careful". Then as the baby grows immune system is stronger, then you start taking it out more places because you know it has the resistance to be able to handle things. Your subconscious mind works the same way when you're establishing new belief systems. You don't decide one day "You know what, all these beliefs I've had all my life. I no longer believe them. I now believe that I'm a Rockstar. I am valuable. I am loved. I can do anything that I want. My dream of this, I am totally doing it. I know that I can", you don't decide that 24 hours later, and then you go out there and you tell the whole world because what's going to happen is, you haven't quite established enough confidence and concrete conviction in those beliefs, then immediately you're going to get pushback. People are going to start telling you every reason why you cant do that. And why you're crazy to believe in that and it's going to create fear. It's going to create doubt and slowly but surely you're going to start to default to your old belief systems because you took the baby out in public before the baby is ready

So the way you work around this and what's really important is one: repetition with anything in life is what creates concrete habits. You don't work out one day and then expect that you have the habit of a fit lifestyle. You workout, you show up every single day. You do one workout at a time. Over time with repetition, your body starts to change. This is how habits are created. It's the same thing with beliefs. So when you first identify what your new beliefs are about yourself. You have to start reminding the subconscious about this because the reason you have the life that you have now is because of past belief systems that got you there. Okay so think about that. Look at your reality. Now that you've identified your beliefs up to this point, do all of your beliefs that you now see reflect your current reality? So, in order to change that path in this moment, you establish new beliefs, you continue to repeat them to yourself, mentally, you write them out in a notebook or a journal. You put them on index cards in your bathroom, in your car. Places you see all the time, you read books that re-establish these beliefs. You continually recondition that subconscious mind until it becomes second nature. Now, you have a new belief system. Now, you have a new reality. Now, your life looks totally different and you look totally different because you have changed your thoughts about yourself

The important thing though, is when you're doing this. So I had to call this past week with one of the clients that are going through this boot camp. And we're six weeks in. I am so proud of her because she is made like such huge progress in a matter of six weeks and I can see it. I can see the difference from our first call to now this is call number 6 and I asked her, I said do you feel different? She's like yeah I just feel better about myself. Like I'm not as hard on myself, I feel like I'm more confident, I have better self-love, feel like I'm kind of just like finding my voice and willing to stand up for myself and all these things.

And she was trying to identify why she was saying she's like "I'm trying to understand why though? and I'm trying to work through not thinking that after a few weeks this is just going to go away", because the former experience is she has worked with therapists for years. And not really seeing any change and there's a few reasons to this. I said "Well one: therapy provides a safe space for you to talk about things". I mean, essentially that's what therapy is, not good or bad, but that's what therapy does. Not what I do. I give you the safe space to talk about things but then I also give you worksheets, action items, things to do to work forward towards the goals of what you want. So I was telling her I said "So we get on calls every single week. So during the week you're doing all this work, I'm doing the work with you" but then I meet you a week later and I'm like "Alright, did you do this? How do you feel? Do you see how your life is changing?". But the most important thing is you are talking about who you want to become and I am further helping validate and re-establish those belief systems in yourself. Because if you go talk to other people about this and you're like "You know what? this is who I'm becoming. This is what I think. Here it is", and they don't also have that belief in themselves. It's going to start to knock you down and make you doubt that you can ever change. So my job as your coach and just with this podcast is to show up and further validate and convince you that yes, you can do that. Yes, you can have that dream come true. Yes. You can change. Yes. You can have the body that you want. Absolutely. A hundred percent.

Because what happens is the more you talk about your dreams, the more you talk about your beliefs and you start to share it out loud. You recondition that subconscious mind. It's hearing it over and over and over again. And then when you have somebody else doing it with you, well now you're just creating a concrete foundation. Your eyes are totally open and you are moving forward. There's no going back because you can see it, but not just you. Now you have somebody else who can see it. And normally I'll ask people if they have an idea or a dream or a new belief they're establishing, the first thing I ask before I validate it is, I say well do you believe that for yourself? They'll say "I believe that I can start a six-figure business, or I believe in 30 days I can lose 15 pounds and I can cut out alcohol and sugar". They say it first, so it's easy to just like state it. I give it a second, I'm like "Can you see yourself doing that?" And they pause for a second, almost like, oh is she asking this because she doesn't believe me? No, I'm just I'm just asking, can you see yourself doing that? And it takes them a second, they think about it and they're like, yeah, I think I can. I'm like okay then I can see it for you too. Because I want you to first decide that you can and believe in it. And then if you can see it in your minds eye, you've already created the first step in the process of reprogramming your subconscious mind. Now, all I have to do is keep reminding you of that and believing in you as well.

