How To Make All Natural Simple Homemade Bread One of the biggest myths in the weight loss/fitness industry (and one I even was convinced of when I started my journey) is that you have to eat Fat Free, No Carbs, Diet, Skim etc and basically substitute normal food with all this artificial “diet” food in order to have your goal body. The truth is when you substitute real whole foods like butter, avocados, whole wheat grains, whole eggs, cheese, the food manufacturers have to replace the natural ingredients with something not natural and your body just holds onto the unnatural part as a foreign substanceRead More →

Ever eaten one of those small bags of potato chips and feel like you literally only ate 5 chips and yet you’ve already gotten in all of your carbs and macro’s?! As bad as it might sound, I choose my food based on the thought of what can I eat the largest quantity of to satisfy my appetite while staying healthy? Usually this is vegetables, lean proteins, water, etc…you know the usual. Well, for meal #2 today (or lunch) I was craving some sweet potato after enjoying them at a restaurant a few nights before so I cooked up some chicken breast, some stir fryRead More →

Fall is a year around holiday for me which means I will enjoy Pumpkin flavors recipes all year long! I received a few request for a Pumpkin Protein Mug Cake that is super simple to make, but tastes amazing so of course I jumped to the challenge and have this delicious and healthy Low Carb Pumpkin Spice Protein Mug Cake Recipe for you! One of the awesome parts about this recipe that I always encourage my private clients is that you can enjoy this right before bed without worrying about weight gain because #1 it is low carb and #2 it has a large amount ofRead More →

I used to think that I disliked veggies so I never ate them and just loaded up on carbs, protein and fruit (which by the way fruit also counts as carbs). However, over the last few years I have dived into the unknown and some creative has come up and I realized it is not that I didn’t like veggies…I just didn’t like how they were prepared! Plus, majority of my Fit and Feminine Coaching clients always ask “Ashley, I hate veggies…any tips on how to make them taste good?” I decided to head to the kitchen and see what I could come up withRead More →

This is probably one of the easiest recipes I have ever made and I was pleasantly surprised with how delicious it turned out. I walked into the grocery store and just browsed around the baking aisle (happens often) looking for something I could bake, but that would be healthy. I did not find much until I stumbled across a package of miniature graham cracker crusts!! I have never even seen miniature graham cracker crust before and immediately the creative sparks started flying! Well, I love “rich” desserts and rich wine so one of my favorite cheat meals is wine and cheesecake. However, today I decidedRead More →

I know at first glance it might have looked like some greens with ice cream on top drizzled with chocolate, but it is actually one of the best salads I have ever had and probably one of the best ones you will ever have too! Plus, it is so incredibly healthy packed full of lean protein, healthy fats, and a whole lot of delicious flavor! 🙂 If you have been receiving articles and recipes from me for any amount of time then you know that at night I usually swap out my carbs for healthy fats just because I get most of my workouts inRead More →

I have a huge passion for baking and making some of my favorite foods in a healthier way, but lately I have been in a funk and have been lacking in inspiration. Well I randomly (thank goodness) got a spark of creativity and wanted to try out a chocolate avocado recipe  because I hear people raving about it all the time. Problem is every recipe I looked up took well over an hour to make and then you had to let it sit in the fridge for 3 hours!! No Thank you! When I make my food and it smells and looks amazing I wantRead More →

If there is one way to win over my heart (besides some good soul talks) it is with some amazing red wine or a delicious dessert! Well, being inspired with some red wine this weekend I was feeling creative and wanted to come up with some dessert recipes that not only I would love, but you would love as well. So, I reached out and made a post on Facebook asking what it is you wanted more of and the answer was hands down “Mug Cake”! Of course, this made me super excited because I get to take my passion for sweets and baking combinedRead More →

One of the recent recipes I posted was showing you how to make a delicious Low Carb Spaghetti Recipe by substituting your Spaghetti Noodles with Spaghetti Squash instead! However, I realized I never even showed you how to actually make the Spaghetti Squash like spaghetti noodles to get you to that point. In today’s episode, I invite you into my kitchen to show you how I prep my dinner simply by making some easy Spaghetti Squash in the oven! One Cup of Baked Spaghetti Squash is so delicious and only has 30-40 Calories and around 7g Carbs. It is considered a Starchy Vegetable so similarRead More →

      Have you ever indulged in something thinking that if you just indulge in the craving it’ll satisfy it and then go away….however, the next day you want more? For example, this past weekend my cheat meal involved an entire slice of Cheesecake Factory cheesecake because I was craving some real dessert and I rarely go that big on my cheat meal so I thought “Oh I am going all in and I am sure once I do I am not going to what anything sweet for a long time!” Well, I definitely ate it all and the rest of the night allRead More →