Top 4 Leg and Butt Exercises for Women

Top 4 Leg And Butt Exercises That’ll Whip Your Body Into Shape

Top 4 At Home LEG & BUTT Moves
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Want to create a head turning physique? Want to keep your feminine look but yet still feel sporty and strong? A nicely toned lower body will help you do just that and so much more.

Your legs are the foundation for just about every movement you make throughout the day, so training them to be strong and powerful will really work to your advantage. And, getting the definition and shape in place will help not only create the illusion of a smaller waist, but ensure you look your very best next time you put on your favorite pair of jeans.

Curious what exercises to include in your routine to ensure you’re shaping up? Let’s look at the top four leg and butt exercises that are a must to go from looking good to looking great.


It doesn’t get more basic than this. No other exercise is going to transform your figure like squats will. Whether you choose to do barbell squats, dumbbell squats, or bodyweight squats, make sure that they are part of your regular routine.

If you really want to get your booty to grow, try low bar back squats. These will place a little more emphasis on this part of your physique, helping you gain that firm, rounded look.


After your squats are finished, march over and grab a weighted barbell and start performing lunges, walking along the length of the gym.

Using a barbell across your back while you perform lunges is a superior option compared to holding dumbbells at your sides as it’ll place more stress on the glutes as well, plus reduce the chances you adopt a forward lean, placing stress on the lower back.

Lower down slowly in a smooth and controlled movement pattern.

No room to walk across the gym? No problem. Stationary lunges can be just as beneficial.

Stiff-Leg Deadlifts

The stiff-leg deadlift is a fantastic option for working your hamstrings as well as the glutes, so will help balance out all the quad focused exercises you’re doing.

Use a set of dumbbells or a barbell when you do these and make sure that you brace your spinal column by keeping your core tight. This will also help ensure you don’t experience low back pain as you do the movement.

Glute Bridges

Finally, if you want to target your glutes in isolation, glute bridges are an excellent way to go. Place a barbell or a weighted plate across your hips and balance the upper back on a flat bench behind you.

With your knees bent, feet firmly planted on the ground, press the hips up as you squeeze the glutes as hard as possible until the hips are parallel with the chest.

Really focus on the mind-muscle contraction while doing this exercise to ensure you’re getting as much glute stimulation as possible. If you just ‘go through the movement’ with this one, it’s easy to bring your hamstrings into play, causing them to take over the movement.

So there you have four terrific moves to include in your workout. Do these two to three times per week with one day off between sessions and you’ll be seeing excellent strengthening results in no time.

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