How to Get More Love, Money and Anything Else you Really Want!

“What you are grateful for will increase. What you complain about or ignore, will  soon

disappear from your life.”

-The Magical Path of Intuition

Dinner with Daymond John After Shark Tank
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I recently read this quote in a new book I received called the Magical Path of Intuition and had to stop and really let this marinate for a minute. I pondered this and asked myself “What would I miss if it disappeared from my life that I could be taking for granted?”.

It’s so easy to always have a “wish list” ready to fire off any time we say a prayer, meditate or are in conversation about how we wish things were differently in our lives, but how many things are we ignoring that already have been brought into our life from a previously wish list that will soon disappear if we do not show gratitude for them now?

  • I don’t think it’s any secret that the majority of people are living in a mindset of “lack” and feeling as if they are always missing something whether it be that perfect romantic partner, enough  money, more friends, enough time, or even health. I also don’t think it’s any secret that most of the problems we experience in our lives our from our own causing.

Do you ever notice how you can want something so badly, such as a promotion or a raise, and get it shortly after then give it a few months and all of a sudden now that raise or promotion isn’t enough and you want more? Same thing with relationships. You want this amazing partner to experience life with, then life brings you someone amazing and you decide after a year or so of being with them that they aren’t enough and you want someone more amazing.

When I was working as a personal trainer with more clients than I could handle, all I wanted was an online business so that I no longer was trading time for money and had more time to spend with my family and friends without feeling exhausted. Then at the start of a successful online business, all I wanted was to make a certain amount of money so I could enjoy more financial freedom. Then once I reached that level, I wanted more. Then I wanted more products. Then more platforms. Then more exposure…and the list goes on.

  • There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting. The fault lies in wanting out of fear because we think what we have isn’t enough.

So I go back to this quote and back to my original question: “What would I miss if it disappeared from my life that I could possibly be ignoring or taking for granted?”.

Immediately my mind came up with a list of things:

My health

My relationship

My friends

My freedom

A great night’s rest

My home

Business Opportunities

Shark Tank

The food I eat every day

The money I have





BUT when do I ever show gratitude for any of this? When do you ever show gratitude for any of this?…..ONLY WHEN IT’S GONE.

Do you want more money? Then be immensely grateful for the money you have today that provides you with the means to have a home, have food, drive a car, etc.

Do you want more love? Then open your eyes and be grateful for the love that life gives you every single day even in the smallest ways. Make an even bigger impact by giving love so freely that life has no choice but to have it boomerang back to you with waves of abundance.

Do you want more friends? Then be grateful for the friends you do have and naturally you will attract even more amazing friends into your life.

  • You attract what you focus on. So many of us make the mistake of thinking that we attract into our life what we want, but the truth is we attract what we are and nothing comes into our lives uninvited.

Continue this conversation with me in the short video below as we talk more on How to Get More Love, Money and Anything else you want in life:



Here is a short mantra or affirmation you can lose throughout the day any time you feel yourself getting in a mindset of “lack”: I freely give of my time, money and love as life abundantly and freely continues to give these things to me. I am surrounded by abundance every single day.

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Ashley Drummonds


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