Body Confidence 101 and Real Women Talk

I am so incredibly excited to share this first of many chats to come with my friend Kindal Boyle of Fit Women’s Weekly as we had a phone call a few weeks ago about how we wished that we could record our conversations about fitness, business, just being women, and share them with other women to create a community, but also just to have real talk about what goes on as a female entrepreneur and with women’s bodies. In starting both this website you’re on now, the ABS Protein Pancakes, and just coaching thousands of women you start to see common threads between all of us and one of them being we all have body image issues. The problem is no one talks about them so we then think if we aren’t perfect or don’t look a specific way then we don’t fit the mold or should be ashamed. Well to help you let go of that body shame and fully embrace your own unique body that tells a story, we started these Real Women Talk episodes.

Since one of the biggest concerns and questions we both get with our coaching clients is about feeling more confident naked and even more confident just in a swimsuit and sports bra, we decided this first talk would be all about body confidence and sharing our stories and habits that got us to the point of being able to embrace the curves, the stretch marks, the cellulite, lift heavy weights, and just show up at the gym and in our lives as our most confident selves.

In this first chat, we both go over our daily specific self-love practices that we have developed over the years that have helped us build up our mindset muscle while also building a positive body image. These are also the same steps I give in the Flat ABS program as part of the inner strength training and I use it with my business coaching clients. Your self-love practice is the most important thing you can do to really get the best in all areas of your life and we both share our personal morning habits for this.

On top of this, we get super personal about body talk with our own insecurities, the insecurities that most women share and how we use the barbell as our way of dealing with all of it.

Let’s be honest…sometimes as women we get so caught up in looking at everyone’s “highlight reel” on social media thinking about how they just seem to have it all together so why do we feel like 90% of the time we have no idea what we are doing!?

Out of this, we created these chats in the hopes of helping you realize that we are all going through the same crap in life together and just want to help support and empower other women through this crazy journey in this female body.

So sit back, grab a glass of wine (or your beverage of choice) and let’s get real with Body Confidence and start embracing our true selves in this first episode.

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