ABS TV: How to Perform Over Head Squats With Dumbbells and Barbell

ABS TV: How to Perform Over Head Squats With Dumbbells and Barbell Form is one of the most important aspects of any exercise and today we are going to discuss the right form for the Overhead Squat. This movement is very complex and is great for core strengthening and mobility. This video breaks down the move step by step and […]

ABS TV: Barbell & Dumbbell Front Squat & Workout

ABS TV: Barbell & Dumbbell Front Squat & Workout Today we are talking about the importance of front squats and the best form to use well performing a front squat. We also include an awesome workout that includes front squats that is not only a great lower body workout but also a total body workout. The work out we […]

3 Gym Days a Week Workout Program!

I recently have been on this new journey and quest to figure out what to do with my workouts and being in a new place where gym memberships are anywhere from $100 a month to $300 a month forces you to get creative! Some of my workouts have been outdoor and focused more on flexibility […]

Think Your Way Fit!

I recently moved into a new apartment complex that I absolutely love. Great size, great amenities, awesome views, and perfect location. However, last night I got to create my own episode of Friends where the neighbor below Monica and Joey grabs a broom every night banging on the ceiling because they are so freakin’ loud! […]

Can You Ever Do Enough? (And bday sale!)

So here’s the pattern I’ve noticed not just with clients, but with pretty much every female I come across…We start to workout with just 2 or 3x a week just to feel better about ourselves and lose a few pounds. Then it turns into 4-5 a week to up our health even more…then we can’t […]

Put on your big girl/boy undies and JUST DO IT!

The other day I posted something that said “I am the average of the people I spend the most time with. Others around myself determine how I think, how I act, and ultimately how successful I will be.”  I am sure we have all heard this before that you become like those you surround yourself […]