I recently was struggling with some personal decisions in my life of whether to continue on or to let go that was causing me anxiety and stress that I knew wouldn’t go away until a decision was made. Making a choice one way would completely change life as I have known it the last several years and making the choice the other way would keep me on my current path, but I knew that I wasn’t happy and ultimately was not where I wanted to be in my life. My dad has this saying he has told me since I was a kid and anyRead More →

In a recent interview talking about female entrepreneurship, we got into the conversation about how most people see the glory and fun parts about being an entrepreneur, but only the person behind the business knows the true struggles that go into building a business. I was at a birthday dinner for my mom at Cooper’s Hawk Winery and any time I drink wine my love/life coach side comes out and all I want to do is tell everyone how much I love them, appreciate them and how amazing I think life is for all of us. Since this dinner was at a winery and withRead More →

You know those moments where you wake up in the middle of the night and your mind is racing with thoughts and ideas or even right before you go to bed you have a hard time falling asleep because you can’t shut your brain off? Welcome to your subconscious mind. This morning I woke up at 5:30am (which may be normal for you, but 7:00am is normal for me), but I woke up wide awake while it’s still pitch black in my room with dozens of thoughts and ideas running through my mind about ways to provide more value to women who want body imageRead More →

I want to lose at least 10-15lbs. I’ll be happy when I finally lose this and get to my goal weight. I want my legs to be smaller and to get rid of my cellulite. I started the no carb diet and saw results, but now I need to know what the next diet or workout I can do is to get rid of this fat. I hate my body; I just was not blessed with good genes and now I have to work harder to “fix” my body. How often are these statements the basis of most of the conversations we have with ourRead More →

I had a conversation with a good friend of mine (who I usually talk to almost every day) and was telling her I have been struggling lately with feeling connected to this city. I told her that every time I try to connect, the  more I feel disconnected. (and so the irony goes…) Well, I had just finished sitting in the local Barnes and Noble for well over two hours reading a book that immediately grabbed my attention called The Gift of Imperfection: Let go of Who You Think You Are Supposed To Be and Embrace Who You Are by Brene’ Brown…the title of itRead More →

I have been on a journey that sometimes turn into frustration and then sometimes turn back into a determined quest to make things happen…but this quest has been in regards to finding my tribe, finding my girls, finding the new awesome people here in L.A. to go through life with, kick butt with, grow with, and just be awesome with! Well, I always tell everyone that whatever it is you want more of in your life you have to be more of that to life. So give it out there like crazy and that boomerang will come right back to you. For me in this moment,Read More →

Yesterday afternoon was one of those days that it felt like no matter what I did to shake the bleh feeling it just wasn’t enough. I started to get busy and take my mind off things, then the more I worked the less I got done because the energy and intention I was putting into the work was bleh and frustrated. Then I decided I just needed to go workout, but then my workout ended up being frustrated and blehh as well…..then it started to rain and got cold and dreary….then I felt lazy…then I felt like a complainer…then I felt guilty for feeling lazyRead More →

As I am writing this, I am laying in bed on this beautiful Sunday afternoon recovering from a weird stomach bug that has kept me at home pretty much all day. I rarely ever get sick and usually the only times I do are when I am under an extreme amount of stress and haven’t been doing a very good job managing that stress. Well today being Sunday, I wanted to be outside and get a workout in and conquer the world! That is exactly how the morning started, then literally around 12, my stomach started cramping, I felt a little feverish and I becameRead More →

I have always been in the spiritual world in one way or another. When I was a kid and through a huge chunk of my teens and early 20’s I raised very traditional Christian with the beliefs of a heaven and a hell, the anti-Christ, that you could actually do things to send yourself to hell, and the constant pressure of needing to be perfect and abide by all of these rules. Basically, I lived in fear of screwing up and I struggled a lot with “thoughts” that were so called sinful, struggled to fit the western culture’s society of what women’s purpose is orRead More →

I am writing this to you from one of the biggest fitness events that happens every year in Costa Mesa, Ca and waiting to share the ABS Protein Pancakes with 100’s of trainers and fitness pro’s and have been networking, selling, sharing, and just “on” all day so I thought you know what…I really want to just talk and have a deep convo with my reader’s about the story of running a business and being a woman while trying to stay true to who you are. I recently posted this picture on Facebook, while at this event to simply share this story and moment thatRead More →