So think about that when you're doing new beliefs, and you're establishing new things, don't go share them with people who are just going to try and create fear and doubt and insecurities. Share them with people who are going to be like, yeah, you totally can do that. Like I a hundred percent believe in you. And here's another funny story for you. So right around the age of like I think I was still around like 18, 19 years old, I was fresh out of high school. In the college, this a really rough time for me because just in general, in life, traditional paths have never felt right for me. I've tried tried to do, like, the status quo and it just doesn't, I feel like my soul is dying when I do this. But so I'm right around that age. All of my best friends from high school, they are like solid in college. They've already declared their major. They're in different sororities. They're in recreational sports. And I'm over here floating around, like I cant even figure out how to sign up for Gen Ed courses because I don't know what I'm doing. I don't know, none of these career sound right for me. None of these schools feel right. I don't want to be a doctor or a teacher. And by the way, I'm not discounting any of this, I'm just sharing my own personal story for the intent of what I'm about to get to. So I'm really struggling with this is. I'm like "God. I just feel like such a loser right now" because everybody else seems to know exactly who they are, exactly what they want to do, and then they're going to graduate with their degree and get married and have babies and buy their first house and have all this money in the bank and I'm still trying to figure out like, "Did everybody get a class in life that I didn't get it because I'm totally lost right now".

So I'm going through this path and at the time, I'm dating my high school boyfriend. We're first year out of college which we won't get into relationships. So I'm walking around, we're outside, were taking a walk through the neighbourhood. And I'm talking to him about this and I'm like "Man. I don't know. I feel like such a loser because I don't know who I am. Everybody else does. I don't know who my college friends are, don't know what major I'm going to do. I don't know what job I'm going to take and I'm totally lost" and he's just kind of like listening and like yeah, well you should probably figure that out and I get to this point on our walk and I have this moment of like crystal clarity of what I want to do. And I feel like it feels a little absurd, a little, but it doesn't feel totally far-fetched, and I'm just kind of quiet. And he asks, this is such a vivid memory for me because its become like this joke between him and I. He's like "Are you okay?" I'm like "Yeah I think I know what I want to do but I don't want to tell you". He's like "What? Why? Why don't you want to tell me?" I'm like "Because I think you're going to think it's stupid" and of course, like you're in high school, everybody's insecure. He doesn't know that he's being stupid but so he's like, no tell me like I want to know all your dreams and all these things. And I'm like, "You know what I think I want to do? I think I want to do something like those trainers you see on TV like Gillian Michaels and Bob Hope, like, they just help people. They help people with work out and like they're super motivating. I think that's what I want to do". And I remember I'll never forget this. He laughs at me and he's like, oh, okay, like yeah, we all would love to do things like that and to be super experts in something fun like that. But like seriously Ashley what are you going to do? Totally thought I was nuts. Totally thought I wasn't qualified, good enough. And I remember like walking, I was like, I don't know why I believe that I can actually do that, but for some reason I just, I feel like I could do that. I don't know if that's a job or like what do you do? I don't know anything about personal training if that's even what it's called, like what is this? So I didn't know but I remember saying that, getting laughed at, him thinking I was nuts and then, long story short I went on this four your journey of still not knowing what I was doing, but here I am years later and ironically having this podcast about fitness and mindset. I've got the ABS protein Pancakes business. I do a lot of stuff locally and I'm doing exactly what I said I wanted to do at that age. 

But the reason that it's funny, is because every now and then I'll cross paths with this person and I have no hard feelings at all and neither does he, but it's become a humorous thing because I'm like, "Hey, do you remember that one time right after high school? We took a walk and I don't even have to finish and he just starts laughing and shaking his head. He's like, "Yeah. I remember". I just I just wanted to make sure.

So sometimes though, and my whole point in that story and the story about like, starting the pancakes is because I believe I didn't get people who believed in me so that I could learn to believe in myself. And I don't think this is just me, I think this is all of us in life. So if you get super frustrated with something that is just constantly happening over and over. You're like "God, I don't get it". Maybe you're not getting it because you still haven't learned that its not supposed to come from people outside of you. It comes from you first and then ironically, it starts showing up outside of you and it's almost humorous when it does because its the whole dichotomy of like. Now I don't need it. Now, I don't need that and now I'm getting it. Well yeah, because you've learned to give it to yourself and everything outside of you is a direct reflection of your own beliefs, and your own reality. So anytime somebody is going through something, anytime you're going through something, you're getting frustrated with a co-worker or a spouse or whoever, because you like "God I just feel like they don't respect me, they don't take me seriously. They don't see my value". Do you respect you, do you take yourself seriously? Do you see your value? Because if you do, then these peoples behaviours or lack of giving you that, it wouldn't matter. It literally would be irrelevant because it's like "You know why? I don't really care". I mean, think what you want, do what you want, this is who I am, and what I believe. And I'm the person I got to live with every single day. So, whatever believe or don't believe, this is what I'm doing.

