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AB Exercises with Stability Ball

workouts Jun 01, 2021

All you need for this workout is a stability Ball. The awesome things about this stability Ball AB Workout is that it hits every abdominal muscle, works out your deep stabilizer muscles, challenges your balance, and builds overall core strength. Perform each exercises back to back 5x through with 10 repetitions of each.

Any time you can perform your workout on an unbalanced surface you force your total body to engage in each exercise.

For example, the first exercise in this requires the arms, shoulders, low back, legs and core all to work together to stabilize on the yoga ball, but the main focus is your core.

To get the most out of this workout you will want to perform an ab circuit like this 2-3x per week in addition to regular strength training circuits like these 3-4x per week.

Check out the video for a demo of each of these exercises and how to perform each on properly:


Ashley Drummonds

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