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At Home Strength Workout for Back & ABS

workouts Jun 09, 2021


This is an awesome At Home #Workout you can do with just a pair of dumbbells since I know a lot of us still want to keep up with our strength training and conditioning here is what I did today.

Since the heaviest dumbbells I have at home are 30lbs, I just increased my reps and slowed down the tempo so it’s still awesome strength training but a different way to challenge the muscles instead of low reps-heavy weight or instead of flying through a large amount of reps.

Repeat this 5x Total with no rest in between each round:

-15 Tempo DB Deadlifts-Very slow and controlled it should be about 3 seconds down and 3 seconds up.

-10-12 Bent Over Rows-When you finish that last deadlift, hold the position and go right into DB Bent Over Rows.

-40 Flutter Kicks (20 each side)

-15 Leg Lifts (Go right into these after the flutter kicks)

-50 Double Unders (If you don’t have double Unders but can do singles do 100 singles and if you don’t have a jump rope pick a body weight exercise to perform 50 reps of such as jump jacks, squats, etc)

You can do this with any pair of weights that you feel comfortable with as long as you are performing each repetition intentionally and with a controlled movement. Afterwards, you can fuel your body with protein with your favorite flavor of ABS Protein Pancakes! Enjoy!


Ashley Drummonds 

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