We recently received a question from one of our listeners who asked “Outside of my Crossfit workouts, what are specific exercises I can be doing on my off days to improve my strength and overall tone?“.  This is a double sided question because there are specific “accessory” exercises you can do outside of your regular workouts to focus on specific areas that are weaker than others, BUT in regards to increasing your overall tone any type of heavy strength training will improve the tone and shape of your body. Increasing your overall strength is something that takes time, consistency and discipline and requires training your bodyRead More →

Ever find yourself starting the day off great, feeling good about yourself, then you pick up your phone and immediately start scrolling through social media and before you know it you start to question what you’re doing in life all together? You immediately jump into the comparison game wondering why someone else’s life, body, or business seems so perfect leaving you with feelings of doubt and trying to figure out why your life seems everything but perfect? We’ve all been there. We all have struggled with comparing our success to the success of someone else who seems to have it all figured out. We haveRead More →

As we talked about in the previous article, How to Start an Online Business from Scratch, there are multiple ways you can start an online business without a ton of money and just a lot of passion and commitment. Shoot, you really can make money doing anything if you know how to get in front of your target audience and monetize your platforms. With any business though, the main problem most people struggle with is “How do I get more traffic/customers to my site without spending a ton of advertising money?!” When I first started the ABS Protein Pancakes business in 2014, I was workingRead More →

 I recently had a call with one of my coaching clients that literally started with the question How to Start An Online Business from Scratch? While there is not a 3 step guide that I can give you or this individual or even an entire blueprint for starting your own online business in a matter of one phone call, I can give you the first few steps that are necessary to start any business online. Back in 2013 and 2014 I was training full time as an independent personal trainer and had the idea of starting an online business so I could stop trading timeRead More →

I recently was at the gym getting my daily lifting session in when one of the members came up to me and asked “Hey, I saw you on Shark Tank with the ABS Protein Pancakes! Is it hard owning business? Was it hard starting the business? I’m sure after SharkTank you get to just take it easy now and are ‘banking’!” I always laugh a little inside when I hear this response or get asked these questions because the first thing I think of is how so many people have such a rainbow and sprinkles image of what life as an entrepreneur is like. IRead More →

I recently received an email from a customer that both lit me up and made me laugh that said this: Hey Ashley,   I have a question…I have been trying to figure out what my “passion” or my purpose is for a while and I was wondering: How and when did you know that pancakes were your passion? Did you always know that pancakes would be your big idea or your big “thing”? Did you have a business coach or any kind of coach help you with this? Thanks for your help! ———————————————————— This made me excited because I absolutely love helping people live theirRead More →

I recently was talking to one of my best friend’s who I have known since I was about 11 years old (way before you are ever concerned about your life purpose or living up to your fullest potential and your only concerned was who was coming over after school)…anyways, I was talking to her because the 30 marker was coming right around the corner for her and she was having a minor, well more of a major freak out moment because her life doesn’t look at all the way she thought it would at 30. She hadn’t accomplished any of her goals, been in theRead More →

I was sitting at Barnes and Noble in San Diego, Ca a few weeks ago super excited about some new recipes and big stuff happening with the ABS Protein Pancake line and I got an email from a friend of a very large protein bar company and all the e-mail said was “Thought you would find this interesting..”. I was slightly confused and figured maybe it was an article or some business topic, but when I opened the email it was just that message with a link. I noticed the name of the website it was linked to was the name of another friend’s websiteRead More →

Here is a little story into your passions and what your purpose might be… I love wine and I love my friends and when you put those two together I am on cloud nine and full of high vibrations feeling nothing, but positive energy. For my birthday, I met up with three of my closest friends for sushi and wine and I felt like I was going to a slumber party because I was so excited just to see these three ladies and spend time with them. We all sit down, and decide we are going to share a bottle between all four of usRead More →

It is incredibly ironic that I actually have rules for myself because with everything else I am a believer that there are no rules for life…you make up your own. You wont get anywhere if you follow everyone else’s rules…no one in history every became infamous for following rules and neither should you if you really want to live an original and Authentic life. Every day I wake up and I take a look at my TO-Do list which is basically a few pieces of paper that have been scribbled all over with  notes and tasks to get done to reach goals for business, for clients,Read More →