Entrepreneur on Season 7 of Shark Tank. Creator of ABS Protein Pancakes along with owner of multiple health and fitness websites (listed below). Featured on ABC Shark Tank, HSN, ABC Action News, Oxygen Magazine, Forbes.com, and so much more! She has written multiple ebooks such as Flat ABS for Women, & ABS Protein Pancake Recipe Book which are listed below. After starting a personal training business out of a passion from health and fitness working with private clients she has taken that passion online and created a successful business with weight loss ebooks, the ABS Protein Pancake line, business coaching, personal training & nutrition coaching. Ashley is double-certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, as well as certified in CPR and AED. She has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Management from Liberty University.

Ashley’s focus is to empower women to create a life, body and business they absolutely love through various coaching methods that involve inner and outer strength training. Using her own personal experience and education, she has helped hundreds of individuals not just regain control of their health and fitness, but also empowering individuals to create a life, business and body of their dreams!

“On any given day you will find me either at the gym lifting heavy weight, at a friend’s or my favorite wine bar enjoying my favorite wine, outside with my pup, or traveling to share my passion for fitness and business at one of my events. Here’s the thing, I love food. I love wine. I love chocolate. I love weight lifting. I love having a social life. I got tired of hearing about women going on diets and cutting out their social life and feeling like they were consumed by the food they eat and the workouts they hated because I don’t live my life that way. For over 10 years, I have literally looked the way I do now. Not because for 10 years I have starved myself or done insane training regimens, but because I stopped listening to what everyone else said my body and my life needed and started listening to myself.

My mission is to help you Fall Back in Love with Food while Also sticking to your Fitness and Nutrition, but also to fall in love with YOU. My goal is to change the way we do nutrition. No more diets…more foods that fuel your body and fill your soul! No more under playing your life and your Authentic Self. I truly want to change the way you see yourself so that you can unleash your inner strength and show up as the best version of YOU in all areas of YOUR life.

My passion is strength training and teaching women that strong is beautiful and sexy. The empowerment that comes from strength training will carry you through the empowerment you need to be awesome in other areas of your life.I love life. Life hasn’t always been easy for me and I hope as I get to know you to be able to share our stories, but through all of the ups and down that has come my way from low self-esteem as a teen, to going through a divorce at 21, verbally abusive relationships, starting a business from scratch, and so much more the one thing that I have learned through all of it is the importance of self-love and inner strength.

Life sometimes throws us curve balls that knock us on the ground to help show us and remind us of how strong we really are. As women, we tend to give our power away to so many things outside of ourselves…looks, relationships, approval from others, our success, etc. The truth though is all the power and everything we seek comes from within ourselves. This was a hard lesson for me to learn and has taken me years, but now through this it is my passion and purpose to help you not only find your own strength, but to fully embrace it.

I believe strength training and lifting heavy weights not only transforms your physique to be strong, lean and fit, but also transforms your mind. When life gets tough and you are carrying a heavy emotional weight on your shoulders, you can go into the gym and put some heavy weight on the barbell then pick that barbell up and prove to yourself that you are strong enough and capable enough not just to carry the barbell, but to also carry through whatever the weight is in your own life. The coaching programs I do for women’s body confidence and transformations I call Barbell Therapy because you will learn to use the time in the gym as a therapy session not just to let off some steam, but as your daily ‘meditation’ to just boost your confidence and unleash that bad ass that you are.

Sometimes we forget. We are women and naturally want to take care of others before even take care of ourselves. However, in order to show up as the Wonder Women we are deep down we have to take the time to be our own therapist, our own life coach, our own cheerleader, our own support group and through the years I have found the Barbell Therapy to be the most effective way to do that. Thank you for taking the time to come to my website and page. I truly am looking forward to get to know you and hopefully hear your story.

Take the time to explore the tools and resources on here as I hope the videos and content you find leave you feeling inspired and empowered to embrace your Authentic Beautiful Self.


Ashley Drummonds