Nutrition & Mindset Coaching 

Are you ready to break through your limitations, boost your confidence and reach your full potential in life?

  • Weight Loss/Fat Loss
  • Increased Strength & Workout Performance
  • Breakthrough Your Mental Limitations
  • Boost Your Confidence
  • Improved Mood & Energy
  • Naturally Balance Hormones
  • Reduce Stress, Anxiety & Improve Sleep
  • Improve Your Focus and Mental Clarity
  • Improve Overall Immunity
  • Boost Metabolism
  • Get Empowered to Reach Your Full Potential
  • Take Your Fitness & Life to The Next Level to Become Your Best Self!
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"Working with Ashley is truly life changing! I can't begin to put a price on having her as a coach because it's priceless and truly has changed my life!" -Anne G.


"Ashley is the only coach I will work with. Her programs and training are on point and no one can help me push past my limits like her! I have gone from being in the 280lbs to now being in the 180lbs! I got my cholesterol and weight in line and have more energy now than ever!" -Frank S.


"Only 3 weeks into Ashley's program and my 'cottage cheese' in my legs is practically vanished! Plus, my husband says I look even younger!...Thank you Ashley for this program!" -Jennifer M.


“I researched so many gyms, trainers and nutritionist trying to find the right one, but who also could help me get in shape fast and I found Ashley! Not only did she help me get started with my nutrition and workouts, but she helped me get my body to a place I never thought was possible. I just finished running my first 5k and went from a size 12 to a size 6! I truly thank God for Ashley” -Erin Shaw


"Thanks to Ashley and her kick-butt workouts I am down to a size 4, but more importantly I feel strong, confident and sexy! Thank you Ashley for showing me what I'm truly capable of!" -Kelly B.


"I wish I would have found Ashley before all the doctors I wasted my money on. She is like a therapist, nutritionist, personal trainer and friend all in one. The nutrition is super easy to follow because she educates you on how to enjoy foods you already like, but in a better way. The workouts are tough, but super effective you will see results fast. The stuff she teaches you with mindset will truly change your life. I have lost weight, lost inches, and can see my body shrinking and toning! Oh! And the Magnesium! Finding out about my magnesium has literally been life changing! I can't thank Ashley enough!" -Salwa L. 

Lose Fat, Improve Strength & Increase Energy

You can be eating according to your calories and "macros", but if your micronutrients and metabolic profile is out of balance you won't be able to hit your goals and will constantly feel tired and under fueled with no energy. With lab based nutrition, we can get clear not just on your daily calorie & macro needs, but also on your micro needs to make sure you have plenty of energy while losing fat, improving strength and endurance and balancing out your hormones that affect your weight loss efforts.

Reduce Stress & Anxiety while Improving Sleep

One of the key causes for poor sleep and high stress comes from being deficient in certain minerals and nutrients that help your body to keep your cortisol levels in check while also making sure your brain is producing the neurotransmitters like Seratonin, Dopamine and Gaba that give you that calm and happy feeling. Other underlying causes that contribute to poor sleep and stress can include lifestyle factors, hormonal factors, and poor nutrition. Lab Based Nutrition gives a clear picture of what the root cause of your stress and sleep issues you instead of guessing.

Boost Immunity & Overall Physical & Mental Health

Everything starts in the gut from the food we eat to our body's ability to detox properly. Your immune system relies on having healthy detox pathways through the gut, liver and kidney requiring them to work optimally. With lab based nutrition, we can take a look at the function levels of your gut, liver and kidneys and work together to "clean up" thees detox pathways to improve your immunity, overall health, and metabolism. 

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