15 Minute Total Body Kettle Bell Circuit Today’s workout is a 15 minute burner, because it is a repeated circuit that will burn your body! Not only do we show you the movements for this intense short workout, but also the proper form for each movement. Circuit workouts with weights have several benefits. Not only is this workout a weight bearing workout, it also has a cardio aspect to it since you are not taking breaks between rounds and are constantly moving. Having workouts with a cardiovascular aspect is important, because it helps strengthen your lungs and heart. Keeping a steady breath throughout the workout will help strengthen your lungs andRead More →

ABS TV 10-Minute Upper Body Workout with Dumbbells With all the traveling that happens during the holidays and the super busy schedules of every day life, it can be tough to keep on track with your workout plan without access to a full gym. In this video we will show you a great upper body workout that can be done in 10 minutes and with just a pair of dumbbells so you can do this at home or even at small basic gym. I am a huge believer in mixing up your routine and not doing the same things every week to keep your bodyRead More →

I was at my new gym here in Los Angeles the other day, stuck my head phones in with some strength training music, was getting myself in the zone while thinking of how I wanted to make the day’s workout intense and had the thought: Oh yea!! I’ll do some active rest by supersetting my lifts with some Kettle bell swings! Excitedly (is that a word?) I walked around the gym looking for the Kettle Bell rack and after about 5 minutes found out from a fellow member that this gym doesn’t allow kettle bells…also doesn’t allow Olympic lifting or for you to drop weights!Read More →

I recently have been on this new journey and quest to figure out what to do with my workouts and being in a new place where gym memberships are anywhere from $100 a month to $300 a month forces you to get creative! Some of my workouts have been outdoor and focused more on flexibility and endurance and the days I do go to the gym now have zero cardio equipment involved in them and I do not miss them one bit! (not that cardio is not still important with any fitness routine I just have changed up how I do it) While living inRead More →

As you may have noticed, this site has started to take on a wholistic approach to women’s bodies, nutrition and lives…it is because we are complex ladies! One day we are happy, the next day we are sad, one day we are focused and completely clear on our purpose and what we want in our lives and the next day we feel lost and confused! I tell people all the time that my brain is like a computer screen with 15 tabs open at once yet some how this is how I work and this is organization for me. If there is just one tab opened thenRead More →

I’ll be honest, lately I have been more than stressed and usually there are very few things other then a killer workout and a delicious wine that helps with that (oh and meditation of course)…so recently I did a lifting session for probably over an hour which is quite a while if you are new to the lifting world. However, I finished it off with a Total Body Giant Set to Kick my butt even more and really get rid of some frustration. If you are brand new to what  Giant Set is…here is the simplest way to explain it: It is 3+ exercises backRead More →

What are the top 3 things you think of every girl wants? Well from my years in training women, it would be: Awesome legs/butt, toned arms, and flat abs! Some of us are blessed with the perfect genes and others of us have to work for it. Some girls came out of the womb looking like J-Lo and others come out working every single day to build a booty and curves. However, the awesome thing about strength training and resistance training is when you know your goals, it is easy to build and shape specific parts of your body exactly how you want. Every femaleRead More →

Remember a while back when I talked to you about breaking plateau’s and getting through temptations by having a clear map of your goals and visualizing what success looks like to you? Well, this time of year it is especially important to have a plan or else with all the holidays and events that come around, you will fall easily into temptation. Plus, without any support system in place it is pretty much you by yourself trying to stay focused and getting in your workouts. The good news is that this is actually a common problem with many people and a lot of you haveRead More →

Did you know that when you perform a superset during a lifting session it burns more calories then doing steady state cardio for that same amount of time? Plus, it forces your body to active more stored glycogen to have the extra energy to lift the extra weight that you normally would not need during your rest time. For example, when you do a shoulder press then rest for 45-60 seconds before performing the exercise again you are giving your body enough recover time so you can let some of the lactic acid settle and perform the same exercise again keeping your heart rate atRead More →

Want to burn as many calories as possible in the least amount of time? Of course you do! So do I…well first things first, it isn’t going to happen from the treadmill, stair master, elliptical or stationary bike. Second thing, it also isn’t going to happen from doing 25 minutes of crunches and ab exercises. What is going to do it is using the right total body moves that challenge your muscles and your heart rate at the same time so you are torching calories and strengthening your body at the same time. Good news is that it will take you less than the timeRead More →