Mini 200 Calorie Cheesecake Recipe!

This is probably one of the easiest recipes I have ever made and I was pleasantly surprised with how delicious it turned out. I walked into the grocery store and just browsed around the baking aisle (happens often) looking for something I could bake, but that would be healthy. I did not find much until […]

Chocolate Protein Mug Cake Recipe Video

If there is one way to win over my heart (besides some good soul talks) it is with some amazing red wine or a delicious dessert! Well, being inspired with some red wine this weekend I was feeling creative and wanted to come up with some dessert recipes that not only I would love, but […]

How to Make Low-Carb Spaghetti Squash!

One of the recent recipes I posted was showing you how to make a delicious Low Carb Spaghetti Recipe by substituting your Spaghetti Noodles with Spaghetti Squash instead! However, I realized I never even showed you how to actually make the Spaghetti Squash like spaghetti noodles to get you to that point. In today’s episode, […]

Vanilla Cheesecake Protein Bar Recipe

      Have you ever indulged in something thinking that if you just indulge in the craving it’ll satisfy it and then go away….however, the next day you want more? For example, this past weekend my cheat meal involved an entire slice of Cheesecake Factory cheesecake because I was craving some real dessert and […]

Simple Pumpkin Pie Protein Bars!

I admit I have quite the sweet tooth and when it comes to finding desserts that not only are low sugar and low carb, but also are packed with protein for a pre-bedtime snack it can be quite challenging. However, I found a recipe for regular pumpkin pie bars with the graham cracker crust and […]

Protein Carrot Cake Donut Holes Recipe!

So I have an awesome friend @cookeatlift who comes up with some of the most creative recipes I have ever seen and just this past weekend he shared with me this Protein Carrot Cake Donut Hole Recipe that is over 24g Protein, Under 8g Net Carbs, Gluten Free and All Natural. Now, I love Carrot […]

Cinnamon Pumpkin Protein Pancake Recipe

Two things: First, it is officially fall which means as a human being you are required to eat pumpkin and love it! (just kidding) and Second, did you know that Cinnamon is a spice that helps regular insulin levels and supports brain function? Well there ya go, now more reason to keep reading and check […]

Apple Pie ABS Protein Pancakes (Video)

If you are going to eat pancakes you might as well do it right by making it taste like dessert. How much better is it though knowing that you get to eat pancakes that taste like Apple Pie, but are incredibly healthy for you!! This recipe I just put together some random things in my […]

Chocolate Mug Cake Low Carb Recipe!

I will admit that I am not the specialist in recipes. I know a lot about nutrition, macronutrients, burning fat, workouts, and fitness…however, recipes I usually just try and make it as simple as possible. If I find a recipe, it has to be super simple for me to even both with it. The second […]

White Chocolate Rasperry Cookie Sandwich!

This is delicious and you will not believe how incredibly this easy is to make. There’s lots of things about the Quest bar cookies (how you can take a quest bar and make it a cookie)….well how about a quest bar filled with “chocolate icing”!!! Whaaat! Yes that’s right! It also takes less than 10 […]

Molten Chocolate Protein Mug Cake!

I eat casein every night as most of you know and have gotten multiple emails asking how to make mug cakes and if they are actually good. Well YES they are sooo good and you don’t even realizing that you are eating something nutritious because it tastes like molten chocolate cake! At least I think […]

Chocolate Pumpkin Oatmeal High Protein

Oh yes, you better believe this is just the beginning of many more fall fat burning recipes to come! Like I said yesterday, I LOVE FALL and I love the healthy lifestyle so I now get to combine 2 into 1 and create all these amazing fall flavor recipes! This morning I was making my […]

Pumpkin Spice Fat Burning Shake!

I absolutely love this time of year! The weather changes, people’s demeanor’s change, holiday’s are around the corner, and all the amazing fall foods and drinks come out. Well one of my favorite things is Pumpkin Spice latte’s from Starbucks….however that is not exactly the healthiest thing out there and does nothing for my waist […]

Cinnamon Cheesecake Cupcakes!

Yummmmm! So it is day 3 of the 3 week detox and for me the hardest part I am having is finding sweets that actually taste good and work for this clean eating plan. I am a girl and there are times when I am just dying to eat some sort of dessert at night […]