How To Find Your Workout Partner-And Why It’s Important

  I started learning about and lifting weights back in 2008/2009 when I was looking for a healthy outlet to relieve stress and boost my confidence. When I started out, every day I looked forward to just putting my head phones in and shutting out the rest of the world for an hour or so […]

How to Find Your Spiritual Practice?

In a recent interview talking about female entrepreneurship, we got into the conversation about how most people see the glory and fun parts about being an entrepreneur, but only the person behind the business knows the true struggles that go into building a business. I was at a birthday dinner for my mom at Cooper’s […]

How to get what you want in relationships!

I recently had a talk with a good friend of mine who was in tears because of a horrible argument she had with her mother. Hurtful things were said, heartless comments were made and tears were shed. How can someone you love so much say or do something that can hurt so bad? I think […]

Your Passion is Your Purpose

Here is a little story into your passions and what your purpose might be… I love wine and I love my friends and when you put those two together I am on cloud nine and full of high vibrations feeling nothing, but positive energy. For my birthday, I met up with three of my closest […]

Seeing your own Beauty…

A lot of you saw the recent post I made on Facebook about why I have been inactive on the site and on the social media page because I have had a new view and change of heart on my own fitness and I lost a little of my Authenticity in writing to you guys […]