How To Gain Lean Muscle without Gaining Fat?

On this week’s Real Women Talk episode, I was so excited for the question we received from one of our listeners/viewers about nutrition and her workouts because most of the questions we receive are geared towards how to lose weight or tone up. This one was focused more on weight gain and how to do […]

Total Body Circuit with 1 Arm Dumbbell Snatches

I posted this workout the other day on Instagram because I was in a hurry and needed a workout that was short and effective and so many people commented saying they tried this workout and it was such a good total body burner so I had to share it on here! Most of the follow […]

What is the difference between Skill Work vs Conditioning?

What is the difference between skill work and conditioning training when it comes to your health and fitness goals? One of the main differences is skill training focuses on perfecting or improving a specific exercise such as handstands, double unders, olympic lifts, pull-ups, push-ups, etc. For example, when I am doing my regular lifting workouts […]

Wine & Weight Loss

Do you have to give up wine (alcohol) in order to slim down and lose weight? I think one of the biggest complaints I hear in regards to food and weight loss, other than not having enough time to make healthy food, is the weekends with their social life always screw them up because they […]

Chocolate Chip Low Carb ABS Protein Pancakes!!!

Fluffy, sweet, chocolately chippy (yep, I made those words up), delicious sweet protein pancakes. I had a realization the other day that I have loved pancakes since I was a kid and breakfast is by far my favorite meal of the day and maybe part of my mission in life is to help everyone else […]

Ab Exercises for Women

I get a lot of questions about wanting flat abs and so I decided to put together a video about getting the flat abs that everyone always wants. I have to say, abs are made in the kitchen and by training them. Check out the video and enjoy!


I understand that sometimes you just do not feel like doing abs at the gym OR maybe you just ate a huge bowl of ice cream, an entire pizza or a bag of potato chips and doing some ab exercise would help you at least feel slightly better about it. Regardless, I have an ab […]

Ab Circuit Video!!

I got a lot of people asking me for different exercises that will hit all the different core muscles so I decided to just do a short video to show you guys exactly how to do the exercises. You want to perform 10 reps of these ON EACH SIDE back to back with no rest. […]

The No Cardio Equipment Cardio Workout!

Most people I know in the fitness business either hate cardio or they love it, there usually isn’t an in between. Majority of us do cardio because we know it’s good for us or when we’ve had a rough day and just need to clear our head. Some days, I just can’t stand the thought […]

Leg Burn OUT!

I am always looking for ways to change up leg day so I recently came up with this workout for one of my clients and they were sore for a week after! I tried it myself and well I’ll just say it’s definitely not easy, BUT you will feel amazing after you did it…ok maybe […]