Need a Vacation? How about Breakfast in Bed…for One?

This morning I woke at my normal time and went to roll out of bed and every muscle in my body was screaming. I’ve worked hard the last couple weeks on a strength program and my body can feel every single movement. I immediately began to complain to myself: “Oh my gosh I can’t even sit down to pee I hurt so bad! My arms! I can’t bend over and get that my back is killing me!” then crawled back into bed and passed back out for another 30 minutes or so.

When I woke back up, I laid there for a second and honestly my normal self would be ready to jump out of bed, hit the ground running, accomplish a completely unrealistic “to do” list and conquer the world until I’m exhausted…today was different though. My body was tired, my mind was tired and my soul felt uninspired to live up to those expectations. I, like most people, have a daily routine and mine is so predictable that even sometimes I get bored with how predictable it can be and today the last thing I needed was to go through the motions.

I went to the kitchen and half asleep I stood there and actually thought about what I want to eat instead of what was within my nutrition and what I “should” eat.

I actually smelled my coffee and a smile came across my face with how excited I was to enjoy it instead of chug it hoping for a quick caffeine rush. I put a pile of dark chocolate chips on top of my oats because I decided that would taste delicious chocolate for breakfast was definitely not “routine”. I then went to eat at my normal kitchen island and stopped and saw how beautiful it was outside and thought: “Breakfast in Bed….for ONE?”…..ABSOLUTELY! I flung open the balcony doors, plopped up on the bed with my comfy covers and sat back and enjoyed my breakfast like I was breaking all of the cardinal rules of what you “should” do on a week day morning.

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Not only was the bed so incredibly comfy, the view…beautiful, the chocolate AMAZING, and the coffee…delicious….but I could feel my soul smile and thank me a little bit inside: “Thank GOD woman for something different!”

The important thing is: It’s not that I decided I was going to stay in bed all day and spiral in thoughts of self pity and how much I hate the way life is right now… and it’s not that I decided I was going to eat the entire menu of IHOP and have a feast for breakfast because I just couldn’t stand to eat the same thing…Shoot it’s not even that I was going to sleep in late and skip the first half of the day…I simply just ate where I slept! It’s just these little things (for me) that I switched up that made a huge difference and the same for you.

Sometimes we go to extremes. We think if we don’t always do something the way we are supposed to do it and if we veer off that path even just a little bit then all of our plans are completely ruined. Sound familiar? How many times have you followed your “diet” and one weekend you completely binge and immediately think that one weekend is going to put all 20lbs right back on you so you might as well just carry the cheat meal out all weekend because you’re already screwed anyways? When in fact, you could have just let go of the guilt and “rules” for one meal and enjoyed it giving your mind and soul a break and then just gone back to your nutrition plan the next day and been perfectly fine!

Our soul and our minds need spontaneity. Not all the time, but sometimes when we are feeling less than inspired it’s because we are choosing to live a predictable life that even your own self is bored with! The same is true for your relationships, your workouts, your business…we get in routines and that’s usually when things start to go stale.

The irony in all of this is if you think back on your life and all the times when you find yourself saying “I wasn’t even trying to lose weight it just came off”, “The relationship was just so easy and spontaneous and that’s what I loved about it”, “Starting the business, I honestly didn’t know what I was doing I just did what felt right and it took off”…they all just came natural or just “fell into place”. This usually doesn’t happen out of routine…it happens out of listening to our actual feelings, what we feel like doing or eating instead of what we should be doing/eating…and then things work out incredibly well!

How in the world do we ever get caught up in a routine then?  

Because it’s safe. It’s comfortable. It’s familiar.

How do we get out and back to following our instincts to light the passion and inspiration back into our lives?

Here’s 3 Ways to Get the Passion and Inspiration Flow

  1. Start with your daily routine and for your own sanity-SWITCH IT UP! Do you normally wake up and immediately turn on the coffee and eat the same thing for breakfast every day as if you are on autopilot each morning without even thinking about anything until you actually get to work? Stop. Find one small way you can turn yourself on in the morning. Try getting dressed then eating breakfast or vice versa. Try a different brand of coffee. Eat in a different chair. Take a different route to work. Walk your dog first then come back and get ready for the day. Throw some chocolate in your oats and give your taste buds a shock in the morning. Whatever it is just switch it up and see how it effects how you feel in the morning.
  2. Eat or Shop Somewhere Else. We all are guilty of it. It’s Thursday/Friday night and we have “our spot” that we always go to at the same time with the same people and eat the same thing.  We had one great experience there and now we will never leave because we feel that one experience is enough for our souls and we never need to go anywhere else. OR we have one store that we always go to and see the same cashiers and same customers every day…even though there are 5 of the exact same stores within a 20 minute radius for us to explore. This week instead of going to “your spot” GO. SOMEWHERE. NEW.  Go somewhere that you actually have to look at the menu and let your imagination light up as you read the description of each entrée and you get back to enjoying the experience of going out to eat instead of not even having to look at the menu to get what you want.
  3. Try a new Pandora/Spotify Station. I just did this recently and I swear it will change your whole world. Pick a Genre (that you don’t normally listen to or a station you’ve never heard) and let the random music start going! Music has been proven not just on a psychological level but a cellular level to dramatically affect our moods and our thoughts. If that’s the case, then what better way to get some inspiration flowing then to change up the tunes you’ve been listening to on repeat for so long! P.s. Tried out a station called “One hit wonders” on Pandora and it did the trick!

The whole reason we crave traveling and vacations so much is because it completely puts us into the unknown and forces us to step out of our routine. The beautiful thing though is if we just WOKE UP to our lives every day we could do this on a regular basis instead of needed to completely escape the country every time we needed a little more passion and fun in our lives. So go ahead and have Breakfast in Bed (even on a week day!), try a new place that has been calling your name, and for goodness sake switch up the music and give yourself the gift of being fully alive here and now.



Ashley Drummonds

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