Do We Know What Real Beauty Looks Like Anymore?

I recently was browsing through Instagram looking for inspirational quotes and any valuable content and I came across an Instagram page that had a video of makeup tips for women with over 5 million followers. As I started browsing the different video tips (since I do love makeup), I immediately felt a sadness come up in […]

Best Mascara to Wear in the Gym! (No raccoon eyes!)

I hate running and even have an awesome tank top that I wear every time I workout to let the world know, but one thing that annoys me more than me having to run is when my mascara runs during the middle of my sweat session. I mean, I know I am in there to get […]

Seeing your own Beauty…

A lot of you saw the recent post I made on Facebook about why I have been inactive on the site and on the social media page because I have had a new view and change of heart on my own fitness and I lost a little of my Authenticity in writing to you guys […]

My true feelings on the fitness industry…

I am writing solely from my own journey and view points not to judge anyone else’s life or journey, but to help better understand my own journey and hope to help anyone else with similar struggles. I feel frustrated and overwhelmed with a need to run and a need to stay stagnant at the same […]

Believing you are enough…

Continued from yesterday…. You cannot do anything more to gain more love and you cannot do anything less to lose love. The fear I sometimes felt in performing to be better and do better is simply my ego talking as if I had to earn love and didn’t already have an abundance of it in […]

Being Enough & Just Being…

Today I was reflecting on my life and different lessons and journeys I have already experienced…as I did, I felt my soul searching, as I believe everyone always does, but I felt like all the things I do, act and strive to be are not fully done out of love and passion, but are done […]

The Truth About Abs & Cover Models

I recently sat down with a young female for a fitness consultation and started the meeting off like I usually do with new clients asking specific questions to find out her goals, obstacles and to lay out a clear plan for her to get the body she’s looking for. She had stated that she wasn’t […]