3 Daily Mindset Practices to Stay Motivated & On Track

motivation May 25, 2021

Sticking to your goals and hitting them is less about the workouts and diets and more about having the right mindset and daily practices in place to help you get there. One of the keys is getting clear on what your 3 Daily Mindset Practices are that help keep you accountable and motivated then implementing them every single day.

In this short video, I'm going to share with you my 3 Daily Mindset Practices that I use to stay motivated that you are welcome to use as your own along with my tips to stay on track so that your workouts and nutrition become a lifestyle and not just a quick fix program.

What you practice in one area of your life shows up as a new practice and discipline in other areas of your life. I love using workouts and the gym as a way to form new habits to help you move in the direction that you want.

1. Start some sort of meditation or spiritual practice. This does not have to be sitting in silence in some ritual type way. Meditation is anything that you do that connects you to stillness in the present moment so you can pay attention to your thoughts and connect with what is going on internally. Your workouts or any type of physical exercise can also be a form of meditation and mindfulness as well when you put your full attention on the activity in front of you.

2. Create 3-5 affirmations for yourself that are in alignment with what you want and who you want to be. Affirmations done over time with repetition help establish new beliefs and identities within ourselves. (I give some examples of this in the video to help you come up with your own).

3. Strength Train at least 3-5x/week. The reason is because strength training does not just effect your physical health it also boosts your confidence. I am a firm believer that when you connect the mind and body discovering that you physically are stronger than you thought you were you will realize that you also mentally are stronger than you thought.

These are my 3 Daily Practices that help keep me motivated and on track and also helps my clients! You can do and be anything you want in life all you have to do is build up the mental strength believing you can do that by building your physical strength and daily habits.

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You've got this!

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