9 Year Old Brooklyn Sittner Journey to Crossfit Games Interview

Brooklyn Sittner aka Queen_Beezy13

At 9 Years Old on the journey to Compete and Win the Crossfit Games

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“Everyday we wake up we live and breathe the dream and goal of making it to the Crossfit Games at 14. If it doesn’t play into that we don’t do that. It’s in her heart she has love and passion for it and you can see it. She wouldn’t train the way she does day in and day out if she didn’t love it. She is always working on ways to improve her game whether it’s watching videos of those that motivate her, gymnastics, ballet, mobility or skills. Anything for the extra edge all playing into the ultimate goal! At the end of the day she truly wants to inspire and motivate people to believe in themselves and know that they can accomplish anything they set their minds too. Favorite quote. “I’m gonna show you, how GREAT I am!” – Muhammad Ali”

I had the pleasure of chatting with this ABS Athlete and incredible 9 year old girl who has over 23k followers on Instagram (@Queenbeezy_13) for about 30 minutes for this episode of ABS TV and in that 30 minutes I was blown away by the amount of drive, focus and passion this young girl has for life and for her goal.

During our interview she kept repeating how “Life is pretty simple. We make it complicated. If you believe you can do something then you will do it. It’s that simple”coming from a 9 year old it was a huge wake up call to all of us to really remember that everything we want in life and everything that stresses us out really is that simple. It all starts with our minds and the thoughts we tall ourselves day in and day out.

I know for myself and many others who I receive emails from it gets so easy to get caught up in how long something takes or feeling like we aren’t making progress as quickly as we want when honestly if you are passionate about it and learn to live in the present moment than all you have to do is keep a steady state of mind believing that it will all happen and enjoy the journey.

In this interview I asked Brooklyn what Authenticity and True Beauty/True Strength meant to her as a girl and her answer is so straight forward and simple that believing in yourself, having confidence and being yourself no matter what is what she thinks is beautiful and strong. Not a size. Not a hair color. Not a certain weight. It’s everything that you are on the inside that makes you beautiful and strong.

In today’s episode you will hear the story behind Brooklyn’s journey to making it to the Crossfit Games of what her daily life looks like, how much she trains, how she stays so focused and hear a 9 year olds perspective on life and what it’s like pursuing such a huge goal. I hope this interview inspires you and reminds you to believe in yourself and embrace your own Authentic life.


Now that you have watched this incredible ABS TV Story of Brooklyn, we would love to hear from you!

  • What is one area of your life that you could focus on believing in yourself more?
  • What goal or passion have you put off and let fear get in the way?

Leave a comment below and let Brooklyn and I know how her interviewed inspired or helped you!

And if you found this video helpful, please pass it along to your coworkers, clients, family and friends — anyone you think could use a this story and motivation to remind them to believe in their dreams!

Ashley Drummonds


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