ABS TV: How to Perform Over Head Squats With Dumbbells and Barbell

ABS TV: How to Perform Over Head Squats With Dumbbells and Barbell Form is one of the most important aspects of any exercise and today we are going to discuss the right form for the Overhead Squat. This movement is very complex and is great for core strengthening and mobility. This video breaks down the move step by step and […]

ABS TV: Barbell & Dumbbell Front Squat & Workout

ABS TV: Barbell & Dumbbell Front Squat & Workout Today we are talking about the importance of front squats and the best form to use well performing a front squat. We also include an awesome workout that includes front squats that is not only a great lower body workout but also a total body workout. The work out we […]

Strength Training with Kettle Bells(Free Workout)

I have said it 100x and I will say it 100x more that if you want to lose weight and really transform your body you have to incorporate a strength training regimen into your exercise program. Cardio is awesome for your heart health and for burning calories, but all you will see is your body […]

Back Workout for Women with Videos!

I talk so much about leg day and how to shape your booty and legs that I recently decided it had been way to long sine I gave you some awesome tips for your back! I will be honest that my least favorite day to train is back, however it is one of the strongest […]

Fat Burning Leg Workout for Women

I think one of the biggest things I get asked in an assessment or on Facebook is “I want to tone and tighten my thighs and butt…how do I do that without a lot of equipment?” One of the first things that needs to be addressed is you will lose weight by performing cardio exercises […]

Chest Super Set Workout For Women!

In every post and video, you guys usually get to see me very motivated, upbeat, and positive. However, today was not one of those days. I was exhausted and the last thing I wanted to do was get in the gym and knock out supersets and of all days…on chest day. Most women skip strength […]

Ab Exercises for Women

I get a lot of questions about wanting flat abs and so I decided to put together a video about getting the flat abs that everyone always wants. I have to say, abs are made in the kitchen and by training them. Check out the video and enjoy!

How To Get Your Significant Other On A Diet

Yes, you read this right…nobody wants to be told they have put on some weight, they are about to bust out of their pants, they have been slacking in their health and nobody especially wants to tell that to a significant other! If you are a guy, telling your wife or girlfriend they are fat […]


I understand that sometimes you just do not feel like doing abs at the gym OR maybe you just ate a huge bowl of ice cream, an entire pizza or a bag of potato chips and doing some ab exercise would help you at least feel slightly better about it. Regardless, I have an ab […]

Q & A Wednesday!

Woo hoo it’s time for me to answer the questions you have submitted on this fabulous Wednesday! We have questions from fitness and training, business, and dealing with changes and I am so glad you are here for the answers! Q & A Wednesday Video HERE! I love hearing from you and enjoy helping any […]

Ab Circuit Video!!

I got a lot of people asking me for different exercises that will hit all the different core muscles so I decided to just do a short video to show you guys exactly how to do the exercises. You want to perform 10 reps of these ON EACH SIDE back to back with no rest. […]

Church Pew or Bar Stool?

Last night, I was sitting in the ER waiting room waiting for my mom to get back with the doctor from having some tests ran on her because of some of the chemo meds she has been on recently has been causing her some problems and had one of those

Killer Back Workout!! With Pull Up Video!

I have gotten more questions and emails about workouts to get that awesome “V” shape from guys then emails from the ladies asking how to get rid of that back “bra fat” so I created a workout that will literally hit every single muscle in your back and leave you feeling nice and sore for […]

VIDEO Fat Burning HIIT Under 20 Minutes!

So I gave you all a pretty intense cardio workout without actually touching the cardio equipment and a lot of you gave great feedback as far as how much it kicked your butt and you were more burnt out in that time then you were doing 45-60 minutes of cardio. Which is AWESOME! That’s how […]