Perhaps you have heard the term “the fat that burns fat” and have no idea what this is all about or maybe you are just new to making healthier choices and learning what are the best foods for fats, protein and carbohydrates. Either way, this video and post will give you a basic understanding of what the best healthy fats are and what to look for on the nutrition label. Why do you need to eat fat in order to lose fat? The type of fats in the below video are essential for hormone health, building lean muscle, digestion, and overall just healthier cholesterol levels.Read More →

As you may have noticed, this site has started to take on a wholistic approach to women’s bodies, nutrition and lives…it is because we are complex ladies! One day we are happy, the next day we are sad, one day we are focused and completely clear on our purpose and what we want in our lives and the next day we feel lost and confused! I tell people all the time that my brain is like a computer screen with 15 tabs open at once yet some how this is how I work and this is organization for me. If there is just one tab opened thenRead More →

Every time I go to the grocery store I buy pretty much the same foods every single week because there are staple items that I believe should always be included in your  nutrition in some way…except for recently I’ve been on this bacon kick! (Well, I am always on a bacon kick but this week has been insane!). Some people call it routine and boring, I call it disciplined and results driven. Basically, I  know how I want to feel and look so I eat accordingly. I was not always this way though, I used to just grab whatever was quick and easy regardless of nutritionRead More →