But to get to that point of belief in yourself, you got to do the work. Take out pen and paper. Ask yourself what do I actually believe about me? Well, you're going to find out a lot about why you do or don't do certain things in life, why you have or don't have certain things but you're also uncovering the layers to help you move forward and then go through the process of what do I actually believe is true for me or possible for me and write it all out and then do the work every single day. Repeatedly reinforcing those beliefs over and over and over again and then surrounding yourself with people who will also re-establish and reinforce those beliefs. If you don't have people like that, that's what I do. That's why I'm here. That's what coaching is all about. If you don't have the ability to work with a coach then listen to books and listen to podcasts that reinforce that. Put the intention out there to create relationships and friendships that you can do that with too. And I mean, it takes work and it takes vulnerability but set the intention and then take action with that intention of like, "Hey, I'm working on myself. I know you like to work on yourself. Why don't we be a support system for each other of like, I'm going to be vulnerable and share some things with you expecting that you're going to support that. You're going to create a safe space. If you don't, I'm going to immediately set boundaries in this friendship or relationship and were not going to do that anymore", but I would hope that you want to better yourself and I want to better myself. So, therefore, I'm showing up in this relationship and this friendship with that intention and I hope you want to do the same. And I mean, that's how you can have that conversation with people. Some people don't want that, it's fine. It doesn't mean that you don't deserve that, you cant have that. It just means that you're starting to see really clearly what your relationships are and are not in your life. 

I also heard a really great quote recently, and God, this is so true, and I don't know who said this, it was anonymous where I saw it, but it said "It isn't what you don't know that holds you back. It's what you do know that actually isn't true". How 100% valid is that? Because what you don't know, you can learn, you can figure it out, but its what you think you know about yourself that isn't true that keeps you from having the life that you want. One of the ways though. So, we've already talked about how to uncover your beliefs and then establish new beliefs. The way you start to just reinforce that belief in yourself is through little victories and small successes. Each time you have a small success or small victory, that further boosts and reinforces that belief in yourself. This is a huge reason why I love using strength training and fitness as a form of mindset, therapy, life therapy, because each time you show up to a work out, you finish that work out, it's just a small victory, a small success, and you're not aware of what it is doing to you subconsciously. But it's part of the process. It's the same thing, like people that first start with weight lifting and strength training and they can only do 5 to 10 pounds? Well okay that's a very small victory, at least you did the work out. But then a few weeks later, we go back to that same exercise and now you're doing 12 to 15 pounds. Now deep subconscious things are happening of, like, "Holy crap. That's more than I thought I was capable of. I wonder what else in my life I am more capable of doing than I thought that I was", and this is what happens time and time again. Every time I've had a client come through working with me and they start talking about how they're like, "I cannot believe how much more I'm able to do in my workouts then what I thought when I started" because people assume we have preconceived ideas of what is possible. Based on what we've seen, either in our own lives, or in other peoples lives. 

So, say you've never ran a mile before. You didn't know how long it should take to run a mile. There's nothing holding you back from being as fast as possible but if I told you "Hey usually it takes around eight and a half / 9 minutes to run a mile at an average pace" immediately your subconscious accepts that as the belief of "Alright well this is what's possible" and your body is going to react. You're going to move at a pace that allows you to finish in that time. But if you have no idea, you actually are free to surpass that, you can run it in 5 minutes or in 6 minutes because you don't know better. So it's never what you don't know. Its actually, this is a whole idea behind ignorance is bliss. It's never what you don't know. It's you being able to let go of everything you believe about yourself up to this point and be willing to go through the unknown and discover for yourself what you are capable of and what is possible. That's the point. All right, at this point, I hope you really understand how important it is for you to do the work for yourself of asking yourself the hard questions of what do you believe about you. Why do you believe that? Is it true? Do you want to hold on to that belief? Or do you want to kind of expand your horizon, test out your own beliefs, and see what's really possible for you, of letting go. After you do that, start creating some sort of daily habit and discipline. And if you're not a strength training program, start doing strength training because it's just going to reinforce all of this. And you know what? Even while you're doing your reps, you're doing bicep curls, you're doing squats or whatever. You'll be like "You know what man? I'm an effing bad ass". I love that I just like didn't say the f word but I said bad-ass, whatever. Or you're like "You know what? I can do this. I'm strong enough, I'm capable, I'm powerful. I am inspired. I'm motivated. I'm just as qualified. I can do anything. Nothing holds me back, but myself and I now choose to no longer hold myself back". 

Start using your work outs as the opportunity to condition your brain and inspire and empower yourself. And then not only are your workouts no longer about losing weight or looking a certain way, they become your own form of therapy, and your own way to really boost your own belief in who you are, what you're capable of, and what you can do in this life. Because you can really do anything. I mean, truly, every person who has ever made a huge impact and done anything recognizable in this world, they started with not knowing what the hell they were doing. And from ground zero, just every single day, taking one baby step forward, one small success, one little victory choosing to have faith and belief the entire time that eventually that dream would come true, eventually everything they believed the whole world would get to see and that's the exact same thing you can do for yourself. 

All right, happy Monday! man! I hope you feel good. I hope you feel inspired. I hope you feel empowered and have this like new sense of just, you can be completely unstoppable in your life. If you do want to go through the Rise Up 8 weeks fitness and mindset coaching program with me, like I said at the beginning, go to my website it's otherwise make sure you subscribe to this podcast because I've got new episodes coming for you every single week on Monday to help you start your week out on the right motivated foot. So I hope you have a fantastic day and I will see you in the next episode!

Here's to Creating a Body & Life You Love,

Ashley Drummonds

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