The most basic way to describe macronutrients are they are the nutrients in every food you eat that are most essential to the overall function of your body. The 3 main macronutrients are Fats, Carbohydrates and Proteins. The latest movement of IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) is built around the idea of instead of counting your calories just find out what your macronutrient needs are (how many grams of fat, protein, and carbs you need daily) and then eat according to that. While I am all for the not counting calories and eating your macronutrient needs, the IIFYM movement kind of throws out theRead More →

Since you’re reading this, I am going to assume you are either looking for a new solution to your nutrition goals or you are diving in for the first time trying to understand this whole meal prep, macros, nutrition world. Either case, consider this article more as a guide than a cut and dry “one size fits all” approach to your meal prep. I have done meal prep as someone who is meal prepping for photo shoots and a 12-14 hour work day with no life outside of training and dieting, and now more as someone who meal preps with whole foods for what isRead More →