3 Gym Days a Week Workout Program!

I recently have been on this new journey and quest to figure out what to do with my workouts and being in a new place where gym memberships are anywhere from $100 a month to $300 a month forces you to get creative! Some of my workouts have been outdoor and focused more on flexibility […]

Think Your Way Fit!

I recently moved into a new apartment complex that I absolutely love. Great size, great amenities, awesome views, and perfect location. However, last night I got to create my own episode of Friends where the neighbor below Monica and Joey grabs a broom every night banging on the ceiling because they are so freakin’ loud! […]

Can You Ever Do Enough? (And bday sale!)

So here’s the pattern I’ve noticed not just with clients, but with pretty much every female I come across…We start to workout with just 2 or 3x a week just to feel better about ourselves and lose a few pounds. Then it turns into 4-5 a week to up our health even more…then we can’t […]

Put on your big girl/boy undies and JUST DO IT!

The other day I posted something that said “I am the average of the people I spend the most time with. Others around myself determine how I think, how I act, and ultimately how successful I will be.”  I am sure we have all heard this before that you become like those you surround yourself […]