Women frequently approach me wanting to know how to lose that last bit of stubborn weight. Most women tend to have a misconception that if you eat less than the recommended 1200 daily calories, you will lose weight. However, you should actually take in more than this recommended amount with the right type of calories and with a regular workout routine, you will build your desired muscle mass. By taking in less calories, people are not realizing they are becoming undernourished. You should not be depriving your body. While you might initially lose weight, this is not the way to reach your desired goal. Your weight lossRead More →

Since you’re reading this, I am going to assume you are either looking for a new solution to your nutrition goals or you are diving in for the first time trying to understand this whole meal prep, macros, nutrition world. Either case, consider this article more as a guide than a cut and dry “one size fits all” approach to your meal prep. I have done meal prep as someone who is meal prepping for photo shoots and a 12-14 hour work day with no life outside of training and dieting, and now more as someone who meal preps with whole foods for what isRead More →

Do you have to give up wine (alcohol) in order to slim down and lose weight? I think one of the biggest complaints I hear in regards to food and weight loss, other than not having enough time to make healthy food, is the weekends with their social life always screw them up because they go to happy hour, they have drinks with friends and they don’t want to feel like they are missing out just because they are working on fitness goals. Before I answer the above question, let’s get a little anatomy and physiology 101 for you on what happens when your bodyRead More →

One of my absolute favorite appetizers or small plates any time we go out (that of course is also healthy) is the seared ahi tuna with that amazing Asian sauce that I could drink it’s so dang good! Well, this past weekend I was starving and wanted something kind of fancy to make for the boyfriend and I, BUT of course I didn’t feel like a complicated recipe or spending 45 minutes to make so I took a little stroll to the store and stared at the glass case full of fresh fish, chicken and beef and just let my creative mind go to decideRead More →

As you may have noticed, this site has started to take on a wholistic approach to women’s bodies, nutrition and lives…it is because we are complex ladies! One day we are happy, the next day we are sad, one day we are focused and completely clear on our purpose and what we want in our lives and the next day we feel lost and confused! I tell people all the time that my brain is like a computer screen with 15 tabs open at once yet some how this is how I work and this is organization for me. If there is just one tab opened thenRead More →

Yes you read my subject line correct…I sometimes eat butter…Ok that’s a lie, I LOVE butter! I eat butter every day and I  know there’s tons of people out there thinking “What?! OMG you eat butter do you know how bad that is for you”… Yes, I eat better pretty much every day and I enjoy it. I’m sure that isn’t a huge shocker, but the butter for fat loss?! So a week ago I was at the Fitness Business Summit reppin’ the ABS Protein Pancakes and a friend, Ben Pakulski, was there as a guest speaker who stopped by the booth to check outRead More →

Some days all I want is something crunchy and sweet! I know it sounds weird, but really all it takes to kick my sweet tooth is a big bowl of cereal! Well, you know and I know cereal is basically a bunch of empty carbs, sugar and crap for the most part, but it’s oh so good! Plus, some mornings I just flat our don’t feel like making a whole breakfast with eggs and oatmeal (even though I love it!). Well, this is a common thing I hear from my ladies in the Flat ABS program…..”Ashley, how in the world am I supposed to stickRead More →

Every time I go to the grocery store I buy pretty much the same foods every single week because there are staple items that I believe should always be included in your  nutrition in some way…except for recently I’ve been on this bacon kick! (Well, I am always on a bacon kick but this week has been insane!). Some people call it routine and boring, I call it disciplined and results driven. Basically, I  know how I want to feel and look so I eat accordingly. I was not always this way though, I used to just grab whatever was quick and easy regardless of nutritionRead More →

I am so beyond excited and freakin ecstatic and everything else that describes bouncing off the walls that after submitting article after article Oxygen Magazine selected one of the recipes I sent them and is publishing the article in their December issue! Go figure it is for a High Protein Pancake! 🙂 Anyways, I appreciate all of you for reading the articles, the e-mails you send me, the comments, the support, and allowing me to come to your inbox and computer each week and share life with you so I had to share this amazing experience with you!!! Here is the article they also askedRead More →

With the various labels and huge claims that are made on all new products and grocery store items some of the terminology and wording of things can get incredibly confusing. I know that you know Organic is important and the closer to being directly from the farm you can get the better, but terms like “Non GMO” or “No GMO’s to the package” can be incredibly confusing and hard to know if it is even important to buy Non GMO foods. So here is the breakdown, GMO stands for Genetically Modified Foods or foods whose chemistry has been altered to produce a certain outcome. ForRead More →