I want to lose at least 10-15lbs. I’ll be happy when I finally lose this and get to my goal weight. I want my legs to be smaller and to get rid of my cellulite. I started the no carb diet and saw results, but now I need to know what the next diet or workout I can do is to get rid of this fat. I hate my body; I just was not blessed with good genes and now I have to work harder to “fix” my body. How often are these statements the basis of most of the conversations we have with ourRead More →

Yesterday afternoon was one of those days that it felt like no matter what I did to shake the bleh feeling it just wasn’t enough. I started to get busy and take my mind off things, then the more I worked the less I got done because the energy and intention I was putting into the work was bleh and frustrated. Then I decided I just needed to go workout, but then my workout ended up being frustrated and blehh as well…..then it started to rain and got cold and dreary….then I felt lazy…then I felt like a complainer…then I felt guilty for feeling lazyRead More →

I have always been in the spiritual world in one way or another. When I was a kid and through a huge chunk of my teens and early 20’s I raised very traditional Christian with the beliefs of a heaven and a hell, the anti-Christ, that you could actually do things to send yourself to hell, and the constant pressure of needing to be perfect and abide by all of these rules. Basically, I lived in fear of screwing up and I struggled a lot with “thoughts” that were so called sinful, struggled to fit the western culture’s society of what women’s purpose is orRead More →

A lot of you saw the recent post I made on Facebook about why I have been inactive on the site and on the social media page because I have had a new view and change of heart on my own fitness and I lost a little of my Authenticity in writing to you guys and in my health and fitness goals. Honestly, I got tired of the grind of always being a bad a** and really just wanted to take a break and exercise when I felt like exercising, eat healthy foods that I wanted to eat and rest when I felt like IRead More →

I am writing solely from my own journey and view points not to judge anyone else’s life or journey, but to help better understand my own journey and hope to help anyone else with similar struggles. I feel frustrated and overwhelmed with a need to run and a need to stay stagnant at the same time. I re-entered the world of music inside of me last night by playing piano, learning songs, singing and writing and today I woke up with a part of me wanting to walk away from fitness and everything to do with vanity. My soul loves music and loves connection andRead More →

I recently sat down with a young female for a fitness consultation and started the meeting off like I usually do with new clients asking specific questions to find out her goals, obstacles and to lay out a clear plan for her to get the body she’s looking for. She had stated that she wasn’t happy with where her physique was at and wanted to tighten up and trim all over so she felt better about herself, had more confidence when she went out, more confidence when she was with her husband, and just better overall health. She was currently working out 3x a weekRead More →