Have trouble figuring out what to eat at each meal to hit your weight loss and fitness goals? In today’s episode we will go over what are healthy fats, what are healthy carbs, and the best lean protein sources along with how to figure out how much of eat to put on your plate at each  meal to make sure your serving size and macronutrient needs are being met. A few tips I use to make sure my serving sizes are in the right portion without having to measure out every single food are: I use a smaller plate since the smaller “side” plates areRead More →

With so many options out there for weight loss and nutrition programs, how do you know whether to go low carb, no carb or eat a healthy amount of “good” carbs? Your body NEEDS carbohydrates  There are various programs of keto where you follow a high protein, high fat and little to no carbs in your diet that can be effective when you go through ketosis in cycles, but is not something that you should be trying to sustain long term (this is especially true if you are an athlete or if you are performing your 3-4 strength training workouts weekly). You can learn moreRead More →

What are the best lean protein sources you can eat for your fitness and weight loss goals? Depending on who you ask this answer will vary. I personally always recommend going with the “leanest” and most natural protein sources. Sometimes, these are not the quickest options as sometimes your most natural source of protein that is the leanest is going to be your chicken breast and white fish. In all honesty, I don’t eat a ton of meat (not because I’m a vegetarian) just because it is not quick and I usually am on the go like most of us. When figuring out how muchRead More →

What is the difference between skill work and conditioning training when it comes to your health and fitness goals? One of the main differences is skill training focuses on perfecting or improving a specific exercise such as handstands, double unders, olympic lifts, pull-ups, push-ups, etc. For example, when I am doing my regular lifting workouts combined with some sort of metabolic conditioning, I will typically take 20 minutes before or after the workout to just focus on any area that needs the most improvement or is a “weak” point for me. Currently, I have been putting in a lot of time breaking down the muscleRead More →

Perhaps you have heard the term “the fat that burns fat” and have no idea what this is all about or maybe you are just new to making healthier choices and learning what are the best foods for fats, protein and carbohydrates. Either way, this video and post will give you a basic understanding of what the best healthy fats are and what to look for on the nutrition label. Why do you need to eat fat in order to lose fat? The type of fats in the below video are essential for hormone health, building lean muscle, digestion, and overall just healthier cholesterol levels.Read More →

Women frequently approach me wanting to know how to lose that last bit of stubborn weight. Most women tend to have a misconception that if you eat less than the recommended 1200 daily calories, you will lose weight. However, you should actually take in more than this recommended amount with the right type of calories and with a regular workout routine, you will build your desired muscle mass. By taking in less calories, people are not realizing they are becoming undernourished. You should not be depriving your body. While you might initially lose weight, this is not the way to reach your desired goal. Your weight lossRead More →

After years of being in the Women’s Health & Fitness space and on our own journeys, we have tried it all and seen it all. We’ve tried out almost every supplement brand with multi-vitamins, protein powders, recovery drinks, and even some of the best feminine products and clothing. Kindal and I both decided to do a full chat just going over what some of our favorite Fitness & Nutrition brands are for women that we have come to love over the years.  Just to give you a heads up, we do not make any money off recommending these brands at all we truly just loveRead More →

We recently received a question from one of our listeners who asked “Outside of my Crossfit workouts, what are specific exercises I can be doing on my off days to improve my strength and overall tone?“.  This is a double sided question because there are specific “accessory” exercises you can do outside of your regular workouts to focus on specific areas that are weaker than others, BUT in regards to increasing your overall tone any type of heavy strength training will improve the tone and shape of your body. Increasing your overall strength is something that takes time, consistency and discipline and requires training your bodyRead More →

Ever find yourself starting the day off great, feeling good about yourself, then you pick up your phone and immediately start scrolling through social media and before you know it you start to question what you’re doing in life all together? You immediately jump into the comparison game wondering why someone else’s life, body, or business seems so perfect leaving you with feelings of doubt and trying to figure out why your life seems everything but perfect? We’ve all been there. We all have struggled with comparing our success to the success of someone else who seems to have it all figured out. We haveRead More →

The picture below is my “You eat what?!” face when Kindal told me her secret ingredient to the best protein shake ever, but also the face I make when people ask “So do you count your calories every day and keep track of all of your macros for each meal?” Because in all honesty, I haven’t owned a scale in 10 years, I have no idea what my daily caloric intake is, I definitely don’t keep track of every nutrition label on every food I eat….so then what do I eat? How do I keep my fitness and nutrition maintained without obsessing over every mealRead More →