A couple weeks ago I was feeling a little burnt out, emotional and “stuck”. My training was on point, my nutrition and sleep were on point, but it still felt like a part of me was just ready to quit. I hopped on a call with a friend and explained how I was feeling and her response was “maybe you just need a night or day that you dress up, wear heels and just pamper yourself!”. After I thought about it, it had been a while since I had dressed up and wore anything other than gym clothes and a sweaty pony tail so thatRead More →

We recently received a question from one of our listeners who asked “Outside of my Crossfit workouts, what are specific exercises I can be doing on my off days to improve my strength and overall tone?“.  This is a double sided question because there are specific “accessory” exercises you can do outside of your regular workouts to focus on specific areas that are weaker than others, BUT in regards to increasing your overall tone any type of heavy strength training will improve the tone and shape of your body. Increasing your overall strength is something that takes time, consistency and discipline and requires training your bodyRead More →

Ever find yourself starting the day off great, feeling good about yourself, then you pick up your phone and immediately start scrolling through social media and before you know it you start to question what you’re doing in life all together? You immediately jump into the comparison game wondering why someone else’s life, body, or business seems so perfect leaving you with feelings of doubt and trying to figure out why your life seems everything but perfect? We’ve all been there. We all have struggled with comparing our success to the success of someone else who seems to have it all figured out. We haveRead More →

I recently was struggling with some personal decisions in my life of whether to continue on or to let go that was causing me anxiety and stress that I knew wouldn’t go away until a decision was made. Making a choice one way would completely change life as I have known it the last several years and making the choice the other way would keep me on my current path, but I knew that I wasn’t happy and ultimately was not where I wanted to be in my life. My dad has this saying he has told me since I was a kid and anyRead More →

One of the biggest myths and questions I get when working with women on their fitness goals is the fear that if they lift heavy weights they will end up looking bulky or like a man. On top of that, it’s the fear factor of looking stupid stepping of the cardio equipment and machines and stepping into the unknown (which of course translates to a lot of things in life). When I went from high school to college and no longer was playing sports, I followed the path I thought everyone did to lose weight and get in shape with lots of cardio. However, IRead More →

In a recent interview talking about female entrepreneurship, we got into the conversation about how most people see the glory and fun parts about being an entrepreneur, but only the person behind the business knows the true struggles that go into building a business. I was at a birthday dinner for my mom at Cooper’s Hawk Winery and any time I drink wine my love/life coach side comes out and all I want to do is tell everyone how much I love them, appreciate them and how amazing I think life is for all of us. Since this dinner was at a winery and withRead More →

Do you have to give up wine (alcohol) in order to slim down and lose weight? I think one of the biggest complaints I hear in regards to food and weight loss, other than not having enough time to make healthy food, is the weekends with their social life always screw them up because they go to happy hour, they have drinks with friends and they don’t want to feel like they are missing out just because they are working on fitness goals. Before I answer the above question, let’s get a little anatomy and physiology 101 for you on what happens when your bodyRead More →

This past week I was sitting at one of my favorite restaurants here in Tampa with two of my best friends having wine and talking about how grateful we are for life for our journey and being able to connect. We truly have been able to go through so many life experiences together as friends through the ups and downs and more importantly we have been there to see and support our individual ambitions and growth. One of the things that came up was reminiscing about how in our early 20’s it’s so funny how much work you put into to being who you thinkRead More →

I want to lose at least 10-15lbs. I’ll be happy when I finally lose this and get to my goal weight. I want my legs to be smaller and to get rid of my cellulite. I started the no carb diet and saw results, but now I need to know what the next diet or workout I can do is to get rid of this fat. I hate my body; I just was not blessed with good genes and now I have to work harder to “fix” my body. How often are these statements the basis of most of the conversations we have with ourRead More →

As we talked about in the previous article, How to Start an Online Business from Scratch, there are multiple ways you can start an online business without a ton of money and just a lot of passion and commitment. Shoot, you really can make money doing anything if you know how to get in front of your target audience and monetize your platforms. With any business though, the main problem most people struggle with is “How do I get more traffic/customers to my site without spending a ton of advertising money?!” When I first started the ABS Protein Pancakes business in 2014, I was workingRead More →