How to Find Your Spiritual Practice?

In a recent interview talking about female entrepreneurship, we got into the conversation about how most people see the glory and fun parts about being an entrepreneur, but only the person behind the business knows the true struggles that go into building a business. I was at a birthday dinner for my mom at Cooper’s […]

Your Embarrassing Story…and Mine

I had a conversation with a good friend of mine (who I usually talk to almost every day) and was telling her I have been struggling lately with feeling connected to this city. I told her that every time I try to connect, the  more I feel disconnected. (and so the irony goes…) Well, I […]

What I Have Learned From Being Alone

I am writing this to you from one of the biggest fitness events that happens every year in Costa Mesa, Ca and waiting to share the ABS Protein Pancakes with 100’s of trainers and fitness pro’s and have been networking, selling, sharing, and just “on” all day so I thought you know what…I really want […]

How to get what you want in relationships!

I recently had a talk with a good friend of mine who was in tears because of a horrible argument she had with her mother. Hurtful things were said, heartless comments were made and tears were shed. How can someone you love so much say or do something that can hurt so bad? I think […]

I would teach this over Women’s Fitness

Yesterday afternoon, my boyfriend Josh and I were driving around Los Angeles looking for our new apartment since arriving here last week. After 3 days of apartment hunting it gets a little stressful, but the excitement of being in a new place is always fun! While we were walking around one of the apartments and […]