How to turn a life changing situation into a positive successful business-Kyrra Richards Interview

Just a couple weeks ago, Josh and I had a life changing situation that had us in the ER till about 2am re-prioritizing everything…

It was a normal Thursday evening, we were both getting our normal lifting session in together with a kind of moderate paced workout. Fatigue was setting in and we both agreed we were tired and ready to call it a night and began finishing up our workout. Josh was ready to finish his last rep when he told me he felt dizzy and a little nauseous…

We started to leave the gym when he started feeling worse and the nausea turned into an hour and a half of vomiting and a trip to the ER to find out he had a mild case of something called rhabdomyolysis. (Basically, it is when muscle tissue breakdowns and results in the release of a protein (myoglobin) into the blood. Myoglobin can damage the kidneys permanently).


As we sat there in the ER at 2am in total shock and figuring out how this happened, what do we do, we started to re-evaluate our priorities and really thinking about the things that matter most in life.

After that situation, Josh has gotten out of his previous job situation and has now decided life is too short to do something you are unhappy with and that this situation was life giving him a push to stop wasting time and to make the most of the talents, time and ability he has while he is here to make a positive impact…

We all have had a time like this in our life where life flips completely upside down and leaves us questioning our motives, really take a hard look at where we are at and re-evaluate our priorities.

Sometimes it is the end of a relationship that flips our world upside down and having to re-invent ourselves…it’s the loss of a long term career that pushes you to finally go after your dreams….it’s the loss of a loved one……or it’s the sudden news of an unexpected illness that will change your entire life…

So How do we take these situations that are so life changing and turn it into a positive?

How do we push past the shock and the loss and come out stronger and better than before?

In today’s ABS TV episode, this is exactly what we will learn in our interview with Kyrra Richards the founder of Myabetic.

Kyrra Richards Interview
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Kyrra went from living in the spotlight as a professional dancer, model, and appearing on spots like BET, MTV and photo shoots to being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in her early 20’s having to go through the emotional struggle of finger pricks, carb counting confusion, insulin injections, and constant pharmacy trips and doctors’ appointments – but the emotional impact of being categorized as a “patient” was even more severe.

“My diagnosis had forced me to question my originality. I had been barcoded and stocked on the sugar-free shelf. “Diabetes” had become my identity. It was time to strip this label and reclaim my individuality. I decided to manage my health the same way I manage every other aspect of my life – with my personal style.

I founded Myabetic to start a diabetes makeover. It was time to end the impersonal, standard-issue criterion. I wanted better, more vibrant options. Instead of apathetically surrendering to the disease, I could contribute. I used my artistic passion to give diabetes management a fresh new look.

Myabetic allows me to create for individuals who inspire me. Together, we will set new trends – ones that portray the true energy, determination, and optimism of diabetic lifestyles. Finally, a diabetes label I am proud to represent.”

Join me in Kyrra’s interview to hear how she has changed her entire life and the story behind her journey and how you can also turn your situation into a positive and amazing opportunity!



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Ashley Drummonds

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  1. Bryan Shoaff says

    Very inspiring, I spent 3 days in ICU for Rhabdo (that along with poor sleep, personal stress, and high caffeine consumption) had triggered a severe bout of AFib while I was at the gym. I had to be taken by ambulance straight to the ER… so I know now what its like to have that diagnosis label.. being defined by your condition… thank you for this read.

    • says

      Hi Bryan, that’s incredible with your Rhabdo experience! I know a couple people who have had a similar experience and it is quite scary so that’s incredible. I am so glad that this inspired you and helped you and I appreciate your comment on this!! 🙂

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