Real Women Talk: How To Improve Your Strength & Tone Your Body With Specific Exercises

We recently received a question from one of our listeners who asked “Outside of my Crossfit workouts, what are specific exercises I can be doing on my off days to improve my strength and overall tone?“.  This is a double sided question because there are specific “accessory” exercises you can do outside of your regular workouts […]

Not Sure If You Are Living Your Purpose?

I recently was talking to one of my best friend’s who I have known since I was about 11 years old (way before you are ever concerned about your life purpose or living up to your fullest potential and your only concerned was who was coming over after school)…anyways, I was talking to her because […]

Your Passion is Your Purpose

Here is a little story into your passions and what your purpose might be… I love wine and I love my friends and when you put those two together I am on cloud nine and full of high vibrations feeling nothing, but positive energy. For my birthday, I met up with three of my closest […]

8 Ways to Stay Motivated!

Everyone is always incredibly motivated at the start of any new routine. You visualize what your  new body will look like, how you’ll feel, what clothes you’ll wear, and how much more energy you have, but when you don’t see those results within the first couple months it is common to get discouraged and lose […]