Body Weight Fat Loss Circuit!

One of my favorite clients, Erin Shaw, has seriously excelled in her workouts and weight loss over the past 6 months with not once stepping foot in the gym with me. All of her workouts take place outdoors and in the process she has managed to lose over 35lbs and cut her size in half from a size 12 to a size 4!! So today I shot this short video showing you her Fat Loss Circuit that I put her through today to target her endurance, core, legs, arms, really challenge her body!


5 Rounds Total

10 Burpee to Box Jump (Or just Burpee to Squat Jump if you are new to working out)

10 High Knees (10 on each side)

10 Plyo Pushups

10 bench Dips

10 Split Jumps

Perform each exercise back to back with no rest in between until all 5 rounds are completed. Finish your workout with this Ab Circuit:

10 V-Sits

10 Lying Leg Lifts

10 Toe Touch Crunch

5 rounds total-perform as a circuit!

This workout requires no equipment, but you will definitely feel the intensity! If you liked this video and this workout then subscribe to my  email list so I can keep you updated on all the new videos and blogs as they come out! 🙂

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    Great job Erin, I was getting worn out just watching you do all the reps! Congratulations on the overall weight loss and chasing your goals. Great interval workout Ashley.

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