How to Conquer Self Doubt!

I woke up this morning feeling less than motivated on Monday to conquer the business to do list, the online coaching clients, the pancakes, and the workout….I had gotten plenty of off time all weekend, but for whatever reason I just was not feeling like doing anything today.  Ever happen to you? In my Bleh […]

Your Passion is Your Purpose

Here is a little story into your passions and what your purpose might be… I love wine and I love my friends and when you put those two together I am on cloud nine and full of high vibrations feeling nothing, but positive energy. For my birthday, I met up with three of my closest […]

8 Ways to Stay Motivated!

Everyone is always incredibly motivated at the start of any new routine. You visualize what your  new body will look like, how you’ll feel, what clothes you’ll wear, and how much more energy you have, but when you don’t see those results within the first couple months it is common to get discouraged and lose […]

Need a Pick Me Up?

Motivation seems to be the #1 problem with all of my online clients who are making strides towards new health and fitness goals. They understand their workouts and what to eat, but some days they just have a hard time getting the workout in or sticking to their nutrition goals. I completely understand this and […]

Authenticity in Fitness…Barbie vs You!

It was her Senior year and the last event before graduation…“MVP goes to…..and All-Conference goes to…..and Sports Leadership goes to…Best Defensive Player goes to….” Before the name was even called, everyone at the event knew who was receiving these awards. The girl was a star athlete, strong as can be, and disciplined in every sport […]

You Get 3 Wishes…Actually As Many As You Want!

You are familiar with the movie Aladdin….a young homeless boy stumbles across a golden lamp, gives it a few rubs and poof! Out pops the Genie who grants him three wishes of whatever he wants. “Your wish is my command!” We have watched this and other movies with wishes be granted, fairy godmothers, and all […]

I Quit Today

I fully admit and claim that today I quit “pushing”…I am all about pressing forward, pursuing your dreams and living a life you love don’t get me wrong, but sometimes quitting is the exact thing you should do even though it is highly frowned upon. Sow hat did I quit? Well for this weekend I […]

The Purpose of Life is simply to LIVE IT!

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost,  to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” -Eleanor Roosevelt We sometimes confuse our purpose in life as getting to the top of our career, being the perfect parent or perfect spouse, following the “right” path, or gaining ultimate […]

This Article Changed My Life!

The Article That Changed My Life and got my butt out into the world and out of fear! Growing up and all through high school I couldn’t stand any time I was given a reading assignment. Quite honestly, all through my academic career I never read anything I was supposed to and got very good […]

A Lesson About Your Dreams

I pretty much always write about pursuing your passions and the amazing life that you want. I fully believe every single person has a dream or desire in them that they currently aren’t pursuing or they are only pursuing halfheartedly out of fear. I also think that part of living life to its fullest is […]