I hate running and even have an awesome tank top that I wear every time I workout to let the world know, but one thing that annoys me more than me having to run is when my mascara runs during the middle of my sweat session. I mean, I know I am in there to get an awesome workout in and not to look pretty, but let’s be honest…we want to look awesome while we workout! Not just that, sometimes we do not have time to shower or do our makeup immediately after a workout and we end up looking like we just had a cryingRead More →

Hello beautiful lady! I am super excited because over the last week I have had numerous friends texts or email me asking What BB Cream is, What Foundation to use, what is the best, how does it work, and what is the difference?! In case you did not know, Aside from my passion to helping women build strong bodies from the inside out….I also have a huge love for makeup (although I really do not wear a ton of it). I just enjoy playing with  makeup, educating other women on ways to add to their already natural beauty, and seeing faces light up when theyRead More →