ABS TV 10-Minute Upper Body Workout with Dumbbells With all the traveling that happens during the holidays and the super busy schedules of every day life, it can be tough to keep on track with your workout plan without access to a full gym. In this video we will show you a great upper body workout that can be done in 10 minutes and with just a pair of dumbbells so you can do this at home or even at small basic gym. I am a huge believer in mixing up your routine and not doing the same things every week to keep your bodyRead More →

ABS TV Front Rack Reverse Lunges With Dumbbells We are always looking for ways to add to our moves and this Front Rack Reverse Lunges with Dumbbells, will add some intensity to your lunges. Moving the dumbbell up to your chest, instead of hanging down will add an extra workout to your core and your balance! This video demonstrates two variations, using either one dumbbell or two. Using one dumbbell is great for beginners and as you advance you can switch to two dumbbells to add more of a challenge. When preforming any variation of lunges make sure to keep a neutral up right position inRead More →

Every girl wants an awesome butt! We want to step out in our shorts, dress, or bikini and turn heads while also feeling confident with our bodies. Well today, I am going to show you 5 quick, but effective butt exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home or at your gym that will target the glutes leaving your butt feeling firm, lifted, and tight. With this booty workout you will perform each exercise back to back with no rest in between for 1:00. You literally need ZERO equipment, just you and your beautiful body! Each exercise is 1:00 minute that you Read More →

In regards to your core/abs, there are more ways than I count of how you can train and strengthen them. Some of the top ways to strengthen and tighten your abs WITHOUT crunches though would be: Compound Lifts (Strength Training) Balance and Mobility Movements (1 leg/1 Arm) Pull-Ups Cable Exercises (Creates core resistance) Stability Ball Movements Your abdominal muscles are actually made up of 8 different parts so the more ways you incorporate into your workouts for training them the more likely you are to hit every part. Usually I get asked how often you should train your abs and I tell clients that yourRead More →

I was at my new gym here in Los Angeles the other day, stuck my head phones in with some strength training music, was getting myself in the zone while thinking of how I wanted to make the day’s workout intense and had the thought: Oh yea!! I’ll do some active rest by supersetting my lifts with some Kettle bell swings! Excitedly (is that a word?) I walked around the gym looking for the Kettle Bell rack and after about 5 minutes found out from a fellow member that this gym doesn’t allow kettle bells…also doesn’t allow Olympic lifting or for you to drop weights!Read More →

What would make you feel  more like a bad ass other than finishing an hour  long boxing session punching all of your frustrations and anger out on the heavy weight bag?! Well, how about walking into the “guys” side of the gym jumping up on the pull up  bar and knocking out a set of pull ups and walking away. Boom! You have to admit that would feel pretty amazing! However, I also know that for most girls pull-ups are something on their wish list instead of on their workout regimen simply because most women do not seem to be as strong in their upperRead More →

  I recently got some great feedback from all you lovely readers about the at home workouts and the body weight exercises so today I decided to challenge myself and to challenge you to a 150 Lunge Challenge! Basically, you can do this in your living room or you can do it outdoors…actually you can even do it at the gym, but the whole purpose of it is to challenge your mind and your body without any equipment. With the 150 Lunge Challenge you will be performing 3 Different Types of Lunges for 50 Reps each back to back with no rest for ….yep youRead More →

I believe for all of us (myself included) to keep sanity should have one day each week that we are allowed to be completely free. Free from responsibilities, “shoulds”, technology/social media, etc….so Saturday, was an off day for me….off my nutrition, off my workouts, off from business, and not sure I ever even left the living room from a movie marathon day! Well, I usually don’t do NOTHING very well…meaning to sit around and do nothing doesn’t work for me for very long before my creative  mind and the kid in me wants to play and do something. After a few handstands, cartwheels, and headstands inRead More →

I’ll be honest, lately I have been more than stressed and usually there are very few things other then a killer workout and a delicious wine that helps with that (oh and meditation of course)…so recently I did a lifting session for probably over an hour which is quite a while if you are new to the lifting world. However, I finished it off with a Total Body Giant Set to Kick my butt even more and really get rid of some frustration. If you are brand new to what  Giant Set is…here is the simplest way to explain it: It is 3+ exercises backRead More →

Box jumps can be one of the best exercises you do to: Improve your strength Transform your legs Boost Fat Loss However, I know it can also be one of the scariest things to do as well so this article is here to help you understand the basics of how to perform a box jump properly to incorporate into your lean workout program while also helping you conquer that fear of jumping and missing the box. I used to be so scared of box jumps and the funny thing is so many clients and readers send me e-mails asking for alternatives because they don’t wantRead More →